Can Love Ever Exist?

Summary: Have you ever thought about whom Captain Jack Sparrow ever loved? Well this is that kind of story. It begins when Jack meet a young woman named Captain Amy Eros. They don't get along that well, but they will; if they plan to stay alive.

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the movie but the ones I made up. That would be Amy and her crew and the enemy and his crew and David, Ana Maria's boyfriend.

Author comments: This chapter is going to be good I think.

Chapter 7: He's our WHAT…!

Amy and Jack's men held their guns to the Navy as they pointed theirs. The pirates outnumbered the Navy, but they, the Navy, did not care because they wanted them dead. Norrington pointed his sword at the pirates ready for an attack by them but the pirates did not move for their captain did not say the word. Amy started to walk toward Norrington but Mark, her first mate, stood in her way.

"Are you sure you want the whole crew to know?" he whispered.

"Yes I do, for I have kept this from them a long time and I want him to know what happened to me and you did it. Plus, I want to see how my little brother is doing. Now step aside," Amy said.

So Mark stepped to her left and she continued toward her uncle. She was three feet from him and he pointed his sword at her heart. He looked into her eyes to see they were green (that means she is clam) and was staring right at him.

"Why don't you drop your weapons for you are out numbered by my men and Sparrow's," she said.

"I will never put my sword down until every single pirate here is dead starting with you," he said starting to drive his sword at her, but she stepped to the side before he could kill her.

"You would not kill your own blood would you uncle?" Amy said.

All the men from the navy and the pirates all reacted to the comment she said. Norrington looked like he seen a ghost and as if he was about to cry or just try and kill her.

"You can't be my brother's daughter for she was killed over 11year ago!" he said.

"Didn't they ever let you know the truth uncle? For I am not dead, I was sold into slavery to Terror. If you don't believe me look at this," she said pulling out the locket he gave her on the 15th birthday and showing him the brand mark for being sold into slavery.

Jack, who just stood in the background came walking right up to Amy and said, "Your uncle is Norrington, now that is messed up and you were on Terror ship so that is how you got they way you are?" he said.

"Jack, do you have a problem with him being my uncle, but you know what I would rather call him is dad, for you see my real dad thought I was nothing to him. So he is nothing to me!' Amy said yelling at Jack.

"Speaking of your father Amy, he is aboard my ship along with your mother, and your brother, and his wife," said her uncle.

Mark quickly ran up to his captain to try and calm her down, but it was too late her eyes all ready turned white.

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