Shattered Innocence

Chapter 1

She was numb. She couldn't move and could not feel anything, not the wind on her face, not the dust on her feet, and not even the tears that stained her face. She was unaware that tears had formed in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. All she knew that she was alone, and she had been living on a lie. 'He didn't come for me.' She thought.

She tried to open her eyes, and at first could not. Then with much effort, she was able to, but everything within her sight was a blur. 'Why...' Tears continued to roll down her cheeks as the loneness overwhelmed her. 'He left me. He didn't come for me.'

She put her head down in defeat and pain. She was alone. She had never thought that she would be again. She always had faith that he would come back to her, even though he left time to time. He always came back, but now it was different. She waited and it seemed like an eternity and now she was alone. 'Lord Sesshoumaru didn't come.'

"The girl is ready, Naraku" said a woman's voice quietly. "I am half way finished with my process." Just moments ago, the woman, this demon female, was old. She was not a wrinkled prune, but was undeniably old. Now, she was younger and felt stronger. Her demonic power had increased greatly from before. She smiled as she gazed upon her source. 'If it was not for this jewel, I would not have been able to eat the girls youth.' She looked over at the girl that Naraku had brought to her, and she was indeed different. She was a small child less than an hour ago, and her body had taken a dramatic change.

The demon frowned. 'I should have just taken all of her youth. Then I would have been much stronger.' She looked over to Naraku, who had a devilish smirk on his face. 'But that was against his wishes. Oh well.' Luckily the girl had not switched positions with the demon. She was not old, she was not a child, but she was definitely still young in the eyes of the old and any demon. She was in her prime. Although she had been missing for only two hours, her body had changed from a child, to an 18 year old, and she was the only one not aware that she had been missing for such a short amount of time.

'I thought I could trust you.' She thought.

"Well done" Naraku said. "You have fulfilled the most part. You will indeed keep the jewel, if you can finish the job, Toashiki."

Toashiki just laughed lightly. "Just you wait Naraku, you will be pleased with the results you see."

Naraku's next plan of destruction was just about to occur. Inuyasha would be dead and a new grudge would begin to form between two of his enemies. 'Sesshoumaru, how will you feel when your brother slays Rin, or if how things go how I'm hoping, she does what you could not and she kills Inuyasha?'

Rin was beginning to feel once again and felt the touch of Toashiki's hands pull her from a demonic tree that had roughly wrapped its limbs around her. She wanted to run away from Toashiki as soon as she felt her now soft hands, but she did not have that much strength. 'How could you not come for me Lord Sesshoumaru?' She was in pain as Toashiki dragged her body across to the ground to a place where Rin still could not see.

"Listen girl" she practically hissed "after this, you shall never be the same. You are lucky to be alive right now." She smiled as she held Rin over a pond. It wasn't a normal pond either. It was not even filled with water. It was filled with a demonic aura that was so thick it was a liquid ready to drag Rin down and strangle her until she drowned.

Rin's eye sight slowly returned and although it was hard to see her reflection in the water, she was able to make it out enough to know that the face that she once knew was gone. 'Who is that?' she asked herself. She thought she had been alone in a dark place for years, but she could not comprehend the face of the person starring back at her was herself. 'Where am I?' She felt warm tears stroll down her cheeks. "Why did you leave me all alone, Lord Sesshoumaru?" she muttered quietly.

Naraku over heard it and laughed. "After I get done with you, he will never want anything to do with you."

She noticed that the girl she saw in the pond was crying as well and before she was able to put two and two together, she was lunged forward and her heart stopped from fear as she hit the pond and she sunk down towards the bottom. She suddenly regained all of her strength and began kicking and waving her arms, trying to do anything in order to survive. Her legs had a longer reach than what she could remember, and her arms could reach farther than what she could remember, but it wasn't enough to save her from her surroundings, as it dragged her down and its darkness consumed her.

"And it will get the job done?"

Toashiki nodded with confidence. "Of course. This is the strongest demon that I had." The pond began to slowly fade away and dry up as if something was sucking the life out of it...

"Lord Seshoumaru" Jaken said "when you retrieve Rin, what-"

"-I have no intention of doing such a thing" Sesshoumaru told his annoying companion, even though it was a lie. No he wasn't exactly running, but he was walking at a faster pace than usual, causing Jaken to struggle as they traveled. Sesshoumaru lied to Jaken, and he lied to himself, but the truth was, that he couldn't bring himself to leave her. He was going to get her back, but he wasn't completely lying. He was planning on doing something else first. "I will slay Naraku. That is all."

"Y-yes my Lord."

Inuyasha's hands where on the ground as he sniffed the ground beneath him. "He's close. I couldn't mistake his awful stench. Naraku is near!"

"Are you sure?" Miroku asked. "It could be Kagura, Kanna, or even a new incarnation. They do have the same scent."

Inuyasha stood to his feet and growled. "Are you the one with a super powered nose?"


"Then shut up and trust me. This time, it's Naraku." He touched the handle of Tetsusaiga. "And this time I'm ready for him."

"I believe you, Inuyasha" Kagome said softly. "I sense the Shikon Jewel near by, and I don't think it's just a shard either."

