Who Will Rescue Me?

Warning: Sexual content ahead.

Roger's House, Wales, England.

"Where's Alice?" Yuri asked.

"She's down at the beach," Roger replied.

"At this hour? What is she up to?" Yuri said, walking up the stairs to go outside.

"Oh, Yuri?" Roger called out, stopping him.


"My log cabin is located just at the east side of the cliff. It's not much, but it got a nice big bed, hot shower and some food I stock regularly. You might like to show it to Alice if you two needed some time alone." Roger winked.

Yuri felt his face flush hotly. That old coot! What was he suggesting?

Shaking his head, he went out.

Roger built a staircase for easy access to the beach below. Slowly, Yuri made his way down. The night sky was devoid of clouds, stars twinkled that fairly bedazzled the eye. The full moon guided his way as Yuri walked along the beach.

It was the silver flame of her hair that gave her away. He found her sitting all alone atop the huge rocks that lined the beach.

"Oh. Hi Yuri! It's a beautiful night isn't it?" She said as he sat down beside her.

"Yeah." He agreed, but he wasn't paying attention to the night sky, or the calm sea that reflected the moon. All he was aware of was the ethereal beauty beside him. Yuri had never seen her like this, her hair unbound, shimmering in the moonlight, lifting to the breeze as if alive, like…silver fire.

The dim light failed to mar the beauty of her eyes, they shone with a gentle, violet radiance. Her skin glowed softly, with the sheen of the finest pearl, so flawlessly beautiful that he ached to touch her.

Oh man! He sounded like a lovesick schoolboy! Yuri shook his head.

"Shall we take a walk?" Alice said.

"Huh? Oh! I gu-guess." Yuri stammered. Yeah, this is rich! Yuri berated himself silently. How was he supposed to make a move when his tongue's all twisted like this?

He followed her as Alice walked near the beach; she was not wearing her white stockings, and Yuri found himself ogling the slim length of her legs.

God! How he itched to run his hands over them.

"Are you worried how this fight will end?" Alice said, breaking his unholy thoughts.

"Huh? I…not really." He said.

Alice reached for his hand. "No matter how this journey together will end, I am so glad I met you."


"My mom is waiting in Zurich, after this battle, would you like to come with me there?" She invited.

"Yeah, there's nothing more I'd want!" Yuri blurted.

"I'd like to see where you were born too." Alice said, "You were born in Japan right?"

"Yeah, in Katsuragi. But you might not like it, there's nothing but forests and run down villages there." Yuri said, a little anxiously.

"Oh, I love trees, they are cool and soothing to the eyes," Alice said.

"Really?" he said, delighted.


She didn't let go of his hand, and in companionable silence, they wandered the beach aimlessly, until she saw something besides the cliff.

"What is that?" She said, pointing to what looked like a shack or something.

Yuri shrugged. "It probably belongs to some fisherman."

"Shall we take a look?" Alice said.

"Sure, why not?"

The 'shack' was bigger than they thought. It was dark and no one seemed to live in there.

"Yuri, let's go," Alice said, suddenly unsure. They could be trespassing on someone's property.

"Aw C'mon, let's break into this old thing. Who knows what treasure we might find inside!" Yuri said, excited at the prospect.

"But…" Alice hesitated. "What if there are people sleeping inside?"

"It doesn't look like anyone's here," Yuri said as he peered through the window. "It's all dark."

She hesitated still.

"Don't worry, if there are any monsters inside I'll protect you, I've never let you down have I?" Yuri coaxed her.

"All right. But if this belongs to a fisherman, we won't steal anything ok?"

"Deal." He said.

Yuri tried the latch, it wasn't locked. The door opened with a slight squeak.

It was quite dark inside as expected. Yuri probed for the light switch at the side of the wall. He was hoping some monsters would actually jump at them any moment now, her nearness has tortured his body into sexual readiness, the only thing that saved him from embarrassing himself was his coat!

A good physical work out, fighting off monsters would drive his frustration out of his system, or he could always plunge into the icy waters of the sea!


It was no fisherman's shack. Yuri realized at once the moment he saw the place. It was Roger's love nest.

Alice didn't notice his sudden hesitation. She walked in, touched the loveseat near the small fireplace, small paintings of wild sea animals graced the walls, but what drew her was the sight of the western wall where the bed was set.

Instead of wood or stone, the western corner walls were made of pure, transparent glass. Alice looked up to find that the ceiling above the bed was made of the same material, giving the illusion of sleeping outside, right beneath the stars, just beside the ocean!

