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Italicized sentences- Thoughts


"Huh?" I curved my head around.


I crashed into the tree. I fell down into the dirt and my head started to make circles. Woo… dizzy... Absently, the last thing I remembered before I passed out was… "Oy, you okay? Speak to us!"

Chapter 3 - Meet the Hokage!

Ahh… My head hurts… I wonder why my head hurts so much. It was somewhat weird when I am sleeping. My head shouldn't start to feel achy for no reason. I slowly opened my eyes as I blinked several times. Where am I? I know this isn't my house. The ceiling was entirely white; I had no doubt that this must be the hospital.

"I should have known that this was a hospital. After all, last night I slept outside and someone must have brought me here. Maybe they thought I got sick or something happen to me. Oh well, I should thank the person - whoever they are - that brought me here. Man, I had a crazy dream too… There were three kids and a man claiming to be ninjas… Then that man used some strange magic that created another clone. That freaked me out. Good thing that it was only a dream."

"What dream?" A man appeared in front of my face.

My eyes widened and I sat up quickly. I stared at him and couldn't believe this with my own eyes. It's the silvered haired man!

"Yo, you're finally awake now." He greeted calmly.

I screamed loudly, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I jumped backwards and fell off the bed. I groaned as I hit the ground, hard.

I crawled backwards, and crouched against a wall as I stood up in horror. "It can't be! That man in my dream isn't an image… So, that means he's… he's… not human at all!"

"Hey, what's wrong with you? You okay?" Kakashi stood up from the chair.

I pointed at him, "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER, YOU MONSTER! If you come any closer, I'll… I'll… I'll hurt you!"

"Calm down, Miss. You need to relax now."

"Stay away… Stay away from me… I mean it!" He didn't listen. He continued to walk towards me.

I was still afraid because I didn't know what he's going to do with me. He could do anything to me. I've got to do something to defend myself. I used my left hand to grab something next to the table. It was a vase with flowers. I gripped it and threw it straight at him.

Kakashi dodged it and disappeared quickly. With grasp, I found my mouth covered by his left hand. His right hand was on my breast. I looked at him with dread; he must want to rape me. I was so scared and felt like crying. I hope he won't kill me.

"Okay Miss… Now listen carefully. I'm going to ask you a few questions when I release you, promise me that you won't scream, okay?" Kakashi asked coolly.

I nodded a bit. When Kakashi let go his hand, I screamed, "HELP ME! This monster trying to do something to me! HELP!"

Kakashi rapidly covered my mouth again. "Quiet Miss! What's the matter with you? Why are you calling me a monste-"

Suddenly the door slammed open!

Kakashi and I stared straight at the person who had entered the room. It was man with thick eyebrows. What the hell, a man with thick eyebrows! Are there's such thing a man with that kind of eyebrows! He's more a freak than this guy. However, the man had not come alone. There's also three kids that popped their heads out from the side of the door. It was the kids that I met from that silvered haired man.

"KAKASHI! What are you doing to that an innocent woman!" He pointed.

"Nothing, Gai. I didn't do anything. I was just trying to calm her down."

"LIAR! I don't believe single word you're saying! You're in deep trouble now!"

"Liar! How can I lie? I'm telling the truth! And what do you mean, 'I'm in deep trouble'? I haven't done anything wrong."

"Of course, you have! You were molesting her! I saw it with my own eyes and I know everything!" Gai pointed.

"Molesting! What the heck are you talking about? I'm not molesting her! She's the one who started it and everything! I had no choice but to keep her quiet."

"No choice…? Yeah right…" the raven haired boy rolled his eyes.

"Then w-what's with your hand?" the pink haired girl slowly pointed.

"Can you see? I'm covering her mouth." Kakashi answered.

"No, we meant your other hand." the blonde boy made a face.

"Huh?" Kakashi looked down and his one eye was widening, he yelled as he got his hand off my breast, "Holy crap! I didn't even notice!"

A man with thick eyebrows cracked his hands, "Kakashi, you're going to pay for being a pervert!"

"No, that's not what you think… I can explain, Gai!" Kakashi motioned his hands up and down, giving a signal to calm down.

I saw the man with thick eyebrows punch Kakashi's stomach. Kakashi fell to the ground. He groaned in pain and then the guy with thick eyebrows continuously beat him.

I just slid down to the floor; feeling really awful. I didn't mean for him to get hurt that badly. I have to stop that guy before Kakashi gets hurt even more.

I was about to say something, when… "Hey, are you okay, Miss?"

