Prelude: Ginny's life is in danger for the secrets she willingly obtained during her time in the Chamber of Secrets and the only way to keep her hidden and safe is to change her entire identity. Dumbledore proposes that Ginny changes her identity and then enroll back into Hogwarts to finish her schooling. The only catch is that she is no longer allowed to be in Gryffindor, but must enter a new house. Dumbledore feels the safest house for Ginny to be in is the one where her enemies came from, Slytherin. This brings a completely new meaning to the quote: "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

Friends Close, Enemies Closer


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Prologue: Dark Dreams

It was dark, pitch black with no stars hanging in the sky, she was only surrounded by intense blackness, but she kept running, forcing her legs to pump as if her life depended on it, because it did. Ginny Weasely's breaths came in shallow, ragged gasps as she sprinted willing with all her might that they blood coursing through her veins would wield more oxygen and energy to her weakening muscles.

Ginny felt her energy dying, her body giving out on her as well as it should, it had done far more then she should be asking it too. Her golden amber hair had been pulled into a tight ponytail, but multiple tendrils had gained freedom as she ran, clinging to the sweat covering her face and she knew it was a matted wreck, but for the first time in her life, Ginny could care less what she looked like. She only thought about her survival.

Ginny's green tee shirt was caked in mud and ripped in several places while the rest of it was either soaked in sweat or stained with blood. She became increasingly dehydrated, her body using all her liquids as she sweated profusely, cloaked in thick layers from her head to her feet. Ginny's body head flared, her face flushed bright red from the exertion, and her head was even steaming as her body released its heat into the cold air. Ginny could not feel the frostiness of the night though; she could only feel the heat of her skin and the burning in her lungs and muscles.

Ginny knew as she dashed blindly through the streets of London that her body was going to collapse soon, but she forced her mind to push the thoughts away because she could not afford her body giving out, they were hunting her and she could not afford to stop. The wind whipped icily around her, but Ginny could not fee it, her body had started to grow numb. She darted down a back alley, somehow hoping to lose her predators. Ginny, with little she could make out in the dark, dodged trashcans as her feet pounded heavily against the crushed gravel and dried leaves.

Suddenly, Ginny felt herself plow into a brick wall, her head giving a resounding smack as it met the wall and she bounced off, thrown from the force. A dead end, Ginny's head was pounding in rhythm with her heart as her body collapsed to the ground, her knees sinking to the earth, her hands pressed to the floor, she was broken.

She felt them before she heard them, they had caught up to her and she was trapped, nowhere to go and no strength to fight, not that she could beat them even if she did. They stood at the entrance of the alley, black robed bringers of death, then glided effortlessly towards her bringing a chill that even she couldn't escape, a chill that froze her body, that filled her mind, her heart and her soul.

They were swarming her now, touching her with their ghastly, scaly hands. Ginny lifted her head up weakly, her dull green eyes staring at the one standing in front of her, its black cloak billowing in the night's frosty wind. It reached out with both hands and grabbed Ginny's shoulders, hauling her to her feet, her body protesting earnestly. Ginny stared, powerless to do anything as the dementor brought its face close to hers and Ginny closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable, waiting for it to suck out her soul, but it never came. Peeking through her eyelids, Ginny was alarmed and surprised to find herself no longer in the grasp of a dementor, but in Ron's and she was no longer in the alley, but dangling over a cliff.

"Ron! Ron! What are you doing?" Ginny choked out to the person grasping her tightly around her neck. She received no reply, only an icy cold stare of hatred.

"Please! Please I beg you Ron, do not drop me! Don't do this to me!" Ginny pleaded with her brother, tears filling her green eyes. This time he smirked coldly then released his fingers from their hold around her neck and Ginny fell.

"NOOOOO!" she screamed, arms flailing wildly.

Ginny felt as if she was moving in slow motion. Her body jerked around wildly, yet slowly as her lips parted emitting a ghastly scream. Her stomach was queasy, her heart felt as if it had plummeted to the pit of it and she was shaking uncontrollably as she fell. Fear encased her heart and mind as she tumbled endlessly through the air with incredible force, gaining speed as she fell.

Ginny prayed that her life would be taken away from her, but to no avail. After what seemed like ages of falling, Ginny crashed through the glassy surface of a lake, the frozen water chilling her to the bone. What little clothing that was still clinging to her worn body felt like a load of bricks, weighing her down. Ginny struggled against the water, swimming towards the surface and broke through, breathing in the air. She looked towards the shore and started to swim over when she felt sharp nails digging into her skin as bony fingers grabbed her legs.

Horrified, Ginny tried to kick the creature off her, but it would not relinquish its grip and started to drag her back under the water. She did not have much strength and the Grindylow was pulling her down, the lake swallowing her again. Ginny's air was running out, she had no more air to hold Her lungs felt as if they were shriveling, her head bursting with pain as black circles dotted her vision, her consciousness growing faint. Ginny barely consciously felt the Grindylow pull her to the ground. Desperately, she fumbled around and found a large rock. Straining to pick it up, Ginny threw it at her leg, hitting the Grindylow making it release its hold also slicing through her jeans and skin. Blood mixed with the lake water and floated in a cloud. Ginny frantically swam to the surface and broke through with a gasp, drinking in the air as if it were gold. She immediately began swimming hard and swift towards the shore.

