Can Love Ever Exist?

Summary: Have you ever thought about whom Captain Jack Sparrow ever loved? Well this is that kind of story. It begins when Jack meet a young woman named Captain Amy Eros. They don't get along that well, but they will; if they plan to stay alive.

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the movie but the ones I made up. That would be Amy and her crew and the enemy and his crew and David, Ana Maria's boyfriend.

Author comments: This chapter took away to write but it is finished hey.

Chapter 9: Did he just do that?

Norrington saw Garret walking on the deck and see Amy looking even more pissed than she was a few minutes ago. He walks over to his brother wondering why he was out on deck when he clearly said not to.

"Garrett, what are you doing up here, get down below where it is safe. I don't have time to argue because we have to fight one of the most feared pirates here, Terror," James said.

"Thank you James, you answered the question I needed to know. One more thing, why is that pirate's eyes all white and why is he coming this way," he said.

James looks at Amy walking this way and she is ready to kill.

"Garrett that is a woman and she is your daughter Amy. She wants to kill you, but we don't have time if Terror is coming," he said.

"That can't be my daughter, she's said to be dead, well I am gald she is here I want to make it right between us," he said as Amy stopped right in front of him getting ready to pull out her sword. "Amy, my daughter I would like to say is that I am sorry for what I did to you when you were 15. That should have never been I am such a bad father can you forgive me," said her father.

"You are asking me to forgive you after the hell I went through the past 15 years of my life and now you ask. I should just kill you, but I won't because mom and Tacitus need you. If you ever come near me again I will kill you and I will never forgive you for want you did to cause my life to be so screwed up!" Amy said walking back to her ship to bark orders at her men.

James placed his hand on his brother's shoulder to try and comfort him. Garrett turns to his brother with a look of disappoint but yet she could understand why Amy would be mad. So he goes back down below and James turns to bark orders at his men.

The Pearl, the Navy's ship and, the setting Moon (that is the name of Amy's ship I forgot to talk about it earlier. Well anyway back to the story) were ready for Terror and his crew. The three ships decided to form a triangle around the ship and then fire the canons to damage the ship good enough for hand-to-hand combat.

Back on Terror's ship his men were ready for any thing that would come this way. The only thing that mattered was he would get her back for what he had done to him and his crew.

The time of the battle has come as the three ships placed the one ship in the center of their plan. The canons fire from all around, the echo could be heard from far away. Ships were damaged and the blood smell was too strong to miss.