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Chapter 3

What bothered Kim the most the next day wasn't just the fact that Ron so easily forgave her but also because he seemed so distant. Thursday at Bueno Nacho lacked the familiarity it always had. Ron wasn't, well, Ron. He didn't pig out and dig into his food or slurp his drink up noisily. Instead, he ate his nacos one at a time, careful to wipe his hands and face with his napkin when necessary. It was…unnerving to Kim.

"Ron, are you okay?"

"Yea, why?"

"Because…I dunno, you just seem kind of different."

"Just tired I guess."

There was an uncomfortable silence that followed.

"I'm, I'm really sorry for yesterday."

"We've gone over this already KP. I don't want to talk about it." They ate the rest of their meal in silence, the only noises coming from the other booths. Then again, there was nothing to say, and Kim could only hope that Ron would be Ron again sometime soon.


Friday seemed to be a better day for Ron. Kim was relieved to see that he was just about back to his old self. If there were any ill effects from her callousness, it didn't show. He and Kim made their way through the thick crowd of people to their lockers. Even Kim Possible couldn't be avoid the troubles of being in an overcrowded school. It took a full ten minutes to arrive at their destination. What, or rather who greeted them there shocked both of them. There stood Bonnie Rockwaller in all her glory, giving Ron a beautiful smile while at the same time completely ignoring Kim. Her short but not too short skirt and classy top gave her an aura of confidence and beauty. Ron was practically ogling her. That, of course, angered Kim even more.

"What are you doing here?" Kim's acrid tone didn't affect Bonnie's cheery exterior in the least; if anything, it made her even happier knowing she had gotten under Kim's skin. She was glibly brushed off.

"So, Ron, you ready for our date?" Date. Ron would have called it a lot of things but not a date. Not surprisingly, Kim looked bewildered and angry.

"Date?" she spat. "What are you talking about? You're just going to go apologize for everything. That's all." Her acrid reply caught Bonnie off guard. However, she recovered quickly.

"Why, Kim!" she said with feigned shock. "And why can't I do that on a date?" The situation was slowly getting out of hand as Kim flushed with anger. Ron didn't know what to make of it; Kim seemed adamant about steering clear of Bonnie, but he wasn't sure if it was whether Kim thought her manipulative or…well, he too big of a loser to even talk to Bonnie. And it hurt, knowing that the latter was probably truer. He sighed and jumped in before the famous Kim-Bonnie rivalry would escalate to the next level.

"Um, Bonnie, I'll see you after school. Me and KP have to go to class." It really wasn't far from the truth, as the bell just rang. Bonnie gave Ron a quick hug before heading off to her first class.

'Ew, I can't believe I just touched that loser.' Then again, she realized she was going to have to do a lot more touching to get anywhere with him.


"Ron, please, I say this as a friend. Don't do it." Kim was persistent on the subject, pestering Ron for his first two classes and now lunch.

"Why not?"

"Because it doesn't feel right!"

"And why is that?"

"It—it just doesn't." Ron understood that it didn't feel right, but he also understood that Kim thought that for all the wrong reasons.

'If I were Josh, she'd say it wouldn't feel right because I'm her best friend. But I'm not.'

"And why doesn't it feel right?" His tone was accusing.

"Well, it, it just doesn't." 'And we both know why don't we?'

"Uh-huh. Well, guess what KP. I'm going no matter what you say." His voice didn't sound like it usually did. It sounded confident, final; it also sounded bitter. And Kim understood Ron and his feelings. She didn't press the subject for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, the damage had been done all over again as self-doubt and betrayal crept back into Ron's mind.


"So, do you and Kim come here a lot?" Bonnie never said the word Kim kindly when talking about her, and this time was no exception. Ron never noticed as he took another slow bite out of his naco.

"Yea, a few times every week at least."

"Wow, sounds fun. I really like the food here."

"I thought you said you hated it." His voice was monotone as he made eye contact for half a second before resuming his connection with the naco.

'Come on Bonnie, you're laying it on too thick.'

"Well, I guess I changed my mind, you know, like I did about you."

"Yea, makes sense." He took another civilized bite out of his naco and wiped his mouth afterwards.

"Ron, you seem kind of, I dunno, down. Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"No, sorry, it's just…nothing." Nothing except the fact that my best friend thinks I'm a loser. He finally showed some emotion, albeit false, and gave her a reassuring smile, which she returned on instinct.

'God, he's a bigger loser than I thought.'

"So, have you seen any good movies lately?"

"No, but I did see The Ring 2 with KP." She couldn't help but chuckle at this. After all, she found the movie to be rather dull herself.

"Well, that obviously wasn't a good movie."

"Nope." Silence. It wasn't uncomfortable for some odd reason. If anything, the silence was refreshing. There was only the crunching as Ron bit into a taco shell and slow chewing. Seeing that talking was getting nowhere, she leaned back and drank her diet soda. Silence. But it was not uncomfortable.

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