"What a wonderful place to sleep in!" she exclaimed, marveled at who could have thought of such a design.

Yuri was strangely quiet. That old coot! If Alice believed I have deliberately brought her here to seduce her, I'll wring the old man's neck!

"Yuri, what's wrong?" Alice said.

He shook his head, he got to get her out of this place. She's safer from monsters right now, she's more in danger from him.

"Shall we go?" He croaked, in a voice he barely recognized himself.

But he can't help it, the sight of her as she stood there, so achingly beautiful made him want to throw caution to the winds and just have his way with her.

"I think we should, for your sake." He said.

Alice shook her head, not understanding. She didn't want to go back just yet. She feared to go to sleep, because deep down inside, she knows that the Masks were coming for her that night.

She knew it as surely as night followed the day.

Yet she cannot bring herself to tell Yuri, she didn't want him to think about it now, now when they were so close to the final battle with Albert Simon.

She wanted to be with him, for a long as possible. She knew that her time was nearly up.

"Can't we stay for a bit longer?" She said, "I like it here."

"Godammit! Alice, don't do this to me!" Yuri cried.

His sudden outburst made her eyes smart. What has she done now? She didn't understand why he was so upset with her.

The sight of her hurt shamed him. Without thinking of the consequences, Yuri wrapped his arms around her, bringing her close to his body.

"Baby, baby…don't you know what you do to me?" He gasped against her hair. "You make me want to forget to breathe, for my heart to stop beating, so long as you would stay with me. When you're near me all I can think about is how your lips would taste like, how you would feel beneath my hands, how soft and warm you would be wrapped around me. I want you. I want to sink inside you until I cannot tell which is me and which is you."


"I can't help it." He confessed hoarsely "I've needed you all my life and I didn't even know it. I love you, Alice Elliot," roughly he sought her lips, "I love you."

Memories of the night he first took her assailed her, frightened her, but Alice shut them out. His lips were gentle, his hands hesitant, unlike that night he simply took what he wanted.

She wrapped her arms around him, knowing that despite the pain of having sex with him, this is what she wanted too. To be as close to him as she had been that night.

The subtle vanilla fragrance reached his nostrils. The scent was so familiar to him, though he didn't know where he had smelled it. Alice has always favored lavender…then like a bolt of lightning, realization struck him.

In his dreams…he vaguely recalled her wearing the scent of vanilla. She smelled of vanilla that night too.

He didn't want to embarrass her or himself right now with his questions, but…there is one thing he could do to get his answer.

He remembered vaguely, well at least in his dreams, how he had turned into a wild animal in her arms, he had shamelessly bit her there, at the junction where her neck met her left shoulder. The taste of her blood drove him wilder, but still, she wrapped her arms around him, uncaring that he was a heartless brute. Nor was she resisting when he clawed through her undergarment…the next thing he knew was, he was on top of her, ramming inside her madly, furiously, uncaring of her virgin state…when sexual release came, he suddenly lost consciousness.

Now as he studied her, he wondered if it was a mere dream, did he really attack her that night? Forced her until she was torn and bleeding? His heartbeat began to fluctuate. Oh sweet God, please...he wasn't sure he wanted to know the truth anymore. Fear of facing what he had done, how he had hurt his woman.

But he knew he can't run away forever. He has to man up and own his sins.

She said that Zhuzen and her had to weaken him and had fought with him before she could come near him, that she was injured during that battle, not after.

But he knew she was not telling him the entire truth.

He would soon find out.

Slowly he released the clasp of the chain that held her crucifix, then reached for the buttons of her clothes, his hands shaking.

"Can you do it?" She teased when his hands shook too much to release a single button.

Yuri smiled sheepishly, he's not that inexperienced that he couldn't undress a woman, but he had never felt this eager, this excited before.

Finally, he was able to release all the damnable buttons; he drew her clothes and dropped them on the floor. She was wearing a pale blue, sexy undergarment, perhaps the 'lingerie' Margarete had insisted her to buy.

She looked breathtaking all right, so delectable. He gazed at her body until she blushed hotly, he caressed her arms, her thighs, marveling at the incredible softness of her skin. Then, he kissed her neck, lightly licking her sensitive skin, pausing ever so slightly that she didn't notice it as his tongue traced the crescent scars that marred the perfection of her skin.

