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Italicized sentences- Thoughts

Chapter 1-My life

I heard birds chirping sounds ringing in my ears. I opened my heavy eye lids and pushed the green blanket from my body. After stretching and yawing, I blinked at the alarm clock right beside my bed. It was 7:45AM.

My eyes widened and I screamed as I grabbed the clock with my left hand, "Holy crap! I'm late for school!"

I rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, quickly combed my long, light, green hair, dashed back to my room, and threw my clothes out of my closet, looking for the right outfit.

"Damn it, why do these things happen to me…that stupid alarm clock!" I mumbled as I tried to put my jeans on, slipping one leg after another.

There's certainly no time for breakfast now! I grabbed my backpack, books, and car keys and left my house.

- School

I ran down the empty hallway to get to my class, listening to my footsteps echoing. I was 30 minutes late to class again. I can't believe these things happen to me all the time.

I opened the door hurriedly and stumbled in just to receive stares from my fellow peers, including my teacher, who glanced at me and slowly said, "Late again as always, Miss Misumi Aya."

"Well, you see…Tai-sensei…I woke up this morning and my alar-" my sensei cut me off short and said in a scolding tone, which sent shivers up my spine,

"Never mind! I don't want to waste my time listening to your lame excuses for being late! No matter what the excuse is! Now sit down and let's continue class!"

I didn't say anything; or rather what can I say? I just couldn't fight back. He was a teacher and I was merely a student in here. I quickly walked to my desk, which was near the window, and sat down. I could hear the whispering of the students around me and the note passing. It's not like I didn't know that they were probably saying bad stuff about me. They are just probably spreading some fake gossip about me again.

Misumi Aya, 18 years old…what can I say about my life? Well, let's start off that during my whole life at school I've always been teased. My high school life was even worse than those previous years in junior high and elementary. My senior year just had to start off! I was stuck in a class where most of my teasers were in! Ever since school started they wouldn't leave me alone.

For example, Kane, the most popular girl in school, is a straight A student, a peppy cheerleader, bossy, with a large amount of friends, and she always tells me that money gets you everything. But she's the meanest bully I ever met …She made my life a living hell…I'll never forget for what she did to me…

- Flashback

I was at my locker getting my stuff for my next class. I closed my locker, and started walking down the crowded hallway. A large colorful poster caught my eye even though I was really short compare to most people in this school. I stared at the poster, and read mentally in my mind: Homecoming dance this week! Take your date and enjoy a fun filled night!

I turned around and I saw the cutest guy named Yuki, who was talking to his friends. I couldn't help, but feel my face getting hot. I have a huge crush on him for a long time. He was the handsomest, smartest, and popular!

"He's so cute…I really want to talk to him…but I'm too shy to speak to him though…There's no chance I could talk to him…I mean really…I'm like nothing to him…" I sighed.

I turned around with my heel, leaving the beautiful scene of Yuki talking, just to see Kane heading my way. "So Aya, I see that you like Yuki." She said sweetly.

"Hai…I really do…I always wanted to ask him out for a long time…" I blushed and looked down at my shoes.

"I'll tell you what; I'll help you hook up with him and you can go to the Homecoming dance." Kane put her hand on my shoulder with a sweet smile.

"Really! You're really going to do that for me?" I stared at her sapphire eyes in surprise.

"Of course, I'll be gladly to help you. What are friends for?" Kane smiled and gave a wink at me.

"Oh thank you very much! I wish there was some way I can repay you!" I shook her hand with total happiness both mentally and physically.

"No need to repay. Just leave everything to me! All you have to do is just come to the Gym and dress up nicely okay?"


- Homecoming Dance Night

I was really excited going to Homecoming dance. It was my first time. In my entire life, I always dreamed of having a friend that can help me. A true friend. Now the dream that I have always been dreaming at night when I sleep is coming true! Other than that I was happy that I could go out with Yuki. I applied light make-up on my face and then headed to my room to change.

I wore a light blue strapless dress, which reached a little above my ankles and had a slit on both sides reaching a little below my thigh, with my hair tied in tight bun. I put on my high heels, which costs $150 that I bought yesterday. $150 dollars don't matter to me anymore! I have to look nice for Yuki! I stood up with anxiety was written all over my face.


