Harry Potter The Black King

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Chapter Three - Harry Potter Vanishes From The World

Harry strode down Knockturn Alley with a purpose. This was where he was planning on buying all his dark objects and books, done was he with the weak light magic, if you wanted something doing, Dark Magic was the way you did it as Voldemort had proven time and time again. Dumbledore with all his power of Light could not overthrow the Dark Lord - Harry smirked at the self imposed title - so Harry would learn the powers of Dark and overthrow both the 'Dark Lord' and 'White Lord' at the same time. He would not be a 'Lord' he would be a King or a God to these lowly people who pushed him around all his life, how the tables would be turning soon.

Harry strode into a book store deep inside the Alley and walked around grabbing any and all books that peeked his interest. He spent a good half hour walking around stacking books up in his arms- everyone who saw him doing this looked at him in awe, he was lifting so many books and seemed to be under no physical pressure of there weight- on every topic imaginable. From the lesser Dark Arts to a book on how to cast the Unforgivables, to books on how to apperate and creating portkeys.

He walked over to the cashier and dropped all his books on the table in front of him with a loud thud which blew up dust all over the shop with the desk creaking under the weight. The cashier slowly went through all the books adding up the cost until he stopped on a book of Dark rituals and looked at Harry quizzically.

"You must be of age to buy half of these books young man, I cannot sell all of these to you. Come back when you are older" the cashier said moving the books to the other side of the desk. Harry reached out to grab the mans wrist lightning fast and slowly started adding pressure till he could feel the bones moving in the mans wrist.

"You will sell me these books or I will kill you and take them anyway. The choice is yours, live and sell me these books or die and I take them anyway" Harry said with a snarl glaring directly into the mans eyes.

"Of-of course sir, the total will be two hundred and fifty galleons." the man stuttered.

"Thank you for you assistance" Harry said then expanded his trunk and dumped the books into an empty compartment before shrinking it again and placing it in his pocket.

Harry left the shop with a flourish of his cloak of strolled about the alley looking for shops that looked interesting to him. In the distance he saw a shop selling magical weapons and shields which looked interesting.

He walked into the shop and heard a bell jingle deep inside so he just wandered around the store looking at the various weapons that didn't look as if they would tickle if you got hit with them, a lot of the things on the display Harry didn't even know what they were never mind how to hold one.

"Is their anything I can help you with young sir?" came a silky voice from behind him making him jump slightly.

"I don't think so, I simply saw your shop and it interested me" Harry replied giving the shop keeper a wary glance. After all he was carrying a sword on his hip and Harry may have turned Dark but he had no intention on having a piece of metal through his chest.

"Would you like assistance then sir? Maybe I can help you choose a weapon that would interest you then?" the storekeeper sneered at him. Harry looked at the array of weapons and decided that as he knew nothing about the subject he would take the man up on his offer.

"I would be delighted. Thank you" Harry replied. "I am looking for a simple weapon that is easy to handle and learn to use with some fun added features". The shop keeper gave a toothy grin at that and took Harry to another wall that was laden with short sword to axes that resembled small Tomah Hawks.

"These are the most basic of weapons as all you have to do is grab a hold of it and swing and unless your foe is good at swordsmanship the weapons will be deadly effective in close battle" the shopkeeper said gesturing to the wall.

"And what enchantments do the sword carry?" Harry asked starting to get more excited that he was going to get to play with something sharp and what he could do to other people.

"They do not have any, I enchant all the weapons myself to the buyers needs. Although all weapons that cost more than 35 galleons get the basic enchantments which keep the blade sharp, and never let it snap or rust. If you want anymore enchantments on the weapon it costs 5 galleons or more depending on how much power it takes to do the enchantment." he listed off.

"Well in that case I want that" Harry pointed to the smallish broadsword "and that" he pointed at the Tomah hawks style axe.

"That will cost 40 galleons sir, do you want a book of all the added enchantments?" the clerk asked.

"That would be good thank you." The man went away behind the counter for a couple of minuets then came back holding a sheet of paper. "I thought you said it was a book?" Harry asked.

"Yes…well…most people do not want me to place there enchantments on there weapons as there is not many I can do, and the harder ones I do not have the magical strength to do" he replied looking slightly sheepish.

"Ah, ok, well that doesn't bother me as I cant do any of the spells yet anyways" Harry replied smiling at the man, if he ever needed an army he would definitely recruit this man. Harry started to reed through the list of all the enchantments to put on his weapons.