I turned around; saw the pinked haired girl who was worried. I believe I know her name, I think it was...Sakura. Then, the two other guys came were behind her. The blonde boy must be Naruto and raven hair boy is Sasuke.

"I-I'm fine… But more importantly, we have to stop that man… or else he'll…"

"Ah, don't worry about him! Our sensei won't die that easily! Anyway, what did Kakashi-sensei do to you? Did he hurt you or what! Tell us! So, we can tell the Hokage about it!" Naruto grinned evilly.

"Hokage? I'm sorry… but what's a Hokage? Uh…I mean… who's the Hokage?" I felt dumb for asking that question.

I saw their eyes were widening.

"You must be joking?" Sasuke raised his left eyebrow.

"Um… No… I'm not…Really… I don't really know what it is…"

"The Hokage is the person with the highest ninja rank in Konoha, and he's in charge of taking care of the village." Sakura explained.

"Oh! You mean, he's like a Mayor or President! Now, I understand what you mean."

"Mayor…President? … I don't know what that means… But you sure are an odd person." Naruto said in confusion.

"Heh… Heh… Am I really?" I laughed nervously.

"So, what are we going to do her? Are we going to take her to the Hokage and explain everything about what just happened here?" Sakura asked.

"What do you think, kids? Of course, we're going taking this nice-looking woman to the Hokage and explain everything of what Kakashi did to her! You guys are witnesses of everything." A man with thick eyebrows appeared behind them.

"Um… No, you don't need to. He didn't do anything. It was completely my faul-" I got cut short because he spoke again.

"Don't worry, my lady! I'll protect you with my strength! If you have any problem, just come to me and I'll do anything for you! Oh by the way, I'm Maito Gai. Nice to meet you, gorgeous!" Gai showed his shinning teeth.

I sweat dropped. "Heh… Heh… You too…"

"Sigh, I'm starting to meet up with very weird people now… Where the heck am I now? And who is this Hokage?" I sighed.


"I'm sorry… Sir… Please forgive me!" I was apologizing to Kakashi for what happened at the hospital.

Kakashi was ignoring me and seemed really mad at me. How do I know he's mad? Well, he had been giving me death glares lately. I sighed and gave up hope. I mean, what's the point of apologizing to him when he's like the other people who always ignore me and don't even care what I say? So, I'll try to forget about it.

"Hey, look! It's Iruka-sensei! Oy, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto ran to him.

I saw Naruto run up to a ramen shop called Ichiraku. I saw a man that had dark brown hair, tied up into a high pony tail. He wore the same clothes as Kakashi.

Naruto jumped onto him and hugged him. The man with spiky hair up jumped in surprise and looked at Naruto with a mouthful of ramen. He swallowed it quickly, "Naruto, don't scare me like that! I thought you were someone else that wanted to beat me up!"

"Gomen! I didn't mean to scare you! I'm very happy to see you!" Naruto smiled.

"It's all right, but don't do that again. Oh hello, Sakura, Sasuke, Gai-san and Kakashi-san. How have you been?"

They all said greetings to him except for Kakashi, who remained silent. Sasuke gave him a brief nod. I realized that the brown haired pony tail guy had been staring me for a long time, which it gives me a little nervous.

"Gomen... I was just curious... Who is this woman?" He finally asked as he continued eating ramen.

"Oh, you mean this beautiful woman! Her name is… Uh…Now that you mention it... she hasn't told us her name yet." Gai scratched his head.

"Beautiful? Am I really that beautiful? That's so embarrassing... I never thought of myself as beautiful. I'm just a normal girl, that's all." I blushed.

"What's your name, Miss?" Sakura asked.

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry that I haven't told you my name yet… I'm Misumi Aya." I looked down shyly.

I heard choked and swiftly looked up, saw that man was choking from his ramen. "Iruka-sensei, are you okay?" Naruto patted his back.

"I'm fine… Choke… Choke… Can you repeat your name again, Miss?" He looked at me.

"Misumi Aya..."

I saw his eyes were widened. I don't know why he was so surprised at my name. It's not like any one has ever heard my name before. I think it's kind of odd, "Um… Is something wrong, sir?" I asked uncertainly.

"No, nothing wrong… I just… never heard such a nice name… Heh… Heh… Oh I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Umino Iruka. Please to meet you!" Iruka stuck his hand out.

I looked at his hand. Never in my entire life, had anyone ever offered me hand to shake. I guess Iruka wasn't a bad person. He seems like a very nice person. I took his hand and shook it.

"Nice… to meet… you too…" I blushed shyly.

"So, where are you guys heading?" Iruka asked.

"We're going to take this lady to the Hokage to explain everything about what happened today." Gai said.

