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The Last Day

by Aibari



"Tomorrow, a chapter of your lives will be finished. Tomorrow you will be adults. Things will never be the same. Graduate from Hogwarts with your heads high. Follow your hearts!"

Applause. Dumbledore sat down as Professor McGonnagal began reading out names. Remus watched the other three marauders, smiling. After Sirius had been called, and had walked down again, James spoke.

"'Tomorrow you will be adults'? Padfoot? Riiight…"

"Hey!" Sirius pretended to be hurt. "Did I ever do anything to hurt you?"

"Let me think…yes," said James, smirking.

"Thanks a lot!" Sirius grinned.

"Lupin, Remus John," McGonnagal called.

Remus hurried through the crowd of students to receive a diploma of some sort.

When he came back, Lily was with the other three.

"Hey, Lils," he smiled.

"Hey, Remus," said Lily. James hem-ed for attention. Lily turned, and he kissed her. Sirius whistled. "Prongs has a girlfriend!" he exclaimed loudly. Lily blushed. "Bit slow, aren't you?" asked James.

"Always been, Jamesie-poo, always."

"Potter, James."

James walked up, and calmly received his examining-diploma.

The four friends said their last goodbye to the dorm they'd been sleeping in for seven years. "Well," said James solemnly. "Tomorrow the school's behind us."

"And the Ministry before us. The fools won't know what hit them," Sirius smirked.

"For you, perhaps," said Remus, staring at the floor. "Not for me."

"What makes you think that?" Sirius looked at him.

"No-one with their mind right would hire a werewolf."

"You won't tell them," Peter stated.

"They check it."

"Honestly, Moony, you've thought about that all week! Let's go down to the lake instead."

"Why is that, Prongs?" asked Sirius.

"Graduation-party – been on the billboard whole week."

"With butterbeer? And cookies?" Peter sent James a hopeful glance. James nodded.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Peter was almost jumped in happiness, gaining several laughs from his friends.

"First, we'll have to swear." Sirius was suddenly solemn.

"Swear on what?" Remus wondered.

"On friendship."

The three others nodded. Sirius found a penknife, and cut his hand.

Then he passed the knife to James. When all four of them had cut themselves, they shook hands. Then they walked down to the lake, where butterbeer, cookies and Lily awaited them.

Tomorrow is another time,

So live the day to end,

Tomorrow is another time,

For you and me, my friend.

Don't forget what was before,

Don't let it disappear,

Because this time will set a stain,

And soon all will be clear.

A/N: This was originally written in norwegian. This is the reason why the poem is rather weird. Also, this is pretty much un-betaed. Reviews are apprieciated. Also, if you spot any typos, please tell me.