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Just When You Begin to Have Fun...

As Dante drove Aya fidgeted around in her seat. She was very nervous about the whole thing as she had not even had the slightest thought of the male race within years, besides killing them half the time. Occasionally her eyes would glance over to him and the moment he would turn his head she shot her attention back to the road ahead of them. Silently Dante thought on how to break the awkward silence and then clicked his tongue before making conversation. "Any place you would like to go? Your choice." "I..haven't been in the city long enough to know what places to go to for um…my own enjoyment." "Hm, I know a place. It's called Heaven's Pleasure." "Sounds like a place to pick up a one night stand at." "Trust me hun, it's more than that. A lot more." His tone held humor in it and she was afraid to wonder whether it was just general humor or other. He put down his foot on the accelerator and the car hurled forward. Instinctively Aya gripped onto the car handle on the door. He laughed a bit as he saw her reaction to the event.

"Never rode in a car much have ya sweetie?"

"No. I prefer to teleport or travel by the shadows. Not ride in these monstrous things."

"Don't be scared of it. It's our best friend." He patted the dashboard lovingly and Aya wondered then if he was a lunatic. Then a seemingly rundown building came into view, a hot pink neon sign saying "Heaven's Pleasure" was half broken, the outside paint was peeling, and some shingles looked ready to fall off. "This...is the place you were speaking of?" She asked with a appalled look as she unbuckled her seat belt getting out quickly.

"Don't judge the outside, nothing is always what it seems."

"I'm half expecting a colony of roaches to come out and declare we're trespassing." Turning her head to him with her arms crossed as she gave him a stern look. He merely chuckled at her statement. Casually he walked over to her and wrapped a arm around her shoulders and gently led her forward. Still having her arms crossed she walked along with him and stopped when they came to a abnormally large bouncer. Looking at Dante he rose an eyebrow and held out his hand.

"No humans allowed."

"Heh, not quite fully human pal." With a movement quicker than even Aya could comprehend he whirled out Ebony and aimed it towards the bouncer. "Half human and half demon. Wanna give it a go biggy?" The bouncer looked shocked and terrified at the same time. "S-son of Sparda! My apologies." He stepped to the side and Aya looked at him and back to Dante who gave her a boyish grin. "What? You have to show who has authority sometimes. Especially when it comes to showing a lady a good time." Quickly he sheathed Ebony in a well hidden holster that was at the back of his pants. Aya looked to him curiously and smiled a bit as she was impressed by this tactic. Even she didn't bring her weapons as she was lethal without them. "My motto is always be prepared for the unexpected." Dante replied smoothly and affectionately squeezed her shoulder.

The bouncer opened the door for them and they entered and Aya then knew what Dante meant then of things not always being what they seem. Inside there were walls painted with all kinds of designs of blue, red, violet, and dark colors on the edges. Lights flickered in a series of patterns, a huge ball hung from the ceiling that made sparkling lights appear on the walls, and music that was playing in such a soothing and pounding rhythm at the same time that even she couldn't tell where one note started and the other one ended. Her sapphire eyes took all of it in with amazement in their depths. Just then Dante sneaked a kiss on her cheek and smiled. "Knew you would like it." Aya turned to him with a bit of a startled expression on her fair face and for the first time blushed a bit. Dante savored that moment in his mind as she looked so beautiful with that pink shade on her cheeks.

Looking around she saw people that seemed a bit strange and held auras that were more powerful than the average human. "Are these...people demons?" She asked a bit surprised that if they were different then how could they coexist with the humans that were here in this world. Dante nodded his head a bit. "Yes...and no. Some are demons, others are Half-lings so to speak. Mixture in bloodlines have produced them so not a lot of them can be exposed directly to the public or people would freak." Aya agreed with him, people weren't very accepting when it came to things being different outside their perfect world. Her eyes lingered on his face that seemed to radiate perfect sin and thoughts swirled in her mind. This wouldn't work, nothing would work even if she wanted to be with him in any sort of way. Wait, when did that thought come into play?

"Aya? Are you alright?" Dante's worried voice entered her mind breaking her away from the doubts in her mind.

"I'm fine, really."

"Honestly? I don't want you to strain yourself after what happened to you." Wow, he really was concerned about her. A genuine smile appeared on her lips as she gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "I am fine Dante….really I am. If you hadn't saved me I would not have been here." Then she withdrew her hand as a guilty expression fluttered over her pale features. "I…am thankful for what you did for me Dante. I am….sorry for being so harsh towards-"

Dante then stopped her as he spoke up, "Don't…it's ok. You are welcome Aya and you don't have to apologize to me for anything." He gently brushed away a stray lock of hair from her brow as he smiled at her. Her heart did a strange flutter the moment she saw it and cursed herself inwardly for her reaction. She had to keep herself on guard at all times. If not…she couldn't even begin to think of the consequences. Luckily Dante spoke up once again, "Let's get some grub I'm starving how about you?" "Sounds good to me." Then he stopped abruptly from leading her to the bar that seemed to be paired with a buffet table that was filled with what appeared to be tons of food. Aya stopped quickly before she hit him as he turned around to look at her. "Aya…if you…drink…" Then she smirked as she knew where this was going. "No I can eat food if I want to. I just have to have blood when I need it or I'll grow weak."