Inuyasha smiled brightly. "Then what are we waiting for? I'm ready to end this now!" With those words he ran off without another word, he ran to where Naraku's scent led him.

"He needs to learn more patience" Shippo said.

"I agree" Sango said while holding her weapon in her hand tightly. "But when it comes to Naraku, it's best to attack while you know where he is."

Miroku and Kagome nodded in agreement and then ran to follow Inuyasha, with Kagome, Sango, and Shippo ridding on Kirara.

"Are you pleased Naraku?" Toashiki asked while looking at her creation. "Isn't she wonderful?" The pond filled with a demonic aura was completely gone and the only thing that remained was a body at the center where the pond once stood.

'How will you feel Sesshoumaru, when you find out that Rin is something you despise?'

"I hope a half breed is fine. It's impossible to do it fully." She looked down at the jewel in her hand. "Well, maybe if I had the whole jewel, it could be done."

"This is much more amusing."

"She should still be more than what Inuyasha can handle." A look of worry overtook Toashiki's face. "She cannot be controlled by me, so I'm not sure exactly how she will act or even if she will kill Inuyasha."

Naraku chuckled. "Oh she will. The demon power in her veins will be too much for her to comprehend, and she will be completely over taken with the thought of killing anything that she can, whether if it's you, me, Inuyasha, or her companions. She won't be able to control herself."

"You seem to know what you are talking about, Naraku."

Naraku didn't respond. 'Onigumo was thrown into darkness and now the same shall be with Rin.'

Toashiki couldn't help but be a little nervous as she saw Rin's body rise from the ground and see her stand. Her scent had changed, her aura had changed, and her body had changed. Her finger nails where claws and her sweet smile was corrupted with a lust for destruction as her fangs showed. Even her sweet brown eyes were tainted and turned into a light pink color with a pupil that resembled just about any other demon, such as Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. 'She's been completely over taken by the demonic power within her. She'll try to kill me.' Although the former Rin would never do such a thing, that was the only thing that the new half demon Rin could think about. She only wanted to kill, and it didn't matter who.

"Inuyasha is near" Naraku said pleased. 'Will he be able to fight against another half demon, especially one who was just a human child? Or will he choose to be slain by her in order to avoid her death?'

Toashiki backed away as Rin stepped closer. "She is powerful enough to destroy Inuyasha, and any other demon you want killed."

Rin saw the two in front of her and knew which one to strike first. She didn't think about it. Her body told her to do it, and she listened without hesitation. With growl and flick of her wrist, she jumped out of the ditch that was left by the dried up pond and used her claws. With a scream, only two demons remained.

"Well done" Naraku said as Toashiki's body fell. He took the jewel shard that fell from her limp hand and stepped away. "I am not the one you will fight though."

Rin couldn't even understand. All she knew was the rush in her body, telling her that no one deserved to live, that everything should die, and it should be done by her hands. She let out a growl and prepared herself for an attack, but Naraku made a retreat before any harm came to him.

Rin was going to go after him for the chance to kill, but even though her new demonic side was taking over her, she could not ignore her basic instincts telling her that she was cold. She searched for something to drape over her body, but in front of her and behind her there was nothing but forest. She had no other choice but to take a cloth that was on Toashiki's body and wrap it around her.

"He's not here" Inuyasha said. "He's escaped." Inuyasha looked ahead to see a demon covered in blood, standing over another demon's dead body. Inuyasha didn't care that much that another demon was killed by another, but when his friends arrived behind him, and the demon before him began to growl with fierceness in her voice, he took out Tetsusaiga. "Stay back, Kagome."

"What's going on, Inuyasha?" Miroku asked. "Is this one of Naraku's minions?"

"I don't know, but he was just here."

"And so was the jewel" Kagome said. "It's gone now. I can still sense it. If we leave now we can catch it."

Sango stepped off of Kirara. "I don't think that's an option as of right now. It doesn't look like we'd be allowed to leave."

Inuyasha got a whiff of her scent, and said "It's a half demon" he said.

"A half demon?" Shippo said.

Rin cracked her knuckles like Inuyasha usually does, right before he used his claws to strike down someone.

"She's serious" Miroku said.

'Her scent is familiar, and yet, I know I've never smelt this scent before. What's going on? Who is she?' "What business do you have with me?" Inuyasha asked. "Well, say something!"

Rin did not. She was overwhelmed with her demonic power that the Rin she once was wasn't there anymore. With a short chuckle, she began to run towards Inuyasha, ready to strike him down with her claws.

"Get back!" Inuyasha commanded.

"Wait for me, Lord Sesshoumaru!" Jaken yelled. Sesshoumaru was so far ahead of him and wasn't going to slow down for him. He never did, and especially wasn't going to do so now. Jaken struggled, but fell on the ground once again and looked up wearily. "Wait for me!" He stood up and began running, but was still very far behind. "Lord Sesshoumaru!"

Naraku's scent could still be picked up and was going on the same direction as Rin's. He told himself he had nothing to protect because he hand nothing worth protecting.

But it was a lie.


To be continued...