The Paths We Walk

By RedLady27

Summary: 20 years have past, a young woman who was a witch, then became a mercenary only to become her true self again when she learns she will have to face her past.

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team they belong to Stephen J. Cannel, All characters from the Harry Potter world are own by J.K Rowling and Warner Bros. Marty King and the plot are of my own creation, Sebastian belongs to a friend ,gracious enough to let me borrow him for this particular story.


As the dust settled down around the ancient gargoyle, its large grey eyes observed much on the ground below and believed that this was the most it had observed at once its many years upon its perch.

The dust was forming the outlines of four people who were lying on the ground as though they had been consumed in a great and terrible fire. These piles were scattered all about the massive room. Yet none of the surrounding paintings or rugs had been burned. The gargoyle reflected for a moment as it measured time that it recalled seeing seven people enter the room but now only saw three of them.

It did recall the great flash and the heat that had consumed the other four people and that only three people remained recognizable amidst the dust. One was a young man dressed in black with a touch of green in his robes, his hair shone like an oily river in the flickering torch light of the room. He was six feet one inch tall and his large black eyes were leaking water as he looked down upon a young woman who was dressed in purple and red. From what could be seen of her shown that she had endured much pain from the ordeal she had been through. The other in the room a short man with a short nose and very little facial hair was hiding in the shadows moving very cautiously around the room. He approached the young man from behind and although he said it very softly the words echoed about the room as though made with a sound of a thunder crack, "VIRGEET DUUL REMOWN VENTIS SITH MERIENTUS!" and with that the young man fell over unconscious.

The short man then walked out of the shadows towards the young woman and said in very solemn tones "Your time for this has not come yet." With that he lifted the young woman up and said "Oh boy do you owe me for this my dear." He then sat her down in a chair and tapping her three times with his wand said "FEREVERTO!" causing the young woman to become nothing more then a pillow of green with four black tassels. The man then picked up the pillow and walked to one of the walls and said "SHADOWISH PAASETH." He then faded into the wall and was gone.

Moments later the young man was found lying on his face in one of the piles of ash. As he lifted his face from the ash one of the people noticed that his nose had been broken from this ordeal and there was blood leaking from it and quickly stopped the bleeding and healed his nose with a wave of their wand. Among those that entered the room was a man of some importance. He was wearing a dark mahogany robe and holding a red colored wand in his hand that was glowing.

The man then dragged the young man to his feet by his shiny black hair and demanded "Where is she Severus?" as he let go of his hair. Severus took a cloth from inside his robes, wiped the ashes from his face before putting it back.

The young man then narrowed his black orbs at the man and replied seething with anger "She is dead because no one would listen to her or me!" With that he picked up his wand made of black ashen wood from the ground and walked out of the room. As he moved through the ancient hallways he thought he heard a single word floating on the wind, "MERIENTUS" but when he tried to capture the word in his mind it vanished like smoke and was lost to him. He continued to walk out of the building with a feeling of great sadness over the loss of a dear friend.

The room was very dark when she came to and as she opened her emerald green eyes everything seemed blurry to her. She blinked her eyes several times as the room became clearer. She sat up in the bed and she recalled an intense feeling of heat but it was gone as fast as she could have identified it.

She looked around at her surroundings and realized that this was not the same room she had seemed to remember. This is strange to say the least. She shrugged the thought out of her mind as she continued to survey the room; it was decorated in very Victorian style. The bed was covered with green silk sheets with gossamer green and peach silk hangings from each post seemingly enclosing the bed. The furniture had a very old veneer that allowed the natural beauty of it to flow through and add to the general feeling of the room.

She then looked down realizing that she was wearing a long peach nightdress with a deep cut down the cavern of her breasts. 'Peach, I hate that color. Why someone would put me in a peach nightdress instead of a more suitable color is beyond me.' She thought to herself with disgust. She then got up off the soft bed and gazed at her reflection in the old fashioned mirror that was across from the bed. Her eyes reflected a look of confusion and uncertainty. She shrugged and as she turned away from the mirror, the door to her room suddenly burst open and a young man with boyish looks entered with a rather disturbed look on his face. She stared at him for a moment he was around 5'10, slim with the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen on a man. He had light brownish hair and she would guess a smile that would brighten up a room if he hadn't had such an odd look on his face.

He was wearing a small block of grey material with wires coming out of it and some sort of device that was counting backwards. 'What the hell is that contraption?' She thought to herself but her thought was broken by the man speaking to her "Well hello my dear, it seems that there has been a bit of a mistake perhaps you can tell me where the nearest loo is?" He asked giving her a small smile. She pointed to a door but then caught herself as she looked at him again and asked "Why are you carrying a bomb?"