It was there, the marks his own teeth left on her, he had savagely branded her as his own that night…

So it was real. It was no mere dream. Oh dear God...how could she still look up with so much love in her eyes after what he had done?

Now he knew how she had managed to reach inside him, while he was rutting inside her, taken her in the heat of bloodlust, and raped her so brutally that she could no longer walk afterward.

Injured from battle indeed! Why didn't Zhuzen protect her from him!

He was angry with himself, why if he could, he'd crawl out of his own self right now; shed his own self like a detestable skin. Yet he knew it was futile, even if he tortured himself to death, it would not undo the damage he had already done…he could only be grateful that she still loves him despite all his imperfections.

He could only make it up to her.

"Yuri? What's wrong love?" Alice asked, feeling his tenseness.

He released the breath he had been holding, marveled again at her unconditional love. How could she still look at him with so much gentleness after what he had done to her? How could she still love him when all he had given her was pain?

"It's nothing baby. I was just telling myself I don't deserve you." He said against her hair, his voice thick with emotion.

"Hush! Don't say such things!" She chided gently.

"But it's true. How could a lowly bastard like me ever deserve someone like you?"

"I can't love you any less even if you are the most wretched scoundrel that ever lived." Alice teased, smiling against his shoulder.

"Alice, Alice…" He groaned against her hair, inhaling the sweet scent of vanilla. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Love me?" She whispered. Her eyes twinkling.

With a muffled sound he pulled back. He gazed at her face, then down her body.

"I hope you know what you're saying Alice, if you want me to stop, stop me now while I still can, because nothing would be able to stop me later, even if it costs me my life." His eyes burned with promise, with...lust.

An answering fire lit inside her, making her throw away her fears, her uncertainties. She loved him, loved him so much and she wanted to hold him inside her again, his raw power, his unchecked passion, even the way he had shuddered against her before he flooded her body with his essence.

Shyly she reached up to kiss him; all of a sudden he clamped his arms around her as if never to let her go again.

"So be it baby…there's no turning back. I've wanted you for so long…"

He cupped her breasts through the thin silk, lovingly fondling her until her nipples gathered into hard crowns to meet his touch.

"Baby don't be shy." He whispered lovingly, seeing the soft blush that stained her face, seeking her mouth once more. He parted her lips with his tongue, taking advantage of her shocked response to delve deeper into her mouth.

Not once had he kissed her like this, for fear of losing control over the basest demands of his body…but now that he knew she wouldn't stop him, there was nothing to hold him back from exploring her mouth as he'd yearned to do for so long.

She was sweet to taste, warmth and pleasure curled inside him as she surrendered generously, allowing him the intimacy of her mouth.

God! He thought raggedly, the things he longed to do to her mouth! It would be sheer heaven to feel her lips against his skin, to feel her lips close over his—

Yuri shook his head, shying away from the erotic thoughts. He had to take it easy. There's plenty of time to explore the enchantment of the flesh later…but for now, he must focus on her pleasure and her pleasure alone.

He could not stop his hands from shaking from the fierce yearning in his heart. He longed to make up for the time he had hurt her, to show her that he was capable of loving her as he had never loved anyone else.

Silently he drew the flimsy cloth from her body, sucking in his breath as she stood there naked before him.

She was incredibly beautiful. Her breasts were small but perfect. Her nipples the lightest shade of pink. His gaze traveled down her narrow waist, pausing at the light blond curls at the junction of her legs.

"My God." He breathed in awe. "You're so beautiful."

"Hey, no fair…" She pouted, though the blush on her cheeks betrayed her embarrassment. "I want to see you too."

"Baby, I'm not much to look at, don't be too disappointed ok?" Yuri said as he shrugged out of his coat, his belt, his shirt, and pants soon followed.

He came to her as naked as the day he was born, eagerly he drew her into his arms, sought her lips, relishing the feel of her soft body against him.

He was wrong. Nothing could be as beautiful to her as he was in her eyes. Lean, muscled and scarred from all the battles he had fought. His body emitted power, virility, and strength.

And yet despite the greatness of his power, he was gentle with her, tender and very careful as he guided her down the bed.

She arched shamelessly against him as he cupped her breasts, only she didn't expect him to suckle her gently. She had expected him to be rough and demanding, ravenous like the first time in the castle.

He caught the surprise in her eyes and laughed.

"What? You didn't know that daddies are the first ones to nuzzle on breasts, babies later?"

"Yuri!" She gasped. How could he calmly tell her such things!

