This is the last chapter. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed, I hope that you enjoyed it.

The companion that never chose, Kadin, she had a sad story. She never got to chose. She wasn't shy by any means. She was very out going and loved people especially littles.

Kadin was born in a snow storm and her mother ended up dying in the birthing process because of too much blood loss. She was raised by her mothers chosen and other companions that had also given birth.

Kadin even as a foal had been very people friendly even ignoring the rule that you can only talk to your chosen. She would wait very impatiently for when she would be old enough to choose.

Then when Kadin was finally old enough to choose she waited and waited but by the time she was 13 and still had not chose her hopes were slowly being crushed.

It's not even that the other companions didn't try to help her; they all did, including the Grove Born. None of the companions knew why she never got her call.

There was one time when Kadin was around 20 that finally after a time searching for an answer and praying she finally got to talk to the Star Eyed to ask why she hadn't got her call yet. I remember that day because the Star Eyed appeared by my temple.

I was relatively new at the time and not really sure why I was being made but I watched the scene when the Star Eyed appeared.

:Kadin: said the Star Eyed

:Yes?: said Kadin

:I have heard your calls for help as to why you had not chosen yet but I did not answer. Do you know why not?: asked the Star Eyed

:I didn't even know that you had heard me. I guess that I was too busy wondering if you could hear me to worry about anything else: said Kadin

:So now that you know I have heard you do you know why I did not come before this?: asked the Star Eyed

:No: said Kadin ashamed

:I want everyone that I watch over to take care of them self and I am a very busy "person." I wanted you to try and figure it out for yourself but when you couldn't, after all these years, I knew I had to come. It is because I have something else planned for you. I can't tell you what it is but when you die you shall be rewarded for what you are going through: said the Star Eyed

:I HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH HELL!: screamed Kadin :I have watched all of my friends and their friends go out and come back with their chosen. They are all so happy and I am not. Though they never say it but I hate the looks they give me! They are looks of pity! I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY YOU DID THIS TO ME! Not only have you taken away one thing that I have always wanted you have taken away my mother!:

:I know that you are hurt. But there really is another place and another time for you: said the Star Eyed

:Another place and another time be damned! I have only asked that I be able to chose and now you come to me and tell me that I will never?!: said Kadin

:Yes, never will you chose: said the Star Eyed :You will never know the joy that comes from the choosing and you will never know the joy of going on search:

:Why?: asked Kadin :Why are you putting me through this?:

:Because you were not supposed to be born in this time. You came too early and I was not ready for it: said the Star Eyed :I do not know everything, I trust others to help me out and they slipped up. I am sorry that you had to pay for it:

:I am sorry too: said Kadin :Because from now on I go by my own rules. If I am going to have to live my life I want to enjoy as much as I can:

:I understand, just think before you do anything too big: said the Star Eyed

:I will, thank you for coming and telling me: said Kadin

:I am sorry I had to reinforce what you already knew: said the Star Eyed :You will be rewarded:

With that the Star Eyed vanished and Kadin ran off to think about what had happened.

I could tell at the time that Kadin had just seen her hopes disappear. Her heart was broken and I knew also that she was going to do just as she said. She was now a law unto herself.

All of the companions tried to help her out. They would try and talk her out of the depression that she was in but nothing worked. Kadin became the only mean companion in history.

When somebody would come to give her a treat she would snap at them. The only time she got brushed now was when she really needed it. Even then she became very touchy, when the stable hands would brush her she would try and bite them if they went too hard with the curry or comb.

Time and time again the companions including the Grove Born tried to talk to her and she would just shrug them off.

Eventually Kadin was almost forgotten about, she was left to her own devices and to do what ever she wanted. Just as she wanted it.

Kadin died about five years after talking to the Star Eyed. Everyone said that it was old age that finally did her in but the truth was that it was a broken heart and broken spirit.

I know that it was a broken heart and broken spirit because I am Kadin, I am the companion that never chose.

My reward for not choosing was to know all the stories of the others that did. At first I thought that it was more torture then anything else but now I know the truth. I get to know all of the stories past and present and I do love it.

This is my story and I am Kadin, the Death Bell.