'Where did that come from I have no idea what a "bomb" is.?' She thought to herself.

With that the man smiled back and said "You know I was curious about that myself." As though someone else was guiding her hand she walked over to the man without so much as glance reached out with her delicate fingers and pulled a single red wire out and the time on the vest just seemed to stop.

'Well I may not know what a bomb is but I guess I know how to dismantle one.'

She thought as she smiled at the young man and after helping him remove the vest he was wearing and setting it on a chair that was nearby he said "Thank you miss..?" She had been walking back by the bed when she looked down and noticed an envelope that said Marty King but to her mind that did not seem entirely correct but it was close. "Marty King and you are?" She asked not bothering to look at him.

"My name is Templeton Peck." He replied as he was watching her and admiring her body and thought to himself 'She is beautiful, must be around 5"7 she looks to be around 19 I would guess, very nice body with curves in all right places. She has the most beautiful long black hair which compliments her creamy peached complexion and those green eyes wow.' He soon snapped out of his reflection and then asked "Well Ms. King would you be interested in joining me and some friends for a bit of lunch?" "It's the least I could do to thank you for saving my life."

She turned around and looked at him and said "Perhaps, how about I meet you down in the restaurant after I get changed." "Certainly, see you down there then." He said with a smile and turned to leave. As the door closed behind him she moved over to the closet opening it, inside she found a single green silk button up blouse with a pair of pants made from a blue material. On the foot rest at the bottom of the closet there was a pair of shoes with laces up the front of them. They also appeared to have a white "c" with a long tail on its end. She thought those were a bit strange but she didn't let it bother her too much. She removed her nightgown and put on the clothing she had found and to her surprise they fit her body perfectly and rather snugly and she then slipped on the shoes and tied them. She also found a bag which upon opening she found items of makeup along with something that was called a passport according to its cover. She found that the bag had straps and upon throwing it over her shoulder it seemed to handle nicely and was comfortable. She let the bag drop on the dresser in front of the mirror "Might as well freshen up first before I go downstairs." She said out loud. After brushing her hair with a brush she found in the bag and applying some of the makeup she placed everything back in the bag slinging it back over her shoulder and headed out of the room and down the stairs to meet Mr. Peck and his friends.

She entered the restaurant and searched for the person she had met earlier and spotted him sitting with a three other men. He looked over at her and smiled and upon her approaching their table she noticed the other three watching her intently. "Well my dear it's nice that you have come to join us." Templeton smiled. "Guys, please allow me to introduce Ms. Marty King." "Hello." She said as she sat down in the offered chair and for some reason she didn't feel uncomfortable to be around them in spite of them staring at her. The gentleman who appeared to be the oldest of the four sitting there said, "Welcome, my name is John Smith." He then continued introducing the men around the table. "You already know Templeton Peck. The rather large black gentleman to my left is B.A. and to his left is Mr. Murdock." She nodded to each in turn. Mr. Smith then said "I want to thank you for helping out Peck here." "Well he did enter my room unannounced so the least I could do would be to help him out since he was in such distress," Marty replied." So where are you gentlemen from?" she asked. "We are from across the pond in America" Peck responded, "And we need to get going if we are going to make our boat." "What a wonderful idea, may I join you?" "I've never been to America." Marty said. Smith spoke up, "No I don't think that would be…" at that moment the glass at the front of the restaurant exploded inward and a loud voice echoed over the explosion, "Smith you and your team are under arrest." The four men moved as though in concert as they look feverishly around for some kind of weapon to use to help them escape. Marty who had stood up as well with an odd feeling in her head reached into her handbag and pulled out a .44 magnum and aimed it at one of the men and pulled the trigger. "BOOM" echoed around the restaurant as the man fell down dead. This provided the stall in the combat that the team had been looking for. Peck then grabbed Marty and ran out through the kitchen to a waiting van. They entered the van one at a time and as Marty attempted to follow suit Smith grabbed her arm and stopped her. "You can't come with us" He said. Marty with her green eyes flashing looked at Smith and stated "If it were not for me you would have been either shot or under arrest!" And with that she then pushed past a stunned Smith and entered the van. At that moment Smith knew enough not to irritate this lady as much as possible and with that thought he also climbed into the van.

However had she bothered to look back she would have seen a small man with a short nose a little facial hair watching her intently. Then as he was waving at her, "You are in good hands now my dear." He said to himself as he recalled the face he had seen in the back of the van as it pulled away. Yes that was the one thing his friend Medochian was very capable of was making the world believe he was crazy.


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