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Authors Notes: Some may view this as I want to kill Kim off. It is not. The weather has turned wet and cold, as usually happens around here this time of year. As such my mood is darker than normal and leads me to stories such as this. It could have as easily been Ron that died, but that would not produce the outpour of emotions. It is always more tragic for the beautiful people of the world to die than those who are not in most peoples eyes. Luckily I have eyes of my own.

The slate gray sky wept along with Ron Stoppable. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We commend the body of Kimberly Anne Possible to the Earth and her soul to thee oh, Lord."

It had been four days ago. Kim was walking home from where the helicopter dropped them off from their latest and now last mission. It had just started raining that late night and she made sure that Ron had gotten home. He had twisted his ankle on the mission dodging the Death Tops of the Senors. She didn't see the car coming in time to avoid it. It turns out that the man behind the wheel was well over the legal limit. The result was not pretty. Kim was pronounced dead at the scene, the man was okay except for a few cuts. He was charged the next day. His conviction was all but certain. None of this helped.

Ron was broken out of his own thoughts by the hand on his shoulder. "Ronald, son, it's time." Ron nodded and walked forward to the grave.

"KP was my best friend, you all know that. We did almost everything together. Even when the other didn't sometimes. Just to be near each other was enough for us. I know no one expected this," he wiped a tear from his eye that had leaked out. "People will say that this is a tragic way to die. All ways are tragic. This had no purpose. Kim's life was full of purpose. That is why we are all gathered here. To pay respect to that. From baby sitting to being a leader in school, from saving the world to saving a cat in a tree, from being a daughter and sister to being the best friend of someone that didn't deserve it. She did all of these things. We loved her, and she us. The world is darker today, and we weep. A candle has gone out, but this candle has lit so many more. We must take her memory with us into the dark future, for as she lit the way and strove against the darkness so will we. If we do not, then we honour not her memory. Till we are together again, KP."

Ron knelt and placed a stone on the ground and slowly returned next to his place next to the Possible family. The rest of the service was a haze to him. He barely recognized people as they came by the casket and then the family to offer their condolences. There were some that he was surprised to see, such as Bonnie. He saw her mouth move and words come out, but nothing registered in his brain. She was followed by Tara and the rest of the Cheer Squad; they left a pair of pom pons. There was Josh; he left a piece of paper at the grave. Brick and a few representatives from the football team left a helmet; they placed it to shield the picture and pom pons from the rain.

Ron looked up as the people finished passing and saw a figure in the distance watching. He could make out the dark forest green trench coat and wide brimmed hat. "Ronald, we are leaving would you like to come with us? Your parents said it was okay."

"I, I am going to stay here for a little bit. I will be over after a while."

"What about a ride? It's pouring," inquired Mrs. Dr. Possible in her motherly tone.

"I think I might have that covered. I will call if I don't," he hugged her tight. "I will be okay."

He watched them leave and waved to them. He turned around to see the figure at the grave kneeling in the dirt and mud. He walked cautiously towards the figure.

"It's okay Stoppable; I'm just here to pay my respects," she said as she stood.

Ron looked down and saw a green rose with a black stem on the grave. Shego turned around and Ron could tell that there was more than rain wetting her face. She grabbed him and pulled him close in a hug and started to cry. Slowly the blond teen put his arms around her and let his tears flow also.

Slowly the tears abated their flow and were replaced by sniffles, Shego guided the teen to some chairs that had not been taken away from the service and sat him down and then moved a chair in front of him to sit.

"Want to talk it out?" the villainess asked.

This was met by a shake of the head from the teen hero. "Well then let me start. Don't worry about the world. Worry about yourself for now. Drakken is broke up about this also. I came because I am a bit less conspicuous, also the family doesn't know me personally. We aren't going to plan anything till things are better, if then. Without Kimmie around it wouldn't be any fun. I mean who could stand up to me in a fight? Honestly the past year hasn't been about world conquest. It's been about seeing who the best was and how we improved. A couple of months ago Drew started to get some help. Turns out he is bi-polar and OCD. Guess that all the geniuses have problems."

Ron looked up at her. "Don't let him know that I said that. He is brilliant in theoretical areas. In the application he is a total loss. That's where his problem lies. Mine is… well, I crave excitement. I want it. I need it. Think all of the times the plans were so lame that all that happened were Kim and me fighting in some dangerous location that made NO sense. I am addicted to it. Now my main supplier lies here," she looks up to Ron. "We have made calls to all the regulars. Everyone is going to lay low for a while out of respect. It took a bit to convince Dementor, but Monty and I were able to do it," she stood up and handed Ron a card. "That's my card. The number is toll free. If you ever need to talk about anything, or need help dealing with anything, call me, beep me. I know it isn't the same, but no one else out there can relate to you about the excitement factor that you and Kim had. I can come close, but from the other side."

She bent down and kissed him on the cheek. "Ron Stoppable, you are not alone. You have friends and family, and believe it or not you have respect of your rivals," she turned to leave, but glanced back, "I even got Hego to say that the Naco is good."

"Thanks, Shego," he said as she started to walk away.

"See you around, Stoppable."

Ron sighed deeply and shoved the card into his pocket. He heard the rain increase and saw lightning as he heard the thunder crack. "SHEGO, wait!"

She turned around, the water streaming off of her hat and coat. He hurried up to her becoming drenched in the process. "What is it?"

"Could you… give me a ride?"

"Sure," she gave him a half smile and guided him to where she had parked her bike. She pulled out a black rain poncho and handed it to him. "Here this will help keep you from getting wet to the bone, and this will make sure we aren't breaking any laws," she handed him a black and red helmet.

He slid on the poncho and was surprised that the helmet was a fairly good fit. Shego looked at him and smiled. "That will work. I still have my image to maintain," she said as she put on her own green and black helmet. Ron noticed the pattern was the exact reverse of the one he wore as he straddled the bike behind her.

"Hold on tight, but don't get any ideas of you will learn to fly at sixty miles an hour."

Ron nodded though she didn't face him and put both hands on her hips and gripped. When she felt the grip she powered up the cycle and started to head out of the cemetery. "Where are we going?"

"To KP's… I mean the Possible's."

"Just squeeze twice for me to turn, with both hands to stop."

Ron nodded as she gunned the bike into full motion. Ron instinctively leaned down to match her. After a few false turns and stops from squeezing from fear or exhilaration, Ron got the hang of guiding her through the road maze known as Middleton.

After fifteen minutes Shego let the bike glide to a stop in front of the Possible's residence. "Here you go."

"Thanks, Shego," Ron said as he was taking off his helmet and poncho.

"Keep them. You can give them back to me the next time you see me."

"What makes you so sure I will see you again?"

"There was more than one reason that you followed Kimmie around the world. You were her friend, yes, but you got addicted to the excitement also. I could tell by your reactions when I was driving."

She revved up the bike again and turned to leave. She looked back, "Oh and Ronnie don't lose that number. It's the only one that you have."

Ron stuck his hand in his pocket and felt the card there as she disappeared into the storm.