"Oh really? Then, I think I should come along too." Iruka said.

"What for?" Sakura asked.

"Um… No reason. I need to talk to Hokage-sama too."

"All right, let's go now."

-Hokage's room-

Two men presented us to the Hokage and left us. I was so nervous because I didn't know what this Hokage was like. I was also worried about what he was going to do with me.

Kakashi, Gai, and Iruka bowed before they continued, "We have brought you this lady that have been molested from Kakashi! It's unforgivable!" Gai told him.

"HE'S WHAT! Kakashi-san, how could you do that to Aya-chan like that!" Iruka looked at him in fury.

Boy, was I surprised to see that Iruka had an angry side… At first, I thought he was a nice person, I guess I was wrong… I never looked into his inside attitude.

"For the last time, I didn't molest her! I'm innocent, I'm telling you! INNOCENT!" Kakashi yelled.

"Don't lie, Kakashi! We know what you did! I have witnesses and can prove that you're guilty! Isn't it right kids?" Gai looked at them.

"Yeah, that's right! We saw it all, old man!" Naruto raised his hand up in the air.

"Don't call Hokage-sama an old man, Naruto!" Sakura smacked his head.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Naruto jumped several times, clutching his head in pain.

"Moron." Sasuke mumbled.

I began to giggle, thinking that it was so funny. I never had seen anything funny like this before; who would it thought it would be this hilarious. It was like a soap opera. I stopped giggling when I realized that everyone was staring me. I blushed and began twiddled my two index fingers against each other. However, Naruto was glaring at me.

"What are you giggling about huh! You think it's funny! Well, it isn't funny!" Naruto pointed at me.

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean to giggle… I thought it was kind of funny… Gomen…"

"You better be because no one laughs at Uzumaki Naruto or else I'l- OUCH!" Naruto got cut short because Sakura smacked him again.

"Naruto! Don't yell her like that! There's nothing wrong for her to giggle. You should learn how to respect women! Misumi-san, you don't need to apologize, its okay for you to laugh if you think it's funny." Sakura smiled.

"Um… Hai…" I watched Naruto whine as he rubbed his head.

"Now, now, please don't fight everyone. It's not polite to argue or fight around when we have a guest here. First, let's have Kakashi-san explain his side of the story. Then after that, we'll hear the lady's side of the story. Then, we'll have to compare the two, and we'll have the complete story. Now Kakashi-san, explain to me how you found her?" the Hokage asked.

Kakashi nodded and said, "I found her in the river. She was drowning, so I had to save her. When I pulled her out of the water, she was unconscious. She wasn't breathing; consequently I had to give her CPR and thus, I saved her life."

I blinked, "He saved my life? Oh my god, I feel so bad at the way I misbehaved. I thought of him as bad person. I better thank him for saving my life… Wait… Did he say CPR! Oh my god! He just stole my…my… first…" My face turned bright red.

"Kakashi gave her a CPR!" Iruka and Gai shouted together as they looked at me in shock.

"No wonder he was soaking wet." Sasuke said.

"Aw man, I can't believe I didn't get a chance to see his real face!" Naruto whined.

Sakura said, "Who cares about that? No one care seeing his real face."

"Damn it! How could we miss our chance seeing his face! We'll never get another chance to see his face!" She thought angrily.

"Are you all right, young lady? Your face is absolutely red, do you have a fever?" Hokage asked.

I looked down shyly, "Um… No… I'm… all… right… Sir…Everything… is… fine…" He stole my first kiss!

I heard the Hokage laughed and say, "That's good to hear. Now, please tell me your name now."

I gulped and said warily, "Um… My name is… Misumi Aya…"

"Misumi Aya, right? Okay, would you please explain everything what happen after you got here?"

I nodded.

-An hour later-

I explained everything, including how I lost my job, my house… everything. I didn't tell him the part about my school - I don't believe that there's a need for the people here to know that.

"And… that's how it happen sir… I don't really know how I got here."

"Ah I see. Anyway, it seems like everything has been solved. There's only one thing left... It seems like you're not familiar with this world, is that right?"

I looked at him, startled, "Yes… That's right. How did you know that?" I had thought about that fact before, too... Everything seemed too different here.

The Hokage smiled, "I could tell by your eyes. Your eyes tell me everything; I know you're very confused in this place. To tell you the truth, I can tell that you don't believe in ninja's, but I'm afraid we have to tell you that we're really are ninja's"

I was stunned, "Ninja! That can't be… Are you telling me that…I've been transported to your world from my world?"

He nodded, "That's correct."

