As Lovers Go

Written by: Watch-The-Rain

The only Disclaimer you'll ever see: I hope you guys like this! I don't own Sailor Moon or Naruto!

Author's Note: A young girl with a forgotten advance bloodline loses everything she loved the night when the Demon Fox attacked the Leaf Village. Taken away to another country, she becomes a shadow and an annoyance to her half sister …and a weapon to Orochimaru. But that will all change one day!

This is a Serena/Kakashi fiction! Other pairs have already been decided ...Yay! Sailor Moon/Naruto crossover!

Hope dangles on a string

Like slow spinning redemption

Winding in and winding out

The shine of it has caught my eye

- "Vindicated" Dashboard Confessional


Standing alone in the middle of the forest, close to Leaf Village, a dark hooded figure looked up at the silver glare of the full moon, as it wrapped its arms around a small bundle, supporting it against its chest. Taking a deep breath, the figure looked away from the moon to take note of the surrounding. Hoping there were no shadows following. Once this figure was sure that it was safe to continue its travel, it began to run.


Lord Hokage the Fourth, sat before a fire, deep in meditation.

Of course, that was until a ninja came in and interrupted his focus. "I'm sorry to interrupt you, Hokage, but umm..."

The Hokage turned to look at this young ninja, with a calm look placed on his face. "Go on, what is it?"

"The forest, outside our village walls... A ninja saw some sort of struggle amongst the trees."

The Hokage looked curiously at this young ninja, seeing some sort of tension within his body. "Did you just say a struggle?"

"Yes, my Lord. It's very close to our walls." The ninja replied, sounding worried.

The Hokage turned back towards the fire in deep thoughts. "Send the Anbus to take a look."

The young ninja nodded in response and was about to leave the room until he heard the Hokage speak again.

"Report back once you know of this... struggle."



After, what felt like hours of running, the figure made a sudden stop, noticing the warm summer night air beginning to drop, until it saw its own breath. Now knowing there was another presence near, it squeezed the bundle against its chest, before laying it down under a bush.

The figure angrily, tightened both of its fists as it stood away from the bush it used to hide this precious bundle. 'Shit, I was so close,' the figure thought, closing its eyes.

"You were hard to track down at first, but I see I finally caught up to you, Sensei." said a shadow that stepped away from the trees and stood under the light of the full moon.

The figure slowly turned around to find a former student.

His long black, oily hair was plastered onto his pale bluish skin, like a dirty wet dog that hasn't bothered to get washed. His black beady, little eyes stared back at his former teacher in glee. Just the thought of finally being able to defeat the one who taught him everything he knows, brought an evil little smile on his disgusting sea serpent-like face.

Suddenly, the smile that lingered on his thin lips, fell. In a serious tone, which is rare to hear from him, said, "Give me what I want Sensei, and if you do, I'll even consider making your death quick, and painless."

The figure's own smile appeared under its hood. 'Then let's get this over with quickly,' it thought. Just as quickly as its smile appeared, it started on its seals.

Finishing the seals, it jumped up into the air and spread its arms out wide. "Hijutsu Sensatsu Suishou no Jutsu! (Flying Water Needles)" Suddenly, a rain of senbons quickly fell down from the sky, aiming for just one thing.

The beady eye man just smirked, as the senbons hit him.

Not bothering to see that he used the substitute technique, the figure quickly grabbed its Katana and flipped back to the ground. Knowing exactly where he would attack, the hooded figure made a round kick from behind at its opponent. "You keep forgetting, Toru, who the teacher is here."

Toru licked the blood from his lips and grinned. "No, it seems you are the one who's forgetting, because now... you are the student."


Toru took out his own sword, just in time as his sensei brought down its own.




It seem like forever had passed them by as their swords clashed against each other like two sea serpents fighting over territory, when they were really fighting over a small precious bundle.


The last sound of the two metals hitting each other, threw them 20 feet apart. Both were breathing heavily.

'Damn, I need to finish this off quickly.' The figure thought, as it jumped high up into the air, slightly above Toru. "Mikazuki no Mai. (Dance of the Crescent Moon)" It whispered to itself. 'I must end this now,' it thought again, seeing Toru surprised look, as it appeared in front of him.