I reached at the door with my trembling body. I was about to have a nervous breakdown! I took a deep breath and opened the door with my tremulous hand. When I walked in, I saw lots of people dancing. I stood against by the wall, waiting for my date. I looked around and spotted Yuki.

I was happy and I was about to go over there until I saw something that shocked me. I saw Yuki's hand around Kane's waist. Kane smiled and kissed Yuki on the lips. THE LIPS! I stood there, shocked. I felt a sudden pain on my chest. It felt like my heart was shattering inside. Then I saw Kane coming towards me.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I tell you that Yuki is my boyfriend? Too bad, he's mine. So, back off bitch! Who wants to go out with a nerd like you with a fucking ugly face? Also, you think that I would help you? My, my, you're so stupid to fall into my simple trap. You're nothing but a loser!" Kane laughed evilly.

I didn't say anything. I just stood there like a stone. Kane got a glass of fruit punch and spilt it all over my dress. I looked down at my expensive dress, stained with red.

"Oops, sorry my hand slipped. I didn't mean it to get it onto your dress." Kane laughed.

I turned around and tried to leave, but she tripped me… I fell to the floor, crashing a table, causing the bowl of fruit punch to land on my head. The liquid trickled down my hair, my face. I was embarrassed. Everyone was laughing and pointing at me…

"Please don't let Yuki be one of them…" I closed my eyes and their laughter rang in my ears.

I opened my eyes and saw Yuki laughing…his face tomato red.

"Hey look everyone, it's Misumi Aya! Let's all called her Aya Papaya!" Kane shouted.

"AYA PAPAYA!" Everyone repeated that name and laughed.

I stood up and ran out the door. I had to get away, away from those horrible people, those people who made my life a living hell. I ran back to my house, opened the door, and slammed it, locking the door. Dashing to my room, I jumped on it recklessly and cried on the green pillow.

"This was the most embarrassing moment of my life…How could I fall into her trap…? I'm such an idiot…Oh god, why me, why me, why me, WHY ME! All I want is a normal life… …I hate my life…"

- End of Flashback

Now…Every single day, I've been teased. Everyone started calling me names like Aya Papaya, ugly girl, loser, nerdy, and others, which are even worse than those previously mentioned. I kept on walking and tried not to listen, but those words seem to ring in my ears.

At lunch, I would sit alone on the bench. It's not like I have any friends. Nobody wants to be my friend. I never have had friends in my life. So, I'm always alone. But that time alone was the most precious because it was the only time of the day would they leave me alone…yet it wouldn't hurt to spend it with someone you enjoy hanging out with…

After school, I headed to my car to get ready for work. When I tried to turn the engine on, I said, "Come on, come on! Yes!" The engine started; I started driving towards the restaurant.

But just suddenly, my car stopped. "What the? What's going on?" I checked the gas tank and it said there was no gas.

"Damn it! I got no choice, but to run!" I got out of the car and started running.

- Restaurant

I was late, an hour late to be specific…I was too scared of what would Omi say to me this time. Omi is my boss, the most awful man with terrible annoyance. Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the door and walked in.

Right away, I saw Omi sitting down with a cigarette between his index finger and his middle one, smoking. I could tell that he was mad just by looking at his face. Uh oh…I'm in trouble…deep trouble…

"WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN, YOUNG LADY! YOU'RE ALWAYS LATE EVERYDAY!" Omi screamed loudly and slammed his hands on the counter during the process.

"Uh…Well…you see…sir…I…"


"…My car broke down…" I answered, hoping that I would get out of this one.

Omi quieted down and slowly smiled at her, "Car broke down really? I see. So, guess what! YOU'RE FIRED! I don't need a person like you who is always late all the time! Just being early here is one of the easiest responsibility and task and you can't even accomplish it!"

"Fired? No sir…Don't do this…Please, I need this job…you don't understand, I need the money! If I don't pay my bills, I'll have no plac-" I was cut short because of Omi's raging loud voice.

"I DON'T CARE! That's none of my damn business! Get out of here! OUT, OUT, OUT NOW!" Omi pushed me out the door.

I looked at the restaurant one last time. "Fired…I can't believe I lost my job…This is my worse day ever …" Small rain droplets hit my face and soon it was raining hard.

- Apartment -

When I got to my apartment, there was a person standing there, waiting for me. It was the manger, Taka, who was in charge of the rent.

He saw me coming, and slowly said, "Miss Misumi today is rent day! So, pay up!" He stuck his hand out.