When she reached the sandy beach, Ginny collapsed on it exhausted, drained, and empty. She lay there in silence until the sound of footsteps reached her ear. Ginny opened her heavy eyelids to reveal emerald eyes and nearly fainted from joy when she spotted Harry and Hermoine.

"Harry help me!" she croaked out weakly, pulling herself to her feet. The duo stared at her with evident distaste and hatred. Two sets of eyes glared at her fiercely, and they walked away leaving her alone and dying. Ginny broke down in tears, her shoulders quaking with sobs. The people she loved had abandoned her.

"Tsk, tsk Angelina. You are normally not one to show weakness." A familiar voice broke through her grief scolding.

Ginny looked up and discovered she was now in the Slytherin chambers, surrounded by the whole lot.

"Don't let them get to you Angelina, they're just pricks." Blaise said soothingly, helping Ginny unsteadily to her feet.

Confused, Ginny looked around wildly and tried to back away, but her legs gave out and she had to lean on Blaise to keep her balance.

"Maybe you should get some rest girl, you look horrible, deathly pale and everything." Blaise suggested as she pointed out Ginny's complexion.

Ginny was dumbfounded, what was she doing in Slytherin's common room and why were they being so nice to her? Who is Angelina? Is that her? Ginny closed her eyes and shook her head to clear her thoughts. When she opened them again however, they widened in fear. She was no longer at Hogwarts.

She was in what appeared to be a rather large cave, damp and it smelled like rotting wood. A slight fog covered the air, which was thick and hard to breathe. Ginny blinked rapidly, hoping the sight in front of her would go away if she did, but alas, it did not. Standing in front of her in a half circle was a group of death eaters, their figures casting ghostly shadows against the dimly lit cave. Ginny pressed herself hard against to the wall as if willing it to open and swallow her up. She had nowhere to run. Ginny shivered as the death eaters grew near, their steps soft against the dirt ground, their beady eyes glaring at her behind black robes.

They taunted her; she heard whispers all around her, even inside her head, baiting her, laughing at her. She clutched her head with her fingers and squeezed her eyes shut trying to block them out, but it did not work.

"Crucio!" a low baritone voice boomed through out the cave.

A wand pointed at her emitted a bright flash of light and Ginny screamed as the curse hit her. The pain was mind blowing, her head bursting with pain and white-hot light. She crumpled to the floor, her body searing with pain and she squirmed in the dirt like a pathetic dog. The pain lifted but its effects stayed with her as Ginny whimpered on the ground. The death eaters laughed coldly at her pain, satisfaction filling them as they watched her.

"Thought you could hide from us forever did you?" a feminine voice spoke, laced with venom. "You cannot hide from the Dark Lord forever, he always finds what he is looking for."

"I don't know what you are talking about." Ginny choked out between spasms of pain. The death eaters laughed mockingly.

"Oh really? Tell me Ginny Weasely, do you really think we are going to fall for that?" the woman hissed. "CRUCIO!" she shouted vehemently, brandishing her wand and hitting Ginny full force with her spell. Ginny let out a blood curdling scream and fell back to the ground, squirming with the intense pain.

"Enough!" a man yelled, causing the woman to stop her torment. Ginny gasped in air, her body still twitching. She had had enough, there was nothing left in her to keep going. Ginny wished that they would kill her and end this nightmare of a life.

"She has caused enough damage, there is no reason to let her live any longer."

"But she needs to suffer!" the woman protested earnestly.

"Her life has been one of suffering." The man said softly. The woman looked at him in disbelief. "Kill her now, end it." He ordered.

The front most death eater brought his hand out from under his cloak and pointed it at Ginny. "Avada Kedavra." He hissed as bright green sparks shot out and the blinding green light raced towards her.

"GINNY NOOO!" a familiar voice shouted and Ginny felt a body slamming into hers knocking her out of the path of the lethal curse and flattening them both to the dusty ground. They rolled several feet before coming to a halt, her savior on top. Ginny felt a rush of foreign emotions fill her directed towards the person and she became tingly inside. Ginny turned her gaze to the face trying to see who it was that risked their life for her, but her vision burst into white light and Ginny woke up.

Panting, Ginny sat straight up in her bed, the thing wool sheets sliding down her body. Dried tears stained her face and her body was damp with sweat. Slowly Ginny calmed down, recognizing her own room and realizing that it had all been a dream.

"A dream that was only a dream." Ginny whispered in relief as well as disbelief.

"But if felt so real."

Shaken by what she had seen, Ginny got up and went downstairs to the Burrow's kitchen to make herself hot chocolate. She picked up the rusty blue kettle and poured in some milk, placing it on low heat on the burner in order to heat up the milk and avoid burning it. She opened a pack of chocolate and broke it into tiny slabs before placing them one by one in the hot milk as they melted and then stirred the concoction with a wooden spoon. She added a little sugar to the mix and then poured the hot chocolate into a chipped Quidditch mug sporting the Chudley Cannons.

Settling herself at the table, she sipped her steaming mug and wondered whom it was that had saved her and why she could not see the face. Why did she feel strange emotions for this person?

"It wasn't real, wasn't real." Ginny repeated over aloud to herself, her rational mind taking over. In her heart however, Ginny could not brush the foreboding feeling off and she wondered if it was more than just a dream. Shivering, Ginny sipped her hot chocolate and stared out the kitchen window, her emerald green eyes meeting total darkness, a black starless night.

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