And as quickly as the surprised look appeared, it turned into a grin, as Toru moved slightly towards the side, just as his former sensei pierced its Katana into him.

Just as this cloaked figure pierced its sword into its opponent, it felt pain shoot up its own body. "Ahhh!" The cloaked figure screamed, as Toru's own blade pierced through its abdominal.


Just as three ANBUs was about to enter the forest, they heard a shrilling scream.

"Eh?" One of the ANBU stopped and looked up into the sudden cold night air, "Wasn't the air just warm?"

"I guess it wasn't what I thought it would be." Another said, also noticing the sudden coldness in the air as he stared into the black abyss of the forest.

"Yes, I guess we were wrong. It couldn't be an animal, the scream sounded too human." The third replied, as the other two nodded in agreement, before entering the forest.


Both Toru and his Sensei stood there in silence, listening to each others' painful breathing. Not wanting to move in fear of moving the others' blade into one of their own vital organs. So they stood there, watching each other, still holding onto their own blades, which were still pierced into each others abdominal area.

Toru, once again grinned, "This is now the end for you, student."

The figure began to chuckle, but at the same time coughing up blood.

Toru began to look at his sensei in fear, for he never heard his sensei chuckle during a situation like this before.

"No, Toru. It seems you have forgotten once again. But do not worry student, for I will remind you why I am your sensei!"

From nowhere, a clone of the figure appeared behind Toru, with a smaller blade and quickly pierced it through his heart. Now quickly pulling away, the figure held its Katana under the light of the full moon, showing off the glittering of its opponents blood before it swiftly behead him.


The ANBUs finally found where this struggle was place, and found a headless body.

"Find the 4th Hokage, quick!"

One of the ANBUs quickly left, as the other two investigated more.

"Kenjutsu..." One of the ANBU said to himself, tracing his index finger around the rim of the neck, like he would do with a glass of wine. "The one who decapitated this person must have mastered Kenjutsu." He looked more closely into it. "The top ridges have been burnt, like some overdone meat. This cut was clean and swift. No hint of struggle around the neck area."

"I can tell... By the look of this guy's face, he didn't seem to mind." The other ANBU responded, pointing out Toru's head, which laid 15 feet away from his body.

The ANBU, who was next to the body, immediately stood by his comrade. Both were now staring at the grin the face still had on.


The rustling of leaves from the branches, brushed against its cloak, as it ran towards the Leaf Village. Finally seeing the walls that surrounded the village, it tightened its hold on the bundle inside her cloak. Listening to the quick pace of its heart beat, it began to run much quicker than it did before through the forest.

Not ever slowing down, it started to scan up the walls, trying to find an unwatched part. Finding an unwatched section, it ran up against the tall wall, and then gracefully flipped down to the other side. As it landed softly on its feet, it knew it couldn't continue any further without a small rest. So it leaned against the wall, trying not to collapse from the significant amount of blood it lost.

Feeling its heart beat slow down more than it usually supposed to, it knew it had to act quick. Pushing itself away from the wall, it began to quickly, but quietly walk towards his home.


((Author's Note 10/17/04)) – ((Updated 06/07/06)) I know, been a long while. School, as always, has been a pain. I now have a new boyfriend which takes a lot of my free time. And I am completely lazy. So lazy, I'm surprise I'm not fat. I am just a skinny, flabby skin girl fixing up the chapters and hoping to add new ones.

I will now be placing two chapters in one. : Enjoy.

((Updated AN:)) MUST READ! The Yondaime (4th Hokage) name is Kazama Arashi. Just for those who doesn't know. I didn't know until a reviewer told me as I was typing up the 4th chapter. :)


The 4th Hokage stepped out from his home for his usual late night stroll. Feeling much colder tonight, than it would any summer night, as he began his stroll down the usual busy street. It was now past midnight, and every street were now cleared. With everyone in bed, the whole village was pretty much quiet, if it wasn't for the late night drinking some Shinobi's were doing in their usual bar, nearby.

