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So somehow I now have to spend the night with this Family. I guess it wasn't all bad, they do seem really nice. I don't know how I can stand to be with Mary-Sue any longer though.

We're in her room doing the science project right now.

I had almost forgotten she was there, except for the fact everytime she turned the page of her book she got a paper cut, but otherwise I barely noticed her.

Then she gasped.

"Another paper cut?" I asked, sort of frustrated.

She looked at, then down at her finger, "well yes, technically. But while doing research on our topic… I think I've discovered a cure for the common cold."

"What!" I said shocked.

But then we heard her mother call out for dinner.

We went downstairs…Mary-Sue fell down them. But after she got up we went to the dinner table.

"It is so nice you'll be staying the night, Ponyboy," Mrs Perkins smiled at me, as she cut up her food.

I wasn't sure what to say so I just smiled and nodded.

"Oh, man not this again!" Daisy-Sue said as she walked over to us, and spotted the food.

She sat down next to me and began eating.

It was small chit-chat for a while, but then Daisy-Sue slammed his fists on the table.

"Vegetables! I hate vegetables!"

"Daisy-Sue," Mr Perkins said disapprovingly, "we do not say the 'H' word in this house."

"And please, dear don't be rude. We have a guest over. Just eat your veggies. You want to grow up to be big and strong don't you?" Mrs Perkins added.

"I'm not eating vegetables!" She screamed and stormed out.

Geez, was it really something to get that worked up over?

Mrs Perkins began crying and I felt really awkward being there.

"She's out of control!" Her mother cried, "she's becoming such a juvenile delinquent! Today not eating her vegetables…tomorrow, B- on her report card instead of straight A's!"

The family gasped. I rolled my eyes.

After the extremely awkward dinner we were sent to bed.

I slept in Mary-Sue's bed with her. I protested I should sleep on the couch or even the floor, but they insisted (for some strange reason) that she should sleep in the same bed as a hormone-raging 14 year old boy?

After Mary-Sue rolled off the bed at least 5 times, she had finally gone to sleep…on the floor thankfully.

Now that I was ready for some well deserved sleep to end a horrible day…she snores.

I sighed frustratingly and put her pillow over my face.

But then I heard a tap on the window.

I sat up and looked over.

Her sister was outside, and knocking on the window.

I got up and walked over to her. I opened the window.

How the hell did she get up here? This is the 2nd floor?

"I'm sneaking out, wanna come?"

"Why do you want me to go?"


"Okay, fine, geez, relax!"

"Sorry, I'm such a feisty girl I don't know my onw temper…because I'm so cold and bitter on the inside from constant abuse."

What's with Daisy-Sue and Mary-Sue thinking they're always abused? They probably got grounded once, and assumed they were raped.

I climbed out the window with Daisy, and we then headed down the street.

she got a pack of gum out of her pocket, "you shouldn't be here Ponyboy, I'm trouble."

"What? But you invited me?"

"People would probably say I was the one who was a bad influence of you if turned to a life of crime."

"Why are you a bad influence."

"Because I break the law. I'm a rebel." She said, proudly. Then she dropped her gum paper on the ground.

"I'll probably get jail time for that."

"For what?" I looked down at the paper, "huh? For littering?"

"I'm so bad…I'm almost evil." She said, crossing her arms.

"I don't think you'll go to jail for that," I tried to tell her but she wasn't listening to me anyway.

Besides, a mustang was driving towards us, and only socs drive mustangs.

It stopped near us and 5 socs got out. We backed up a little.

"Hey, greasers!" A blonde soc yelled out to his.

"You know that blonde one," Daisy-Sue pointed to him, "he's raped me before.

I looked up at her shocked.

"And the brunette next to him, he's raped twice."

"Maybe we should run?" I suggested.

"And the other blonde guy behind me, he's raped me maybe 3 times or 4 times. And those two other guys, have raped me probably 3 times too. And that guy across the street, a few doors down, yep, he's also raped me."

"Why do you get raped so much?"

"I have no idea!" she said, as she opened her diary/planner.

"Hmm…tomorrow, walk through a dark deserted alley, after work in my short skirt, while there's a sex-craved soc convention going on there." She then closed her planner and turned to me, "seriously! I have no idea!"

I just shook my head, while staring strangely at her.

I looked back and the socs were really close now. I grabbed her arm, "run!" And we ran down the street.

We ran till we were out of breathe, but now they were running towards us.

"It's no use! They've surrounded us!" She panicked.

"They're 2 blocks away!"

"I have a plan!" She grinned.

"What is it?" I asked.

She got on the ground.

"How is that meant to help!" I yelled.

"Well, I guess it will save the socs time on trying to get us on the ground?"

I sighed frustratingly, "just get up, and run away!"

"You go, I think I can hold them off."


"I think you're under-estimating how tough I am."

"You know, for someone so tough, you sure get jumped a lot?" I said raised an eyebrow.

"Hey greaser, wait!" The blonde one yelled coming towards us now.

"Run, Pony', run!" Daisy-Sue yelled.

"Have you got change?" He asked me, "our car broke down, and we need some spare change to use a pay-phone."

"Oh, sure," I laughed, feeling stupid, and reached into my pocket for some loose change.

"Run while you still can, Ponyboy!" Daisy-Sue yelled in the background, "do what you want with me Socs, but leave the kid alone!"

I handed them the change, as I looked back at her on the ground to give her a strange look.

"Thanks, kid," he said and walked off towards his car, with his friends. That didn't turn out how I expected.

"Wow, I guess you can't always assume that socs are gonna jump you, when they pull up next to you, huh," I laughed.

Daisy-Sue got off the ground and smirked proudly, "thankfully I got rid of them. They were gonna beat you up."

"Beat me up! Were you listening at all!"

She put her hand on my shoulder, "you can thank me later. But let's go home now." She looked at her watch, "it's way past my bed-time."



When I woke up in Mary-Sue's room, I was somehow on the floor.

I sat up and looked around… everything was gone?

Mary-Sue came into the room humming a cheerful tune.

I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up, "where did your furniture go?"

"Oh," she giggled. Man, that's something you really don't want to wake up too. "I gave it all away."

I once again gave her a strange look, "…why?"

"For the poor and unfortunates."

"Mary-Sue, we're greasers. We are the poor and unfortunates."

"You're such a silly sausage! There's poorer people than greasers! And they deserve my furniture so much more."

"Then what are you going to sleep on?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh…" she said, looking around, "I hadn't thought of that?"

Then Darry walked as if on cue, "I'm ready to pick you up, Ponyboy! How come this room doesn't have any furniture? Save the explanation! I'm guessing it's a bedroom, and there is no bed, so I insist you now come and live with us!"

"Oh, joy!" She grinned.

"WHAT!" My jaw dropped to the floor.

"Let's go then," she said, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

"This is crazy!" I yelled.

"Yes, crazy we didn't ask her to move in with us sooner!" Darry nodded.

"That's not what I meant!"

"Come on, Ponyboy," she giggled.

"Shouldn't we at least tell your parents then?" I said. God this was insane!

"Why would I need their permission? Besides, what kind of parents WOULDN'T want their youngest daughter living with a house full of boys?"

"Good point," Darry nodded.

"No it's not!" I yelled angrily.

God, now she'll be moving in with us! And I've barely even known her for 2 days!


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