Smiling he suckled her again, sucking her harder, but not hard enough to hurt her. When his mouth finally left her nipple, she was flushed red, glistening from his attention. Hungrily he sought the other one, teasing her with his teeth, rubbing her with his tongue, making her squirm in indescribable pleasure.

She didn't know how to say it, the feeling was a unique combination of ticklish sensation and pleasure.

Gently his hand swept down the length of her body, caressing the taut, flat plane of her stomach, down to the soft place he had once torn apart in unbridled lust.

"Hush, baby, it's all right, I won't hurt you." He whispered against her mouth.

She didn't mean to stiffen against his touch, only the memory of that night made her flinch.

Yuri knew the reason for her nervousness, just as he knew that he would not take her again unless she wanted him to. Surely no man could die from sexual frustrations!

When he touched her again, her thighs parted of their own accord, giving him the freedom to explore her as he wished.

"Alice…" Yuri choked as emotions he couldn't name swallowed him, how could she still trust him after all the suffering he put her through? Yet she had given him her trust again, unquestioning and complete.

Nor did he expect her warmth to overflow in his hand, welcoming him, silently telling him that she wanted him too.

Slowly he drew her legs apart, gazing at her, awed by the perfect beauty of her sex, a deeper red than her lips, she glistened from her own sweet nectar. The aperture to her heart was small, tightly closed as if never before have been breached, yet he knew, as surely as he knew his own hands, that he had trespassed the sanctity of her body.

He gazed at her nakedness until Alice squirmed in embarrassment. When she would have closed her thighs, he gently but firmly held them apart.

"No…don't hide from me." He ordered huskily, "You're beautiful." Lightly he caressed her, gently parting the soft folds with his fingers, exposing more of her to his eyes. "So, so beautiful…" He breathed.

Alice had to bite her lip from crying out; the intimacy was so intense! She could feel his eyes on her, seeing the secret places that she herself has never seen.

Yuri reluctantly tore his gaze from the softest part of her, explicitly designed to receive him. She has closed her eyes in embarrassment, the soft red flush staining her cheeks, her chest.

He had the strongest urge to taste her, to know her textures, her scent. But would she allow him? Perhaps he would shock her to the core with his actions, but then again…he'd never done this before. Won't he be clumsy and rough? He wanted very much to please her not disgust her!

Just a kiss. He promised himself. He would take just a kiss and wait for her to tell him what she wants.

The bed shifted under his weight. Alice opened her eyes, looking automatically to the place she last saw him, but Yuri wasn't there. She couldn't see him.


Not understanding a whit, she tried to sit up only to meet his face there! THERE! Of all places that Yuri had to bump his face into why does it have to be THERE!

Alice screamed more from embarrassment than surprise.

"Yuri! What are you doing!" she demanded.

"Hush baby." He said, a hint of laughter in his voice. "I only wanted to kiss you; I didn't expect that you'd meet me halfway so passionately."

He was talking there, his breath making her shiver. Alice couldn't comprehend a word he was saying.

All she knew was his face was between her legs, indecently close to her flesh. Her father would turn in his grave if he knew that his only child—

Her thoughts splintered as she felt the rough warmth of his tongue. Lightly stroking her, probing her.

"Yuri!" She wailed, trying to pull his head away. He can't do this! No! No! She should stop him, he was driving her mad!

But he refused to cede to her pleas, his earlier promise forgotten, just a kiss eh? Well, he found out that he wanted more than a kiss, the moment he had touched her Yuri knew he cannot stop. Her softness lured him unbearably, her taste unbelievably addicting to him. Her textures pleased him, he hadn't expected her scent to smell so sweet either. She's perfect, all woman and liquid heat. He might not know her in full measure tonight, but at least he'd know her this way.

His tongue found a hard nub beneath the soft folds. Curiously, he stroked it once, twice and then again. Her hips bucked against him, unconsciously seeking more of the intimate caresses.

Thinking he might have hurt her, Yuri lifted his gaze to her face.

"Yuri…that was incredible." She confessed softly. Her eyes dazed.

He smiled roguishly. "So…it feels good?"

Her cheeks turned a deeper shade of red. Oh, trust Yuri to ask the most embarrassing question!

He chuckled when she only looked away. Then he bent once more to her, seeking her softness that wept for his touch.

He teased the nub once more, discovering just how sensitive she was right there. Gently he imprisoned the tiny pearl with his teeth, then rubbed it with his tongue.

Her hips arched against him, trying to escape the sensual torture, only he wouldn't let her. He forced her to endure the exquisite punishment again and again.

