Title: You're mine, Jackie

Rating: G

Pairing: Will/Jack

Summary: Fluffy little one-shot about Will and Jack. So sweet, it'll give you a toothache.

A/N: No slash, just fluff. Also, the second chapter of Say You'll Stick Around is coming soon, so please be patient for that!

"Why?" Jack asked, looking at Will with his wide eyes brimming with curiosity.

Will was caught by surprise. He paused and thought. That normally wasn't a question you heard after telling someone you loved them.

Then he smiled. He remembered all of the things they had been through. The fights, the arguments, and the bitter little comments they threw at each other whenever the opportunity presented itself. Then he thought of the times Jack had been by his side. During his break-up with Michael, the problems with his parents, when he had come out twenty years ago.

He grabbed Jack by the shoulders and planted a kiss on his forehead, above his right eye. As Jack's head rested on his upper arm, he finally spoke.

"Because you're mine, Jackie."