Knowing he should be getting some sleep, since he has three students to train in the morning, he couldn't help but try to shake off a feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Suddenly, the air became much colder within seconds, making him stop in his tracks. A sort of familiar chill swept through his body to the tips of his golden-blonde hair, and immediately thought of her: of the woman who haunted his every waking moments and even in his dreams. The woman who can flare up his senses with just one touch - with just one kiss - with just a smile.

He smiled to himself, as he thought of how they met in the first place.


- FLaShbaCK -

Because Arashi (In this flashback he hasn't become Hokage yet.) had never set foot on the Country of Hidden Mist, he decided to visit the country. Of course, the first thing he did when he finally set foot on the country was to go to the nearest bar for a drink. After hours of trying to find a decent bar, he finally found a very nice, clean looking one in a small Village of Waves.

Sitting in the far back corner of the bar, a young waitress came by. Not really looking up at her, he pretended to scan the menu and said, "Gimme the best Ramen you got, and sake too."

"That would be one bowl of Veggie Ramen and sake. Is that right?" The waitress asked, writing it down in her notepad.

"Hai." answered the soon - to - be 4th Hokage, as he was closing the menu, but then paused. Suddenly, his eyes almost popped out of his head and he jumped off his seat, staring at the girl with a disgusted look. "NANI!"

The young girl just laughed, as she watched how he made a scene with his reaction to Veggie Ramen. "Just joking, Gaijin-san (foreigner)."

Not liking how she teased him, he glared at her. However, the more he glared at her laughing face, the more he felt at ease. He wasn't so sure how this girl could make him feel so comfortable in such an unknown place such as this. She wasn't anything special, but then again, he started to notice how beautiful she was. Not the kind of beauty of a knock out, nose bleed woman would have, but something more - something more innocent.

She was a tall young girl, reaching the height of 5'7, with a slim, but strong figure. Her heart shape face held soft pink lips that appeared to have never held a frown. Her eyes caught most of his attention. Eyes he had never seen before, until now. They were a grayish shade of blue with a silver outline to it, which stood out against her pale skin.

What really amazed him was how long her hair was. The color was a light shade of silver with a tiny hint of violet, which was placed in two, balled up pigtails, which looked like odangos (dumplings). Two of those long silver tresses were almost touching the floor. She almost looked like an angel, if it wasn't for that damn dirty apron she was wearing.

She stopped laughing as she noticed his intense stare. "Gaijin-san? Daijoubu? (Are you alright?)" She asked, waving her delicate hand in front of his face.

He made no movement, as he just sat there, still staring at her.

Blushing, she started to fidget under his gaze. "Gomen nasai (I'm sorry), for teasing you earlier, demo (but) you seemed a bit... uh," she started, trying to find the word she was looking for. "...distracted. So I thought I would try to snap you out of it." She bowed her head in apology. "Gomen nasai, once again, Gaijin-san, for being a bother."

As she turned to leave, he grabbed her hand. Once he touched her hand, he felt a sudden chill spread throughout his body to the tips of his golden-blonde hair. He was shocked at first, but then smiled as she turned to him curiously. Still holding her hand, he scratched the back of his head embarrassed, chuckling nervously.

"No, no... you don't have to apologies. You did nothing wrong. I should be the one who apologies for staring. It's just..." his cheeks turned into a deep shade of red, and quickly said, "You'requitepretty."

Of course, she was still able to hear every word. Like him, she also blushed and looked away. Feeling a bit awkward, she took her hand from his and took out her notepad from her apron pocket. "Since it's a big no on the Veggie Ramen, you probably want the Beef Bowl, right?"

Glad that she didn't run off or screamed that he was some hentai, he nodded.

"It will be right out for you soon."

"Wait! What's your name?"

"Tsukino. Tsukino Serenity." She said, flashing him a small smile before she went back to the kitchen.

'I guess I'll be staying here longer than I thought.' He thought, smiling to himself.

- EnD FLaShbaCK -


Another memory came to mind. A sad one.


- FLaShbaCK -

The young girl, who he found out, was only 18, laid on their bed, hugging a pillow tightly against her naked bosom, as tears were threatening to spill out.

It has already been a year since they had first met, and wishing for more years to be with her still, he couldn't. Arashi had just received an urgent letter, saying he was needed back to Konoha Village.

