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The incessant rivalry between Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller had been an ongoing affair since the seventh grade, the year Kim became a cheerleader. By Freshman year, she had usurped the captain spot on the team and instantly became Bonnie's greatest enemy. In addition to her talents in the athletics department, Kim did something that further irked Bonnie; she became a hero to many, being well-liked not just for her looks but for her actions. This wouldn't have been nearly as bad had Kim received the adulation equivalent to that of, oh, Ron Stoppable's diminutive praise. But no, Kim received the acclaim of much of Middleton and was clearly one of the most popular people at Middleton High. To Bonnie, that meant war, and this year, she was taking it to a new level.

Chapter 1

The waning warmth of summer always seemed relaxing. The scorching heat of Middleton's full summers was replaced by the moderate warmth of its pleasant autumns. Ron Stoppable took a big whiff of the agreeable air and visibly smiled.

"KP, I love the smell of autumn."

"You mean nacos, Ron? Because that's what you were smelling."

"No…yea," Ron said sheepishly. Kim Possible lightly smacked her head in annoyance but smiled inwardly. There was no other place she would have preferred to be than with her best friend enjoying Bueno Nacho. Well, maybe with Josh Mankey on a date but the thought never even crossed her mind as she watched Ron virtually inhale his food.

"So how was your day today?"

"What?" Ron said, looking up with a mouthful of food.

"I asked how was your day today."

"Oh, well, really boring, though the weirdest thing happened."

"What was that?"

"Bonnie said 'hi' to me."

"And didn't call me a loser."


"Yea, tell me about it. She even said I looked nice."

"WHAT?!" Kim yelled in complete surprise, causing some of the Bueno Nacho customers to look over. She sheepishly quieted down. "Now that I think about it, she didn't complain once about your Mad Dog routine either."

"Yea, I wondered about that too. What do you think has gotten into her?"

"Abducted by aliens and replaced by a nicer version of her?"

"No, she still bitched at me all of cheerleading."

"Drakken's mind control chip?"

"Nah, don't even think that could make her be nice to you." They both let out a small laugh.

"Well, what's your theory?"

"She's a zombie."

"And she wants to eat your brain Ron."

"What?! But-but I'm not do young to die!" Ron yelled melodramatically.

"Oh puh-lease. As if you had a brain to eat anyway."


"Kidding!" Kim said, holding her hands up defensively. They both shared a friendly laugh before returning to their food.


Bonnie Rockwaller smiled deviously to herself. Her plan was perfect, the ultimate prank on Kim Possible. Of course, it wasn't exclusively her idea; she came up with it while discussing (well, basically trashing) Kim Possible and her loser sidekick at lunch with her groupies and other Kim-haters. One of them had brought up the topic of Kim and Ron as a couple and went on to list some of the signs she'd seen recently indicating such. As she talked an idea had formulated in Bonnie's mind. Even if they didn't like each other more than friends, she knew it'd drive Kim nuts if she went out with Ron. If Kim did like Ron, then it'd only make things even worse for Kim. She publicly vocalized her idea.

"Like, eeeew. Who would even touch that loser?"

"But, like, just imagine how mad Kim would be," said one of the Kim-haters. The group instantly shifted the conversation to the topic, breaking down into laughter as new and seemingly more absurd ideas were vocalized. Through all this, Bonnie gave a devious smile as her mind raced to form the perfect plan.


The next day wasn't nearly as beautiful as the moderate and sunny day that preceded it. Heavy rain poured down from dark skies, thoroughly drenching the Middleton High students that rushed into the building. As usual, Kim and Ron were walking side by side, both equally drenched by the downpour.

"Ron, could you have made the umbrella anymore useless?" asked Kim irascibly as Ron struggled to close the umbrella, whipping it all over the place and splashing even more water on to Kim.

"Well, I'm not the person who forgot to fill up the gas tank, forcing us to walk in this weather."

"You're the one who just had to stop by Smarty Mart to pick up ABSOLUTELY NOTHING last night."

"Well…I guess everything technically is my fault if you look at it that way."


"Okay! I admit it; we're drenched because of me." Kim couldn't help but break a smile. It was so hard to stay angry with Ron. They made their way to their lockers, which happened to be almost next to each other this year.

"Out of the way losers!" came a familiar voice yelling at the parting crowd. Bonnie Rockwaller made her way through the opening and stopped by Ron's locker.

"Hey Ron," she said sweetly, bending over to give Ron a better view of her goods.

"Um, hi Bonnie."

"Yea, hi Bonnie," said Kim sharply. Bonnie just brushed Kim off as she continued flirting with Ron.

"Did I ever tell you how cute and charismatic your Mad Dog routine is?"

"Not exactly, but you did say it was immature, stupid, embarrassing…" Bonnie broke Ron's list up as she gave a fake laugh.

"You know I was just jealous at the time."

"Yes, well, I'm sure you were Bonnie. Ron and I have to get to class now so we'll see you at cheerleading," Kim cut in quickly. She took Ron's arm and dragged him to their first class. "What was that all about?"

"No clue; did Bonnie seem, I dunno, nice today?"

"Not to me but to you, definitely. Something's not right."

"What do you mean?"

"Ron, she said she liked your Mad Dog routine."


"So?! The last time Bonnie gave you a compliment was…was…"

"Ok, I get the point KP, but maybe she's changed. Maybe she sees the Ron-man in all his glory!" Kim silently rolled her eyes before pulling Ron into the classroom.


Bonnie huffed to herself as she watched the duo walk off. Unlike the other male adolescents she tried to seduce, Ron didn't seem nearly as taken with her looks or her "goods." His loyalty to Kim didn't help the situation much either. The only good thing that seemed to come out with this morning ideal was how irritated Kim was when she flirted with Ron; either Kim liked Ron, or she was very protective of him, or both, all of which would play well into Bonnie's hands. After years of trying, she finally realized there wasn't much she could do to Kim especially with Ron at her side, but Ron was a whole different story. Smiling, she set off towards her next class.

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