Enchantment so that what ever wound you cause cannot be healed by magical means - 5 Galleons

Enchantment to cause the blade to act like sliver, wounding werewolves - 5 Galleons

Enchantment to make the blade extremely hot to all but the wielder - 10 Galleons

Enchantment so that the weapon can only work for one person - 15 Galleons

Vengeance Curse - If wielder looses, so does the person that won - 25 Galleons

Summon Charm - So that weapon comes back to owner every time - 20 Galleons

Anti-Summon Charm - So that weapon cannot be summoned from anyone but wielder - 30 Galleons

Harry read over the list and though that it seemed quite short yet all the spells he could have places on the weapons seemed to be very vital.

"I want every one of those spells placed on my weapons please" Harry declared after all of five minuets. The shopkeeper on the other hand looked quite pale at the amount of spell work he was going to have to do. He was not looking foreword to it as a lot of these spells were quite draining.

"Ok, if you will follow me as I will need you to help with the Vengeance Curse and the ownership enchantment" the storekeeper said plucking the weapons from the wall and walking into the backroom with Harry following close behind keeping all his senses on high alert.

The shopkeeper laid Harry's two weapons on a bench then pulled out his wand and started chanting an obscure language Harry didn't understand whilst waving his want in complex patters. The blades on both the weapons started to glow. After about a minuet of chanting the glow started to die down and the shopkeeper stopped chanting. He had a thin layer of sweat covering his brow but seemed pleased with himself non the less.

"The weapons now have there basic never blunting charm on them, so the blade will always remain sharp, at least until the charm runs out which could be up to thirty years" the shopkeeper announced before quickly starting summoning again but this time the whole blade starting glowing, not just around the edges, and the glow went up the start of the handle. The shopkeeper starting chanting louder and looked like this charm was taking more out of him, but again the glow died down and the shopkeeper stopped chanting and collapsed into a chair beside the bench. "I have just placed the charm on the blades so that they cannot and unable to be broken from the hilt" the shopkeeper panted, "and once I've recovered a bit I'll do the other charms you requested."

The Shopkeeper stood up then started mumbling slightly and waved his wand at the weapons then at Harry causing Harry to jump slightly and the shopkeeper to smirk under his breath. This charm took no more than twenty seconds and didn't look like it caused any bother to the shopkeeper.

"Just did the summon charm on them, you can now call them back to you when ever you want without needing your wand" he said smugly. He then waved his wand again and muttered something and the weapons flashed white and the shopkeeper was again finished. "There are the two easiest of the charms done, anti-summoning and the private summoning. Now onto the harder ones" and with a glare at Harry the shopkeeper braced himself and started chanting again, getting louder and louder. The room was slowly starting to get hotter and hotter and the weapons started to glow an angry red. He kept this up for five minuets or so then again turned his wand on Harry and there was a flash of red and Harry could no longer feel the heat in the room. The man stopped chanting and the glow receded again. "That was the heat enchantment, You can now make the weapons incredibly hot to all but yourself by your will, simply will them to be hot or cold, and it all depends on how hot u want them also" he stated looking proud then sat himself down in the chair again and started to breath heavily from the amount of spell work he had been doing.

It went on like this for about half an hour until the final enchantment, the ownership one, so non except Harry could hold the weapons. Again the man started to chant but when he stopped the weapons still glowed and he told Harry to place a drop of blood on each item whilst handing him a small knife. Harry eyed the knife warily, he knew better than anyone else how important blood was, then with a mental shake pricked his finger and squeezed about a drop of blood on both weapons and there was a flash of light and the shopkeeper beamed at him.

"It is done, that was one of the hardest jobs I've had to do in quite a long time, you better be able to pay for all of this" the man said with sudden horror that he had done the ownership enchantment without getting the money first. Harry just smiled and pulled out his money bag.

"How much?" he asked innocently. The man stood there looking at the money bag and slowly started counting the piece up in his head.

"Well the weapons cost 40 galleons then there is 110 galleons in charms coming to a grand total of 150 galleons" he said slowly then paled slightly and the deal, this was more than he usually got in a week, and all in one night off one small punk kid.

Harry grabbed his money bag and started pulling handfuls of coins out and paid the man after about ten minuets of counting out all the change. He gave the man a smile, placed the weapons in a bigger section in his trunk and left the store happy with the deal he had just made.

Just Harry reached the door the man shouted out to him.

"Hey kid, you not want something to carry those things around with?" he asked "As you were my best customer I've had in a long time I will give you some sheaths for free just don't tell anyone" he said with a chucked and threw Harry some leather straps that Harry had no idea how to adorn his body with let alone how to put one of his weapons in them. Harry thanked the man then stuffed the leather straps into his trunk in the same compartment as his weapons and left the shop.

He stood up straighter and more imposing when he saw how many dark shady characters were walking the streets. Harry looked at a potions shop down the street through his glasses covered eyes and decided to see if there was anything he could take to fix his eye sight.