When she too, saw this letter, her heart cried out and she began to panic. She pleaded so many times for him to not go, but he wouldn't hear of it. He sternly told her, that if he didn't leave to Konoha soon, he would be sought out as a missing nin. Not bringing only him, but her in danger as well. Knowing full well she can take care of herself, since she mastered ken-jutsu, he didn't want to risk it.

Besides all this, Konoha was his home, and because he loved it so much, he made a promise to always protect it.

Trying not to look at her, he packed his clothes into his bag and set it on the floor near the door. Slowly, he turned to look at her. To his beautiful angel, his princess, his innocence.

She stared down, not wanting to look up at him, as a tear escaped her eye. Her hair was a mess, which was not held in her usual odangos, but laid around her, like a pool of the silver glare of the moon.

To him, she was truly beautiful. No one could ever compare to her. No one could ever compare any love, with the love she gave to him. No one could ever compare her clumsiness. No matter how graceful she would seem at first, it would never last, as she would happen to trip on an imaginary rock.

She was his', just as he was hers'.

She finally looked at him with sad looking eyes. Wiping her tears away, she forced a small smile. "Don't be sorry. I understand. I knew this wouldn't last long. I'll think of this, as a one night stand, even though there was more than just one night."

This was killing him. He quickly went on the bed and held her close to him. They held each other in silence, praying for each other.

She rubbed her cheek against his; whispering into his ear, "Let me feel you, just once more before you go."

With one hand under her chin, he lifted her face towards his. His blue eyes stared down at her grayish-blue ones, and then slowly brushed his lips on hers softly. Whimpering from that soft kiss, she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

- EnD FLaShbaCK -


After that last night they had together, they both had hoped that maybe one day their love will reunite them once again, but all that hope shattered.


- FLaShbaCK -

Back in Konoha

"Lord Hokage!"

Hearing his new title, Arashi turned away from the tree he was practicing with to see a young boy who was a few feet away from him. He sighed in silent frustration, thinking, 'What now? Why is that every time I'm about to get this new technique down, I get interrupted.'

Since he got back from the Mist, he would always train by the river everyday, hoping to keep his mind off her. Unfortunately, training beside the river didn't help so much either.

The boy stepped towards him and handed him a scroll. "It's from the Mist Country."

The Hokage nodded his head, as he stared down at the scroll in his hand in wonder. The scroll was in silver and blue. The color meant wealth and nobility in Hidden Mist. He knew it couldn't be from her, although in the back if his mind he hoped that maybe it could be from her, but he doubted that. All she had was a small, tiny apartment, her job at the bar, a guitar, her swords and the most precious thing to her; the Silver Crystal she wore around her neck. She couldn't possibly afford this type of scroll.

He looked up at the boy and waved good-bye to him, as he sat down, leaning against a tree. He ripped open the seal and unrolled it slowly. The first words that caught his eyes were Gaijin-chan Baka. He now smiled, happy that it was from her after all.

Gaijin-chan Baka,

I bet you're wondering why I had this letter sent to you. Well, there is a reason. I'm not sure how to say this, so I'll just say it. So I hope you're sitting down somewhere. I'm married. Well, technically I'm not married right now, but by the time you do get this letter, I have already made my vows to another. Yes, I know, I'm shocked myself. I wasn't expecting this at all, but I had no other choice in this matter. The MizuKage told me, that because of a certain factor; I am to marry a man of a good, strong bloodline to continue mine. After all, I am the last of the Tsukino's. I know there is something else he's not telling me, but I couldn't refuse. Like I have said before, I had no choice, and you're probably wondering what's so special about my bloodline. Well, I can't say in this letter, but maybe someday I will tell you. Don't worry, this man is very good to me and I'm beginning to adore him, although I doubt I could ever give him my heart. I must end this letter now and I apologies for my formality. Enclosing to this letter, I give you my congratulation on your recent title of Hokage. Now you can protect your village even more so.

With affection,

Serenity Tsukino

Arashi just stared at the words she had written for him, and didn't know what to think. Feeling so many emotions stir, he really didn't know how he felt.

At that very same moment, in the Hidden Valley of the Mist, a single tear rolled down her cheek, as she said, "I do."

- EnD FLaShbaCK -


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