It had been nearly a week since the Incident on the road back from Suna. Hyuuga Hinata was standing on the walls by western gate, she sighed,

Naruto-kun… Why? Where? I was about to finally tell you, why did you stop me.

A tear slowly trickled down Hinata's face as she recalled the last moments she had seen Naruto.

Hinata, I think I know what I need to do, but unfortunately you won't be able to come with me."

"I know Naruto-kun… but before you die I really need to tell you that I Lo…"

Naruto raised his hand and covered Hinata's mouth.

What were you thinking Naruto-kun? And where did you go? W…Why D..did you h..have to d.d. ?

Hinata's head dropped to the railing where her arms were resting. Burying her face in the crook of her arm Hinata began to sob when she suddenly felt an arm around her shoulders.

"Shhhh, its alright Hinata… Its OK. I know how you feel."

Crying even harder Hinata wrapped her arms around her friend.

"O..Oh S…Sakura-Chan, How did you stand it? H..How did you face the Pain W..when S…Sasuke left?"

Sakura tensed for a moment, Hinata's crying plea tugged at her heartstrings. After a moment Hinata had settled down enough to let go and go back to leaning on the rail. Following suit Saukra also leaned forward onto the railing. For a few moments the two of them stood in silence.

"It was hard Hinata-Chan, but honestly I had been preparing for it for quite some time. I had hoped, and kept hoping that he would change his mind, but every time he turned me down a little piece of me died. When he left I was so heartbroken that I spent the entire first day crying. If it hadn't been for Naruto finding me when he did…"

Saukra's voice trailed off for a moment.

"I think that I would have killed myself Hinata-Chan."

Giving a small startled gasp Hinata turned to stare at her friend. Seeing the look on Hinata's face Sakura sighed.

"Up to that point I was so centered on his life that I couldn't Imagine mine without it. I really was in love with him Hinata, I was so Infatuated with him that I even offered to go with him, I was willing to give up anything to be by his side… That Sakura died that day Hinata. I had been sitting by the gate for a half hour when Naruto showed up…"

There was a brief silence

"What happened then Sakura-Chan?"

When Sakura raised her head Hinata could see the haunted look in her eyes.

"I begged Naruto to get Sasuke back for me… Hinata, I'm going to tell you something that I've never even told to Ino. I saw his eyes Hinata, I know now why you like Naruto so much. I could have drowned in those eyes. For the first time since I met him I saw the pain that Naruto hides so well, Only for a moment thought. Then I saw the resolve. I looked into his eyes and saw the dagger that I had planted in him… It hurt Hinata, To see those eyes… looking so hurt. But he hid them again, he put back up the façade of happiness again. He swore that He'd bring Sasuke back… and he did. He died to keep his promise to me."

Hinata said nothing. There was nothing she could say. Desperately Hinata wished that she could tell Sakura the truth. To tell her that Naruto was still alive and well. But a promise was a promise, Especially to Naruto.

"Anno Sakura-Chan, don't blame yourself. You didn't make him go. He went of his own free will, he went to bring back a friend. That was his Nindo."

Her eyes tearing up again as Hinata realized that it really didn't matter anymore. Naruto was dead. Killed while defending her. Once again Hinata heard his voice floating through her head.

I need you to carry some messages for me Hinata-Chan. Tell Tsunade-baba what happened, and if you run into sensei tell him that I'll be back. I don't know when but I WILL return you hear?

Now why did I think about that? True I didn't acutely SEE him die but… he was hurt so badly. I don't think that even Tsunade could have saved hi…


"Hmm? What is Sakura Chan?"

"A…am I seeing things?"

Looking up toward the setting sun she almost missed it. Hinata had asked Sakura what she had seen. The sun had just finished setting and although it was quite lovely Hinata could see nothing to get overly worked up about.

"I… I thought that I saw someone out there, just for a moment before the sun set, but I guess that I was mistak…"

Sakura trailed off when the sun seemed to flare to life again, there was a brilliant flash that caused both girls to look away. When they looked back both of them watched as a young man with reddish blonde hair collapsed on the road. He was dressed in deerskin pants and a torn white tee-shirt. That in its self would not have been alarming but the fact that small wisps of multi-colored flame seemed to dance around him in the failing light.

"Sakura. Get Tsunade."

"Huh? Hinata? Why?"


Sakura hadn't known that Hinata had that particular force of character. In fact Sakura was half way to Tsunade's office before she had ever realized that she had obeyed. Hinata on the other hand had leapt off the walls and begun running toward the now sleeping blonde.

Naruto-kun your back.

For the first time in a week Hinata smiled.

The Sun has returned.

So the legend grew as legends do, of the young man who had tamed the sun. In dark bars across the five shinobe nations the stories spread of how the Kyuubi container had apparently returned from the dead. Among the younger ninja the tales spread of how he had not only survived but KILLED the dangerous S class criminal Rekku. It was said that he was ten feet tall and had arms like tree trunks, or perhaps was only six foot but covered head to toe in odd tattoos and arcane symbols of power. Among the ANBU of the various nations came the whisper that he had struck a deal with The great Youma Kyuubi, No, that He had Killed the Kyuubi and absorbed it's powers, or perhaps that he was actually the Kyuubi it's self now having broken the seal and stolen the body of its former container. But wherever the stories were spread, no matter who shivered in dark corners after the telling, one fact was expounded on more than any other. Konoha's sun had returned.

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