Just when she thought she'd go out of her mind, pleasure racked her body, making her scream as ecstasy flooded her being, shaking her to the core.

When she opened her eyes, he was beside her, sheltered protectively in his arms.

"Yuri…what…what did you do to me?" She asked in wonder.

Yuri only laughed and kissed her.

"I'll do it to you again baby, only this time you would be sharing your pleasure with me…"

"How?" she asked innocently. The thought of giving him that much pleasure made her breathless.

Yuri caught her hand and dragged it down his body, he shivered as if cold as she touched him tentatively. He let go of her hand, allowing her the freedom.

When she shyly hesitated just below his navel, he guided her, wrapping her soft hand around that part of him that ached more than any bruise could.

"Here, baby…" He choked, guiding her hand to touch him. "This is where I'm most sensitive…where I would feel your pleasure the most…"

With awe, she lightly traced the blunt tip of his sex. Yuri made a hoarse sound through clenched teeth, enduring the sweet torture for as long as he could. Her innocent touch inflamed him, burned him hotter than any flame.

He was hot, throbbing against her palm. Alice held him with both hands, yet she couldn't hold all of him.

Her mouth.

Yes, Alice thought, two hands…and her mouth would suffice very nicely indeed.

Yuri caught the naughty glint in her eyes, but he was nearing the end of his control. Just one more stroke from her and he'll burst in her hands.

"Baby stop." He groaned, then gently unwrapped her hands from him.

"But I want to taste you too." She protested.

The thought of her soft mouth exploring him made Yuri groan, he thought it was impossible but he felt himself swell even more at her words.

"Next time baby…I swear to you, you can do whatever you wish to me…but not now…I want…I want to come inside you now…will you let me?" He begged.

Heaven help him, if she refused he would crawl out into the night and plunge into the icy waters of the sea. He had hurt her once, he could not hurt her again, not if he still wanted to live with himself.

He waited in agony for what seemed like an eternity, before he felt her soft lips against his own.

"I'm yours." Alice whispered against his mouth, "Always have been, always will be."

His eyes flew open, shearing directly to hers. The possessive fire that lit his eyes should have frightened her in their intensity, but she's not.

He kissed each of her palms then drew them above her head as he rolled on top of her. With his knees he parted her legs, settling his hips between her thighs.

She shivered as his muscled legs brushed against the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, she could sense the restraint he had placed on himself, putting a tight leash on the passion and power she knew that churned within him.

"Look at me…" He commanded, he was posed just outside the tiny slit, ready to burst his own skin from sheer hunger, but still, Yuri held back.

"Look at me." He ordered once more, his voice hoarse from the strain of holding back, "I've hungered for you…wanted you for very long…needed you…I've been in the dark for so long…"

"Yuri…" Alice gasped, helplessly giving in, letting him see her eyes.

His possessiveness thrilled her. Nothing but the complete surrender of body and soul would satisfy him, and Alice found out that she cannot refuse him anything.

"I love you." He swore against her lips. He moved against her, gently pressing against the tiny slit, tenderly parting the soft gate, coaxing her body to accept him despite the wild hammer of his heart, demanding him to take her swiftly.

He held both her wrists above her head with one hand, while he wrapped the other around her hips, lifting her, imprisoning her possessively

She felt him slowly breach the first inch to her core. The primal heat of his sex burned her, drawing forth a response that bathed him in her own liquid fire. He felt baby smooth, yet so hard. And he throbbed against her—strange that even the beat of his heart against her softest flesh made her shiver in pleasure.

Only one thing worried her. And it wasn't even the pain his penetration would ensure…No, she was afraid how he'd react when he finds out that she's not a virgin, even though he was the one who took it. There's no way for her to tell him about that night without betraying the fact about the soul contract.

"Yuri…"She called to him softly. To which he only probed deeper, slowly shaping her to fit him.

Alice closed her eyes, she cannot bear to see his disappointment.

But Yuri didn't seem to think anything is amiss, instead, he kissed her and gently sheathed himself deeper.

"Alice, look at me." He ordered hoarsely, giving her no escape. "Baby, am I hurting you?"

Helplessly she opened her eyes, her pupils dilating in shocked pleasure as he sank deeper, almost roughly impaling her as his control slipped for an instant.

Alice gasped, expecting to feel pain like the first time, but all she felt was the wondrous sensation of being stretched and stretched until she couldn't receive any more of him.