"Ah gotcha." He seemed to be relieved at her words and that only made Aya smile wickedly as she closed the inches between them and tilted her head slightly as she skimmed the tip of her tongue along his neck where his pulse was strong. Dante couldn't hold back the shiver down his spine nor how his body seemed to tighten at that moment. "What are you doing love?" His voice had dropped to a husky tone as his icy blue hues looked down to her. Looking up to meet his gaze she purred softly as she spoke seductively. "Just tasting….in case you were offering." The smirk came to her lips as Dante had moved slightly in a nervous manner. "Do I make you uncomfortable?" Her face turned to one of innocence that could fool anyone who didn't know any better of her nature. "Can't say I'm rooting for a biting hun." Dante replied with his voice once more steady as he composed himself. Aya merely smiled as she laughed softly and caressed his cheek gently, "I assure you, all you would feel in a vampire's kiss is total and ultimate pleasure."

"That's an offer hard to refuse…but I am a bit nervous of fangs in my neck darling." He grinned sheepishly at her as she looked at him with a questioning expression.

"You, a demon hunter, a man who hunts the baddies in the night and acts like a bad ass is sca-" Dante covered her mouth gently as he leaned in to whisper in her ear. "Don't give my secret away." He smirked lightly and she lightly nipped at his hand making him draw back as she laughed softly but it wasn't directed at him for his exposed secret.

"Promise to keep it between us Aya? It'll ruin my reputation as the bad ass hunter." He chuckled as he drew her close and pressed his forehead against hers gently. Aya smiled a bit as she looked up at him and spoke softly. "I promise to keep it a secret Dante."

Then her smile fell as she looked up at him once more and turned away. He stopped her as he turned her to face him, "What is it Aya? Why do you turn away from me whenever I get too close to you?" Her sapphire hues gazed into his own icy ones as she was silent but spoke softly for only him to hear. "I have secrets as well Dante….dangerous secrets that make me a terrible person. It is better that we do not become closer than what we already are. I have…I…I can't do this. The less you know the better." Gently she pushed away as she stepped out of reach quickly and began to head for the door when an explosion rocked the building sending the clubbers scrambling for safety and screams echoed in the building. Dante looked around quickly and made a leap for Aya who was quickly in position for battle as she was on alert. He grabbed her arm and pulled her near as she hissed in protest. Then a voice spoke up above the screams and noise.

"Warlordess of Grief! I have come for you! My blade thirsts for your blood and my revenge will be complete!"

Aya turned towards the voice with shock and dismay in her sapphire eyes. Oh no. Dante could not know who she once was and she turned to him. "Get out of here Dante! Now!"

"Like hell I am! I am staying here, I will not leave you by yourself!" His determination shown in his flaming icy hues that seemed to glow slightly as he withdrew Ebony and held it out as a armored figure came running forward with a blade in hand as it was coming for Aya. Dante fired off several rounds but they bounced off whatever armor the figure was wearing. He pushed Aya away forcefully as the blade was swung for her and left a horrible gash in Dante's arm.

"Dante!" Aya cried out his name and moved forward to help him but was held back by an invisible force as he placed his gun away quickly and jumped forward driving a hard kick into the chest of the figure who stumbled back. "Wrong guy to mess with on his date asshole!" There was a pulse in the air as Aya stared at him as his form grew a crimson glow and his body began to transform. The bright glow engulfed him completely and when it shot out in energy spikes the Dante she knew was no longer in human form. His body was pulsing with a glow that seemed to travel in streams along his body and black lined crimson wings spread to their fullest as he looked up to show glowing white eyes. There were very few things that scared Aya but the energy she felt from Dante at that very moment made her question her own power if she was ever to be against him in a fight. The armored figure who had attacked paused and spoke. "Sparda? No, you must be his son, if you are his son why are you not slaying THAT demon behind you?! She has killed thousands upon thousands! Why do you not kill her?! She is our enemy!"

Aya gasped as she backed away as she recognized the voice and realized the voice had belonged to a child who had grown to be an adult. A victim of a slaughtered family by her hand who had come seeking vengeance. Dante stepped forward as he spoke in a voice that was deep and threatening towards the figure. "If you value your life you will leave and do not come for her ever again…"

The figure took off its helmet to reveal a man to be only about twenty-five if that old and he glared with hatred in his eyes at Aya then at Dante. "You defend her? Then you are my enemy as well. This is not over Son of Sparda nor for you Warlordess…I vowed on my parents' graves to have your blood spill on the ground and for you to breathe your last breath in agony. I will make it come true." He put on his helmet as he walked away and seemed to disappear in thin air. Dante then turned to face Aya as he slowly transformed back to his human form and he looked at her with a stern expression. "What the hell was that man talking about?" Tears trickled down Aya's face as she looked at him with shame filling her eyes. "I told you….I have secrets….you don't know me Dante….I was…and still am…a terrible person." Dante came over to her and she backed away but not soon enough as he put his arms around her and held her close. "Shh, it's alright love." He felt her tremble and soft gasps of beginning sobs.