Love is Strange

It was karaoke night at Kagome's favorite bar. (A/N oooohhhhhh…Kagome bad girl.) She was meeting her friends and her new found boyfriend.

Sesshomaru couldn't wait to get to the bar and see his beautiful Kagome. Yes, his Kagome. He was going to meet her at the bar with her four friends: Sango, Kikyo, Kilala, and Rin. (A/N in this story Rin, Shippo, and Kohaku are all older) He was to bring his four friends: Miroku, Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kohaku. He was glad that he was friends with the owners Jaken and Kaede.

Just so you guys understand. Jaken is a handsome young man in his late twenties. Kaede is Jakens wife. She is also young beautiful and in her early twenties.

"Gosh what is taking them so long?" Sango asked in a very annoyed tone.

"Sango, just give them ten more minutes, and if they aren't here by then we tell them that they are cute, but no longer worthy of us."Kilala said in a matter-of-fact sort of voice. "Can I get you girls anything?" Jaken asked noticing their discomfort.

"Nothing right now, Jaken, but thanks anyway." Kagome said for all of them. "so are you girls going to sing?" Jaken asked remembering how each girl had a beautiful voice, but Kagome's was like an angel's voice on a cloudless night.

"Maybe," they all said in unison.

They finally arrived at the door after like twenty minutes, no thanks to Miroku's hand. Miroku just had to grope the lady in front of them, and that set off the guard at the door who made them go to the back of the line. "Inuyasha where is Shippo?" Sesshomaru asked, knowing what the answer already was, but was surprised to hear that he was already inside the building.

"How can that be dog face he was with us?" Kouga asked with a very angry look on his face.

"Kilala, look," Kikyou said.

"What, where?"

Kikyou pointed to the door where Shippo was looking for them. They were all happy when they saw Shippo, but got upset when they didn't see their boyfriends. Kilala flagged him to where they were. "Boy, where be the others?" Kikyo asked for the rest of them.

"Oh they're still outside," Shippo said, laughing.

They finally spotted the girls talking to Shippo who was laughing. Sesshomaru heard music in the background and recognized it as one that he and Kagome had sung at her place.

"Excuse me Madame, will you please sing with me?" Sesshomaru asked Kagome who was for some strange reason jumping up and down shaking her head yes. (A/N hey that's what I'd do)

They got up to the mics and started to sing "Love is Strange".

Love hmhmm Love is strange

Lot of people take it for a game

Once you get it

You'll never want to quit no,no

After you've had it yeah, yeah

You're in an awful fix

Many people

Don't understand no,no

They think loving yeah, yeah

Is money in the hand

Your sweet loving

Is better than a kiss

When you leave me

Sweet kisses are missed

There was a musical interlude. Sesshomaru took time to dance with Kagome, and if you've ever seen Dirty Dancing then you know what kind of dancing the were doing. They started to sing again, but they twisted the song so that it was Sesshy and kagome instead of Mickey and Silvia.


Kagome. . .


Yes Sesshy?


How do you call your lover boy?


Come'ere lover boy!


And if he doesn't answer?


Ooh lover boy!


And if he STILL doesn't answer?


I simply say


Oooh baby,

My sweet baby

You're the one



Oooh baby,

My sweet baby

You're the one

After they finished singing everyone was clapping and yelling. Both of them were out of breath and sweating, but they didn't care. They just wanted to be together.