My God. She thought to herself. Was he this big that first time too?

"Alice!" He groaned against her lips. "Baby you feel so good…"

Bits and pieces of memories teased him, making him remember small parts of that mysterious night.

She was as tight as he remembered, and soft too…warm, so very warm. His cherished dreams come true. Yes, she shames the finest velvet, Yuri thought, choking in pleasure as he lifted her hips to receive his thrusts. And she fits him more perfectly than his own skin.

"Yuri…" She gasped, awed by the intensity of the pleasure.

He wanted to call her name, to tell her of his love, but all that escaped his lips were sounds of hunger too long denied.

"Yuri…" she said again, making his name sound so much like an endearment.

He tried to go slow, to be gentle…but it was no use…he wanted her so much, needed her for too long to be denied any longer; nor has he ever felt this fierce yearning in his soul…a yearning that went deeper than the physical needs of his loins.

A yearning emptiness that only she could appease.

Yes, his very soul seemed to cry out, Yes, Alice love me, touch me, fill me, heal me. I've been without you for too long!

Alice gasped as her body responded wildly to the calling of his, meeting him, matching his passion. He seemed to know just where to touch her, when to drive hard and deep. Or ease his pressure.

He was keenly attuned to her needs, as if her body no longer belonged to her but to him.

She didn't expect the pleasure to be this intense either. Consuming and deep. She could only cling to him, her pupils wildly dilated as ecstasy imploded, searing her until she thought she'd die.

Hearing her soft cry, her body squeezing him exquisitely in pleasure's rhythm, Yuri finally let go all restraints, with a harsh sound he gave himself over to ecstasy, surrendering all of him, giving her all that he could give, while every fiber of his being cried out in sheer bliss.

But there was more than the physical ecstasy…

Yuri gasped as she filled the dark recesses of his soul with light, giving him peace, hope and made him feel more alive than he had ever felt before. Her very soul came to him, fused with his, making their union complete.

She was as pure as he had known she would be, pure, unsullied and achingly sweet.

She came to appease the aching emptiness of his soul, his angel of light.

Yuri held her tightly, wondering how he had ever survived without her for so long.


Later that night…

He didn't know how long they have slept wrapped in each other's arms. But her sounds of distress woke him.

Her skin was clammy, and she moved restlessly. Yuri tried to wake her up but found that she was beyond the reach of the physical world.

Alice was caught in a nightmare from which she couldn't escape.

"Yuri…Yuri…" She whimpered.

"Alice!" He cried, shaking her almost roughly to no avail. It was then that he knew that she's given her soul in exchange for his…He knew it just as surely as he had fused his body and soul with hers.

"Those damn masks!" He cursed. He won't let them hurt her!

But when he tried to get inside the graveyard in his soul, an unseen, malicious force prevented him from getting in. It was as if those damn masks knew he was coming to save her and sealed him out.

"Alice!" He cried in anguish. He's not going to lose her! There must be another way!

Yuri looked at her terrified form, her breathing laborious as if she couldn't get enough air…or something was crushing her heart…He almost wept in frustration, he couldn't get to her, couldn't wake her up…if he didn't do something soon, she'll die.

Suddenly his chin firmed in resolution. If he couldn't get to his own soul to save her…he'll go to hers.

He rolled on top of her, shaking with the burden of what he must do to her, again.

"Alice forgive me." He muttered, gently spreading her legs apart. Sending a silent fervent prayer that he wouldn't hurt her, Yuri entered her body once more. She was still wet from his seed, easing his way inside. She was unresisting as if somehow her body recognized the gentle intruder.

Much as he hated to trespass her body like this once more, he knew of no other way to find her soul, except through this physical union.

"Wait for me, Alice…" He said, closing his eyes as he reached her deepest depths. "I'm coming…"

My soul will find yours…

The graveyard was as dark and forbidding as before. Chills coursed through her body as Alice knew that there's no turning back. She would soon die. But she had no regrets dying for the man she loves.

Knowing it was futile, but unwilling to see the Masks just yet, Alice wandered about the graveyard, collapsing once as the weight in her chest became unbearable, seeming to crush her heart.

She took her time to acquaint herself with his thoughts, she was surprised to discover that his thoughts were all about her.

"Fine! I will! I'll get on that train! And which woman do you want me to protect huh?" This must be the time they first met, and Koudelka was giving him orders.