My jaws dropped, that can't be true! Is this what my mom meant that I'll get 'another chance'?

Kakashi and everyone looked amazed to hear that I was from other world. If it's true… then how did I get here? Why did my mom bring me here to this world? Was there any kind of logical explanations! Oh god… I don't understand anything! I'm so lost!

I started rubbing my head. I didn't understand what the whole meaning of this was.

"Are you all right, Misumi-san?"

I looked up, saw everyone was staring at me with a worried faces, "I'm… fine…I'm just… confused… that's all…"

"Ah I see. Well, as I was saying, you said that you lost your job and an apartment to live in, am I correct?" He asked.

I nodded. "Hmm, in that case, I have decided to give you a job and an apartment to live in."

I stared him. That was unexpected, "Really! You really mean it! You're not just saying that, are you!"

The Hokage puffed his pipe, "Of course. I wouldn't let a lady like you live homeless with no job. You would have no place to live and die of hunger!" The Hokage looked shock to be thought of as a person who would allow such a thing.

I jumped joy, "Oh thank you so much! You don't know much how much it means to me! How can I repay you?"

The Hokage chuckled, "You don't need to repay me with anything. As long as you do a good job in your job. The job that I'm going to give you is that you're going to be a Teacher Assistant for the Ninja Academy School."

"Teacher Assistant…? What am I going to do? I don't know anything about ninja techniques..."

"Don't worry about that. Iruka-san will explain everything and you'll do what he tells you to do, all right? Iruka-san, I hope you don't mind her working with you."

"Not at all, Hokage-sama. It's my pleasure having her working with me." Iruka smiled.

I can't believe this! I got a job; this is good to be true. I'm starting to feel lucky; I wish my mom was here to hear this. Hokage-sama is very kind man who liked to help out others, I could tell. I'm going to try my best! I won't let anyone down!

But there's one thing left, something I had forgotten about, "Um… Excuse me sir…"

"Yes, what is it, Misumi-san? Is there something wrong?" the Hokage glanced at me.

"Yes, there's one thing... You haven't told me where I'm going to live."

"Ah, don't worry about it. I'll give you place to live. I'll assign you a roommate."

"Roommate…? Okay… then who's going to be my roommate?" I wondered.

"Your roommate is going to be Kakashi-san." He answered.

"What!" Kakashi and I shouted at it same time.

"NANI! Hold on second, Hokage-sama! I don't think that's a good idea!" Iruka raised his hands up.

"Why is that, Iruka-san? Are you saying you don't trust Kakashi-san?"

"Of course, I don't trust hi- I mean, that's not what I meant! I don't think that Aya-chan should live in a household that mixes the male and female genders together. I think she would be better off having roommate that is female." Iruka explained.

"Hmm, that's true, but I don't have anymore roommate positions that are open. The only roommate that is free is Kakashi-san. I'm afraid I can't do anything about it. Well Kakashi-san, it seems like you finally got a roommate. So, be nice to her. Misumi-san, I hope you enjoy being here." Hokage smirked.

-Walk out from the office-

"Kakashi, you better not do anything foolish thing to Aya-san or else I'll thrash you again like last time. You got it!" Gai pointed at him.

"Hai… Hai… This is not a good day for me…" Kakashi sighed.

Everyone waved and said good bye to us. Kakashi and I were alone. I began twiddling two index fingers against each other.

"Um… I… Uh…Well… I…" I was trying to think of something to say.

"Let's go." Kakashi walked on ahead.

I sighed and followed him. It seems like he wasn't pleased to have me as his roommate… I guess he won't forgive me at all. Hopefully, he forgives me someday and maybe we can get along… Or maybe become friends…Friends? Nah, I don't think so. No one wants to be my friend. So, there's no hope.

-The Hokage's and Iruka's conversation-

"Hokage-sama, how could you? Why did you assign Aya-chan as roommate with Kakashi-san? Why did you choose Kakashi-san? Why!" Iruka asked, concerned.

"The reasons why I chose Kakashi-san. It's because he's the only ninja that can protect her and I trust him too. Iruka-san, I know you're worried about her, but try to understand. We need to keep her safe before anything happens to her. You don't want anything happen to her, do you?" The Hokage asked.

"No, Hokage-sama. Of course not, I don't want anything happen to her, but I understand what you're trying to say… I'm hoping that you know what you're doing…"

"Don't worry Iruka-san, everything will be fine. Trust me. Also, you have to promise me that you won't tell her yet. I believe it's still too soon. Let's have her enjoy our village and after she gets used to it, then we'll tell her, do you understand?"

Iruka nodded. "Hai Hokage-sama…"


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