Well, now that everyone along with their mother is freaking out over the fact that they've had a note that said "Garret Jax" has updated, you're going to hate me.

Although: hopefully not as much as other abandonment's.

I've had an opportunity, but it requires me discontinuing. Before you get mad, though, is not finished. This 'opportunity' requires me rewriting the thing, reqorking it here and there, and making sure it's solid through and through.

I've decided I like the plot too much to (not to offend) waste it on a fanfic. I'm taking the plot, gutting it, and reworking it into an original piece for my Senior workshop. I intend to attempt to get it published.

So that's that. I can't thank you all enough for your support all these years of writing. I don't think anyone's here that was back from the beginning of my writing career (some six or seven years ago, I believe. Heavenly Father, has it been that long?), but if you have been, you faithful ones especially, I owe a great debt of gratitude too. I wouldn't be a writer without you.

Thanks everybody. I hope to see you all, someday, at a book signing, for a little work that who's title I'm not totally sure of, yet, but I hope it'll end with .EXE. If you ever happen to see something like that in the sci-fi section of barnes&noble years from now, do me a favor and buy it: the sales won't hurt me.

Anywho (I think that's my famous catchphrase, now)…

Thanks so much, guys.


Garret Jax