"Um…Taka…Can I pay you later this other week…? Because I don't have the money right now…"

Take sighed, "Not again, Misumi! This is the fourth time that you don't have the money! You know what! I can't stand it any longer with you and no money. You're out of this place! Now, get out of here!"

I was in total shock and slowly turned around.

-Park -

I went to park and sat down on the grass under the pink Cherry Blossom. "I can't believe I lost my apartment…my job…and everything…This can't be happening to me…" I cried as I brought my knees up and wrapped my arms around them.

"Oh god…I have no place to live…Why is this world cruel to me…? Why is my life like this…? Everyone is being mean to me… Is it because I'm ugly…? Or is it because it's the way I dressed...? Maybe that's why I have no friends…I'm absolutely nothing, but a loser, useless girl that's good for nothing… Mom…why did you have to die and leave me alone…You're the only one that's always there for me…my only friend…You don't know how much I need you…I feel alone..."

- Flashback

"No! It can't be true, Doctor! You're lying right?" I yelled.

The doctor shook his head, "Gomen nasai…We tried our best…but she's gone…Gomen…"

"Nooo! Mom! Please don't leave me! Wake up! Please wake up! Open your eyes…I beg you…Mom…Please…" I screamed as held her hand firmly.

"Miss Misumi…She's gone…Please…It's time, you have to say good bye to your mother…" the doctor slowly whispered, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I cried loudly, "Mom…you promised that you wouldn't leave me alone…You said you wouldn't die…Why Mom, Why mom!"

The nurse covered my mother's body with a blanket. Pretty soon, they took my mom. I continued to cried in the empty hallway with my cries echoing.

- End of Flashback

My mother died on a car accident. I was left alone and had no one to live with. My father? Well, I never met him before…I don't really know him that much. But I remembered his name. Somehow, my mother doesn't know where he is, but she told me how wonderful he is.

"Father…I really want to meet you…I wish you were here…"

"I tried my best Mom…To have friends, get a good job, live by myself, and be strong…But I failed at everything Mom…I'm so sorry…I hate my life…I wish I could jump off the bridge and kill myself…" I looked at my gold locket that my Mom gave me.

It's the most valuable treasure to me...It has a picture of my Mom and a ruby ring besides the locket.

"Mom...I missed you so much…You don't know how much I wanted to see you again! Tell me Mom, what can an 18 years old girl do now? I don't think I'll get another chance of my life…"

I coughed. "God…I'm feeling sick… Am I really going to die…? Mom…I wish you were here with me…" I fell asleep leaning against the tree.

A glowing light appeared. It was a beautiful young woman with long blue hair, wearing a white dress; she bent down and smiled at me, sleeping on the ground.

"My dear Aya…you poor thing, I'm very sorry that I wasn't here to help you. I never thought that your life would be worse. I thought that your life would be better, but I guess I was wrong. I hate to see you sad all the time. But there's one thing I can do. Give you another chance at life." She whispered in my ear.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a woman staring at her; I bolted up and stared at her back, "Mom?" I asked shakily.

Mother smiled, "Hello, my sweet Aya."

"Mom!" I tried to hug her, but suddenly went through her. "I'm sorry sweetheart, I'm not real."

"Mom…You don't know how much I wanted to see you again…I don't want to be here anymore…Please take me with you…!" I begged.

"I'm sorry. I can't honey…" Mom replied.

"Why Mom! There's nothing left for me here…I don't have a current place to live anyways…I want to be with you…I hate being alone…" I cried.

"I know sweetie. When I was your age, I was like that too, being sad, thinking there's nothing left for me here, and began thinking of killing myself…but I was wrong. When I met your father, I was really happy. He made my life much happier and I fell in love with him. I never thought that I would be this happy…That is why I married him. To me, I believe you deserve to have another chance." Mom smiled.

"Mom…What do you mean 'another chance'? How do I know that I will?" I wondered.

"Not right now, I can't answer for you, sweetie."

"Why mom?"

"Because… You have to find it yourself."

"Mom…I…I missed you so much…"

"I missed you too. Now, sleep my angel." Mom kissed my forehead.

I felt weird when my mother kissed my forehead. I started to feel sleepy. Slowly, I fell asleep.

My mother patted my forehead, "I wish for you to be happy my sweet Aya. Take care." She slowly disappeared.


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