Harry Potter The Black King

AN: This is my second HP fic as the 1st one got removed, 'Harry Potter and The Power Within', I will be doing this while I wait for FF to let me put it back up under high rating and this one is also high rating for safety, hope you enjoy.


WARNING! This story will contain violence and torture, might be graphic, dunno yet as I haven't done it, but it will be contained that you can be sure about, so don't complain when you come across it, you have been WARNED!


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Chapter One - The Dark King Forms

The trip back from Kings Cross train station was a quiet one. The Dursleys were completely ignoring Harry, not as though he minded, but it still managed to make him feel even more alone that normal. For you see earlier that year Harry had watched his Godfather die and then had a face off with Voldemort.

Voldemort. That name kept ringing around in Harry's head. It was his fault. It was his fault Harry's life had turned out to be so bad. If it wasn't for Voldemort Harry would be living with his parents and Sirius would still be alive and he would be in a happy family where he was wanted! Unlike at the Dursleys where they hated him for his very being and classed him as a freak, for Harry Potter was a wizard, and a very powerful one at that.

Harry Potter was the only wizard on the planet that had the strength to kill Voldemort and rid the world of his evil. Why does it always happen to me, why cant I live my own life for? Harry kept thinking to himself all the time on his trip back home. That brought more thoughts to Harry. His so called home. The place where he was meant to feel safe. Harry couldn't help but chuckle darkly at that. It was at this place where he was injured the most for the first eleven years of his life, injured both physically and mentally. Treating him like a slave and expecting him to be grateful for it. This was not going to happen this year.

This summer Harry was going to do things as he wished and if the Dursleys stood in his way it would only take one well written letter to Remus to make the Dursleys cower. This summer Harry was going to do the things he wanted to do, one of which was to get into a good physical shape. He had decided to get rid of his scrawny weak look and try to make himself look healthier and more defined, in memory of Sirius, the father he never had.

It wasn't long until the car was pulling into the drive to number 4 Privet Drive, Harry's home for the next six weeks, and if Harry had anything to do about it, the last time he would ever see his relatives again. Harry moved round to the back of the car and heaved his trunk out of the car with a grunt of effort and dragged it up to his room much to his Aunt and Uncles displeasure of having his freakish things in his room, even if he couldn't use them.

Harry collapsed on his bed panting at the effort it took for him to drag his drunk up into his room. I really need to get into shape, by the end of the summer I want to be able to carry that thing effortlessly. Harry thought to himself before dropping off to sleep and dreamt of watching his godfather die mingling in with visions of Voldemort killing innocents and torturing young children.

Harry woke up two hours later in a pool of his own sweat shuddering at the memory of the nightmare vision mix. It was leaving him very unnerved and jittery. I seriously need to learn Occlumency and quick. Harry hunted round in his trunk for some clean clothes and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up a bit before dinner.

He stood in the bathroom looking over himself in the mirror. He was a small scrawny and pale boy. His messy mop of black hair on his head and his lightning bolt scar which was still pulsing red off the visions he had been getting. All of his features were washed out by his vivid emerald eyes that were filled with pain and loss, they were the eyes of an old war veteran that had seen to much, yet Harry was only fifteen and had witnessed and done more than most adults wizards have done or will do in there whole life. Harry's eyes kept travelling back up to his scar. The more Harry looked at the scar the deeper Harry's hate for Voldemort swelled up in him and before he could control himself his magic burst out of his body and smashed every breakable thingy in the house and a few windows of the houses either side of number four.

Harry stood there panting. He had not meant to let loose his magic but it had just slipped out of his grasp at the anger he was feeling. He herd screams downstairs and his Uncle bellowing bloody murder about what was going on and why it was happening. Harry sighed and made a mental promise to himself that he would make himself stronger both physically and magically so he could reap vengeance, not only on Voldemort but on everyone that had made his life a living hell, and Dumbledore was pretty high up on his list. His eyes flashed and turned dark with determination and loathing of people.

Harry opened the door and went back to his room and collapsed on his bed and fell to sleep straight away, with no visions or nightmares keeping him awake, it was a peaceful blackness.

Harry didn't wake up again for another two days and the Dursleys didn't care because it meant that the freak was out of there way and hopefully dead if they could have there way, but to no such luck. Harry sat and thought of his life so far. It has been filled with nothing but misery and pain. Someone was always pushing him down, the Dursleys which had been doing it all his life for as far as he could remember, everyone in his school up until he went to Hogwarts, all the Slytherins AT Hogwarts. Harry had had enough of everything that was going on with his life and the top two people to blame were Albus Dumbledore and Tom Marvalo Riddle. If it wasn't for those two people Harry would be leading a happy normal life with no one out to kill him.

Changes were going to happen. Harry decided that he was going to take his life back one way or another, and hopefully before he went back to Hogwarts where the old meddling fool would try and hold more information from him and try to manipulate his little secret weapon against Voldemort in prefect condition before he would push him onto the field to either die or murder because he was such a nice and caring old man.

Harry laughed to himself and is everyone happened to enter his room at the time they would notice that a dark energy seemed to glow around Harry and the room seemed to get even colder. Harry lay there making plans up on how he was going to escape Dumbledore and all his little minions hiding outside his house what were the to protect him and also make sure he didn't get away, a guard for both sides.

That day Harry never left his room once, he just sat coming up with plans for escape in his mind, each one getting closer and closer to perfection. By the end of the night Harry had come up with a perfect plan to get away and become independent and take his life in his own hands, to seek out revenge on all those that stood in his path before will fall cowering at his feet before his wrath befell them all. Not one would be spared, unlike Voldemort and Dumbledore he would not rely on incompetent people around him but do it all himself and make people do his work for him, that way there was no chance of people turning on him and making him have to worry about loyalty to those who say they will help him.

Voldemort may be the Dark Lord but when Harry was going to be done he would be the Dark King and no one will stand in his way. He did not seek out world domination or genocide he only wanted revenge on everyone that caused him harm and was it his fault if most of the world got in his way?

Harry went back to sleep in the early hours of the morning with a smile that could make Snape cry, which is hopefully what he would have the chance to do before long…

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