"How dare this nasty girl! After I saved her! Still, she's sort of cute..." How can she not be afraid of him? Not when the first thing he said to her was "Can you feel a tingly sensation? Right about here?" He had pointed down at her body, the scoundrel! Alice smiled, despite her sadness, remembering that field where they landed on after they jumped off the train.

"Huh? How can she worry about that mutt at a time like this?! I'll never understand women…"Oh, the cute little 'Tiny' who was actually Dehuai in disguise!

"I get it, she lost her father too…she's really keeping together. Me, I cried like a baby…" When did she exactly told him about her father?

"You came all the way out here to save me?! You're an idiot!.." So much for gratitude! Alice smiled.

"She's smiling eh? I'll do my best if there's anything that I can help her…"

Alice felt peace wash over her despite the evil ambiance. His thoughts were precious to her, told her things he had never told her before. Then gathering her inner strength, she finally walked towards her fate.

The masks sneered at her, still unable to believe that a selfless love like hers exists. They opened the door to the evil dimension, where her executioner awaited her.

Bravely Alice stepped in, though her knees shook from fear. It was dark inside, and only a voice told her she was not alone.

Suddenly the revolting god of death appeared. Atman, the mask covered with seven hideous eyes.

"Do you have any regrets about dying for that man?" He taunted.

Alice shook her head firmly. "No. I have no regrets."

Atman cackled evilly. "Such a courageous girl! How delicious your pure, untainted soul must be…come, it is time for you to die!"

Suddenly there was a loud crash.

"Hold on!" a familiar voice shouted.

Alice turned in amazement. Could it be?

Yuri walked in, as cocky as ever. Though deep inside he was really frightened that he was too late. Those damn masks sure put up a great fight.

"Sorry, I'm late." He apologized, his eyes soft on her, he was so damn glad he made it in time. "Those masks outside slowed me down a bit."

Relief made her speechless, and tears threatened to spill her eyes, Alice could only smile at him.

Atman stuttered in shock. "You! Impossible! You forced the door to the dark side open and entered the curse of death yourself?"

"She's my woman. You're not takin' her from me! Never!" Yuri shouted back at the giant Mask.

"You're crazy!" Atman taunted. "Coming here to throw your precious life away!"

"So what if I am? You better watch it, pal, I'm gonna punch you a new eye hole."

"How dare you insult me! Me, Atman the great god of death! See if you can break the contract for this soul…It would be amusing to see you struggle as I take the life away from your woman right in front of you. Haw haw haw!"

"Over my dead body!" Yuri swore.

The fight that ensued was one of the longest and hardest battles Yuri had to face. But he was aware that this was the most important battle of all for him. The battle to save Alice.

Atman cheated all the time, trying to steal her sanity by showing her flashbacks of her father's agonizing death. Yet somehow she stood her ground, assisting him with her healing spells, supporting him in every way she could.

Finally the Giant Mask collapsed on the ground, gurgling out his final words.

"I can't believe…you broke the…contract for the soul…?!"

With that he vanished, never to be seen again.

"Are you all right?" Yuri asked holding her arms, studying her intently for any sign of injury.

Alice nodded. She reached to touch his lips.

"How did you—"

"The same way you reached mine," Yuri answered.

"Oh." Alice lowered her head shyly. "I didn't think you'd remember."

Yuri chuckled, holding her close. "You got no secrets from me, you know that don't you?"

"God baby, how can you bear to look at me, much less love me after I have raped you?"

"You didn't rape me, I was willing..." Alice whispered against his chest. "Besides, it was the only way to get inside you. You were not yourself, you did not even recognize me…"

"But my body knew you? Is that it?" He asked, though he already knew the answer to that. "Guess my one-eyed head is really smarter than the one sitting on my neck."

For an answer, she pinched his side.

"Yuri Hyuga! I swear I don't know where ever did you learn to say such things!"

He only laughed, wondered again how good it felt. He had never been this happy all his life.

He had thought he would never smile again, never laugh again. The loss of his parents told him that. But ever since he met her, all his days have been filled with joy. Whether they were fighting off monsters or trying to escape with their hides still intact…he was happy.

"Come on baby, let's get out of this nasty place."

Holding the hand he offered her, Alice sighed in relief. Her spirits were lighter now, as if a great burden has been lifted over her shoulders.

The Four Masks outside scrambled out of their way as the two came out.

"You go on ahead baby, I have a few things to settle with these damn things."

"Hmmm? Oh, okay." He watched her until she had gone back to their world then faced the masks.

"Bo-boy?! What do you want? You've got no more business with us!" The sword mask stuttered.