He marched down the Alley with a dignified walk and with an aura of power around him he didn't even know he was giving off that made everyone look at him strangely then shuffle off quickly out of fright or awe. Harry made his way into the potions shop and started looking around the shelves looking for something that would fix his eyes or at least improve them slightly but it seemed the only thing there was poisons and sometimes an antidote. True, these did interest Harry but it wasn't what he was looking for right now. He wanted to fix his eye sight. Surely wizarding kind had came up with a way of fixing ones eyes.

Harry was startled out of his thoughts by some behind him addressing him with an eerie voice. Harry spun round in an instant and had the person a foot off the ground grabbing them round the neck. The other people in the store looking in awe at the power the wizard was showing off. He was holding quite a fat man by the neck a foot off the ground with one arm and didn't look like his body was under any kind of stress.

"What do you want?" Harry ground out eyes the man that sneaked up behind him.

"I-I am the store occupier, I am s-sorry I startled you young sir" the man choked out. Harry lowered him back to the ground and released his hold on his neck.

"Never ever sneak up on me if you value your life" Harry stated loud enough for the whole shop the hear and making everyone start to shuffle around the shelves again. Harry aimed his intense green eyes back at the store manager and asked "Have you got anything I can fix my eyes with so that I no longer have to wear these god awefull glasses? And also I was curious if you had something that could take the Ministry tracking charm from me and my wand?" He asked.

"Of course! We have both those thing although the second one if very very expensive and I am not sure a young sir like you could afford" he said with a small sneer on his face. This kid had just shown him up in front of some of his more regular customers.

This was of course the wrong thing to say as the man was again a foot in the air held by the neck except this time the grip around his throat was tighter and the man couldn't breathe.

"I suggest that you also never try and insult me again as well, unless of course you don't value your neck?" Harry sneered. He threw the man back to the ground and commanded him to bring him the potions he asked for.

The man scurried off to try and avoid this deamon child. No one alive should be able to suspend him that easily with one arm at the kids age. It just wasn't natural. The man shrugged this off and went into his backrooms and got the most painful eye healing potion and tracker remover potion he could get his hands on and came back to the front of the store.

"Here you are. Although I warn you, these potions may sting a bit when you take them but your eyesight will increase ten fold and if you are powerful enough you may even be able to see magic although I doubt it as the power you would need would rival that of the Dark Lords and Dumbledore" he stated placing the bottles on the counter. "That will be 200 galleons over all as the ministry potion is very expensive and very illegal" the man sneered.

Harry sneered back and shoved the man his money without batting an eye to it, after all, what was the point of being a BILLIONARE if you couldn't splash your money around. Harry grabbed the vials then opened the Tracking Remover potion and downed it in one go. The store manager seemed overly pleased by this and that started to get Harry worried. Little did he know that the pain this potion could cause rivalled that of the Curico Curse. The storekeeper looked positively gleeful and other people in the store also new the potion well enough and came by to see how this young hero managed it.

Harry felt fine at first, but then he felt it, a stinging pain covering his entire body and in an instant he had his wand out and pointed at the man behind the man behind the counter who let out the squeak.

"What have you giving me rat" Harry ground out as the pain started to increase.

"The potion you asked for, but the pain can be extremely strong, it was you who asked for the potion" the storekeeper sneered.

The pain Harry was feeling was starting to get extream by now but still manageable and them something strange happened. Harry's body armour he was wearing started to feel warm and glow slightly under his cloak. The pain started to fade and he could feel the tracking charm dissolving inside of him, and his wand started to glow meaning the charm was being removed from that too. Then Harry felt something else, it seemed like it was on his magical core itself, some kind of block, and with the tracking charm the block was gone to.

Then Harry felt it. It was his true power. It seemed someone had placed magical blocks on him and the potion got rid of them too. Harry's aura flared up and everyone could see it. It took a powerful wizard to be able to show there aura and there was one right in front of them. This strange kid was surrounded by an emerald green dome with silver and red flames licking at the sides of it and a deep black at its core. This was one extremely strong wizard in front of them all and the storekeeper started to worry about the potions he had given the boy, after all once this was all over, they boy had free run of magic and could do anything to him.

Just as suddenly as it had started it stopped. Harry's aura was drawn back into his body by sheer will power and Harry cast a glare at all though who were still staring. Harry grabbed the second vial like nothing had happened and downed it. Again his armour shone and Harry felt little pain. He removed his glasses and left the store. He had everything he needed now. Harry wandered out of the Alley and into the Leaky Cauldron then through that into muggle London. Harry James Potter had now left the world. But Lucifer Guerra was just coming into the world. The deamon was going to rise again and he was going to have his revenge on all those that wronged him!


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