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Prophesy Problems

What do you call those who believe in the words of a prophecy?


What do you call an old FOOL?

Albus Dumbledore.

What do you call FOOL fooled by prophecy?

Lord Voldemort.

What do you call a TOOL of prophecy?

Harry Potter.


Who should be considered as one of the other foolish mortals?


a/n this really has nothing to do with HARRY POTTER

Dear Reader,

I am writing this to you in order for you to know that there is a poem right after this letter to you.


Fan of Great Works


There once was this FOOL who's named Harry

He had a fat cousin named Dudley

And also had friends called Ron and 'Mione

He defeated some Dark Lord at age One

Who wanted to kill number one

Harry's a killer its true I believe

He killed a man who believed

Some stupid old Fool

Who wasn't named Puzzled

Some other old FOOL

Created a hat that sat on a stool

Who told all the Tools

Including the Foolish Tool

To stay in whose house they belonged

But one Fool was such a big fool

He went to the house full of FOOLS

There's only one Tool

Who can't be a FOOL

Coz he is like stool

He's a git known as Severus Snape

And this is the end of this puzzling poem