"Yes! Yes! Don't come back again! You defeated Atman our protector you cheat!"

Yuri only laughed at them. "You really got wiped out in there. Feeling a little sorry now?"

The masks turned away in humiliation.

"Oh look the poor sissies, looking away all scared. Hey you! I'm talking here!"

"Go away! Leave at once!" The gold mask said.

"That's right, please don't come back again." The grail one said.

"It's your own damn fault! Puttin a curse on my woman like that! You get it now? If so, where's my apology?" Yuri demanded.

"Tssskkk. Curse you!" The sword mask said, hasn't he humiliated them enough?

"Huh? What is that you just said?"

They refused to repeat the same thing although they wanted to pour out more curses, it was no use. The power of their curses died with Atman.

"I didn't hear you say 'sorry' did I?" Yuri flexed his knuckles, as if ready to give the masks another thrashing down.

"S-sorry." The masks were forced to say, afraid of getting beaten down once more, Agh! His chimera claws sure hurt!

But Yuri wasn't satisfied.

"Wha-what more do you want?" The four masks asked in fear.

"I'd like a memento, let's say, a token of your reformed ways. And you better not give me any of those cheap things…or I might have to shove it up…you know where."

It was a strange thing for him to say to the four masks since they literally have no butts to speak of, but it seemed to do the trick.

Reluctantly they handed him the Seven-Eyed Mask.

"My, isn't this neat?" Yuri said, pocketing the precious accessory, he'd give it to Alice, so she wouldn't have to worry anymore, just in case.

"See ya!" He said cheerfully.

Then he was gone. Saying goodbye to the graveyard masks forever.

He woke up the next morning with her still sleeping in his arms. She looked so peaceful, so innocent in repose.

Yuri caressed the soft rosebud of her lips. Marveled just how this, slight, petite girl could contain so much love in her small body. He had raped her, sacrificed her soul in place of his, and still loved him with all of her heart.

He felt childish tears well up in his eyes as emotions flooded him, once he had turned his back on God for letting his mother die…but now, it seemed God has not forgotten him after all.

He had given him Alice, the significant other half of his soul, his body.

No matter how this final battle tomorrow with Albert Simon would turn out, Yuri knew that whether he lived or die, just as long as he's with her, he would be happy.


Author's notes:

Ooof! This is a story that is really old, it wasn't completed until recently. Why? Because this stupid girl didn't want to come near Shadow Hearts again after she heard that its sequel followed the 'bad ending'!

This story is based on the night before going to Neameeto, when Alice's soul was supposed to 'die'. I followed the 'good ending' in which Yuri saved her from Atman and she didn't die on that train bound for Zurich. The Seven-Eyed Mask is an accessory that the Four Masks gave Yuri after that battle with Atman. I think, you cannot get this accessory if you followed the 'bad ending'.

Yes despite the fact that SH:C followed the bad ending, and I missed Alice so much, SH:C only showed just how deeply devoted Yuri is to her, even though she was dead, that she is the only woman for him. I am eternally grateful to Tiger5913. If not for her, I would still be moping around, blaming everyone why they have to kill my sweet Alice!

I'm aware that I have a twisted and wacky mind for even thinking of such a story like this.

It's true that Alice saved Yuri when he was out of his mind on Blue Castle, she had delved into his soul to reach him and bring him out from his shell.

But the Four Masks, hindered her way, to which she had agreed to give up her soul in exchange to be able to reach him.

How she got inside his soul, wasn't clear, I assumed she had used her powers to do so, but it would have been great magic indeed, for Yuri was insane at that time. The how's and why's made me think of naughty things. I believed that there's more to sex between two people, rather than the cheap thing some people had made it today.

To put my opinion bluntly, I believe that sex between two people who love each other are connected on a level that transcends the physical.

Errrr but let's leave that for lovers to discover shall we? This is embarrassing!

Why did I think of forced sex? Because she's a perv, didn't you know that?

No! It's because Yuri is such an animal that he simply allowed his body free rein when rational thoughts deserted him! Yeah that's it! He was mad, with his mind gone, but his body was still responsive to Alice's nearness. That's why he turned on her like a wild beast when she tried to help him!

No wait! It's easier to believe that I'm simply a perv right? Go ahead take your pick!

If this story made you sick, don't fail to heed the warning next time! Bwa haha! (cough) (cough) I think I've just swallowed a fly! (cough) (cough)

"We. Exist."

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