This exercise was a success then, heh, kit you have NO idea what you've gotten yourself into.

"There is a rabbit cooking on the fire over there" Kyuubi waved his hand toward a small blaze off to his left. "Sit and eat, when you're done we will start today's training. Know now that when I train you, you will be expected to work between twenty four and seventy two hours without sleep. Depending on your progress, I may give you Twenty-four to forty eight hours off thereafter."

Grumbling, Naruto started toward the fire. Kyuubi couldn't help it, and allowed himself a small smile.

Now it begins kit, Now it begins.

-End of Book 1-

Uzumaki Naruto sat in the scant shade of a sand dune, it was a Beautiful 128 degrees, and the wind was attempting to blow sand in his eyes.

If I had known what that Baka Kitsune had planned for me, I might have enjoyed that first night more…

The 'Baka Kitsune' himself was sitting no more that ten feet away. They had been traveling for the last three days. Kyuubi had been training Naruto along the way. But Naruto was becoming annoyed.

That Damn Kitsune I've had nearly a week of running around reading books, or fighting the current or the sun, or the wind or…'sigh' I can't really try to pressure him, I'm still not certain where Jiaryia disappeared to, but even that old pervert was an easier teacher than Kyuubi… When he wasn't off peeping that is.

Naruto of course had no Idea that Kyuubi was listening to his every complaint.

The kit is getting bored hmmm? Well, perhaps it's time to give him something more to think about.

Naruto was thinking about how nice a cold bath and a hot bowl of Raman would be when Kyuubi spoke up.

"How much do you know about your father's ancestors kit?"

Naruto thought back.


Naruto is sitting at the campfire eating the last of the roast rabbit. It's the first night of training.

"Alright Kit, now that your done eating, How much do you know about your parents."

"Nothing Kyuubi-san"

Kyuubi stared at him, not moving nor speaking

"Alright, I suspect that my father was the fourth Hokage. I have no Idea who my mother was."

"That's better kit, Your father was indeed the fourth. Now that you are willing to admit this, I want you to sit on that stone at the base of the waterfall, and try to remember everything you can from your history about the background of the fourth and his family."

Obedient, Naruto when and sat on the stone near the waterfall.

"No kit not that stone."

"Then which?"

"The one UNDER the falls."

-End flashback-

"To be Honest Kyuubi-san I didn't get much chance to think about it. I had nearly warn myself out by the time I caught on to your trick for deflecting the water with charka. Doing that while sticking myself to that blasted stone took up all of my concentration."

"I thought as much. I'll give you a little background then. Your father comes from the Konaha brach of the Uzumaki Family."

Naruto's face brightened at the thought that he may have family elsewhere

"Konaha Branch? Then…"

Kyuubi's face softened

"I'm afraid not kit, the other Branches died off almost a thousand years ago."

Naruto's face fell, but he still listened attentively

"Your Distant ancestor Uzumaki Heshai was the first of your clan to wield any real power. He was a Nature lover. In fact He was considered a guardian in his own right. He also had the unique ability to summon multiple creatures. Over time he found that he could summon creatures until he ran out of charka. His son however mis-used this singular gift. His son did not, but it seems that every second or third generation this gift was greatly misused. Strict limitations were branded into your blood by the various creatures over the years, and your family lost the ability to summon certain creatures all together. Your father was the first to re-discover this ability after more than two thousand years of neglect. He however was happy with his single summon, the frogs. He didn't bother to seek out any others."

Naruto had been drinking in all of this information. It was a link, tenuous as it was, with his family.

"You on the other hand are in a unique position. I have spoken to Gambunta, and we agreed that as you are currently the last of your line, we will re-grant you the ability to summon multiple beings. You will notice that you currently have two tattoo's one your left arm."

Naruto was puzzled.

"Um, pardon my Kyuubi-san, but No, I don't"

Kyuubi was puzzled for a moment then he reached over and lifted Naruto's left shirtsleeve.

"Yes you do, they are right there."

Kyuubi pointed to two barely visible white scars on Narutos upper arm.

"Those? Those are just birthmarks, I've always, had..."

"You've always had the one that looked like a fox head. The frog didn't occur until your battle with Gambunta."

"Alright, so maybe It didn't, I got that when Gambunta hit a tree, the Upper branches cut my arm and a little of… his… blood."

"That's correct kit, some of his blood mixed with yours."

"So then why do I always summon frogs instead of foxes?"

"Because you've never selected foxes kit. If you don't make a physical selection, you just summon the last type you picked. When you get a new summon, it sets as default."

"So you mean to tell me…"

"That you've always been able to summon foxes? Yes. Your father's blood got on the seal when he trapped me. Through his blood you received foxes."

Naruto was thinking hard.

"So all I have to do is find the various creatures and get them to bleed on me? Then shouldn't I be able to summon rabbits and deer and…"

"Don't act dumber than you are kit, it only works when it's intentional. Also, your blood will not support lesser creatures; Gambunta is a demon in his own right, and Immortal on top of that. Only demon blood can seal your families summoning contract."

"OK so you've brought me out here to find other demons?"

"No. I brought you out here to train you. We are headed of the Village of Hidden sand, in the Sauna. In the mean time however, I have put out the word, so if any other demons WANT to test you for competence they will find you. This is not something that can be forced, and you will have to overcome the hard feelings that several of them still have toward your bloodline."

Naruto was uncharacteristically silent. In fact the longer he stayed around Kyuubi the more thoughtful he had become. Under Jiaryia he had always been bouncing off the walls and charging into any situation. Now he planned things more carefully, and executed plans with a silent grace that would have put Kakashi to shame… He had also grown another eight inches, luckily for him he was pretty much at his adult height. Puberty had settled him down, but he still had that characteristic quick grin, and the sparkling Cerulean eyes that seemed to look right through you.

"When we get to sauna, I suggest you take the time to buy some more clothing kit. The things you are wearing seem to grown fairly small for you."

He was right of course, Naruto had been forced to make himself a new pair of pants out of a deerskin two days ago, and his white shirt that had been so loose when he started was now stretched to the tearing point.

"As you wish Kyuubi-san."

Naruto spent the night sitting on top of a sand-dune heating himself with charka while keeping away the sandstorm that had blown up. This was no longer a problem for him, so Kyuubi had made him keep the shield as large as possible as well as continuing his latest book: Politics in Sauna. Over the last week Naruto had become accustomed to a forty-eight-hour-awake shift, and so was only moderately sleepy. He finished the book in record time, and spent the last hours until dawn contemplating his family history.

Multiple summons? YOSH! This is going to be fun! I wonder if any of the demons will respond?

Kyuubi spent the night in contemplation. Bright and early the next morning, they packed up what little they carried, and by noon, they walked into the village of hidden sand.

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