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They rode it to until they reached the heavy oak door, before one of them knocked a voice said "Enter." Marty took a deep breath exhaling slowly looked at Snape nodding that she was ready to enter.

He opened the door letting her go in first, He then heard Marty gasp as she walked into the office...

Chapter 18 Explanations and New Beginnings Part 2

Snape came in behind Marty, closing the door. Turned to discover what she was so in shock about. Her friends were all siting there waiting for them. Marty couldn't believe it "Oh my goodness!" she was so surprised to see the team all sitting there and they all looked well rested. She automatically took off her Glamour Charm.

Hannibal and the others turned to see Marty standing there with the biggest smile on her face, Hannibal thought she never looked more beautiful. 'She seems really happy and her beauty radiates that.' He noticed Snape scowling at him, Hannibal just shrugged as if to say 'You won'.

"Martintha, Severus please have a seat on the couch." Dumbledore said waving his hand towards the couch with the crazy patterns on, that Marty couldn't make out for the life of her. They went over and sat down.

"Good evening, Headmaster." Snape said giving him a slight nod. "Good evening, Albus." Marty replied with a smile.

I'm sure you have plenty of questions, Martintha," Dumbledore said sitting back behind his desk "I will try and answer them to the best of my ability."

Marty fidgeted for a bit "Yes, Albus I do," Marty took a deep breath 'You can do this' she thought before she spoke "I guess one question would be why couldn't I remember who I was before all this mess started up again?"

"Let me ask you this my dear, when did you start having flashbacks of your past?" Dumbledore asked. 'Damn it why is he answering a question with another one?' Marty thought getting a bit annoyed. "Well, I started feeling funny when we first arrived in London and then my memory started to come back a bit after we completed our mission and I spotted that black and grey tabby cat in alley."

"I'm to assume you figured out who that cat was, Martintha?" He asked

"Yes, I figured it was Minerva but I wasn't quiet sure, course I thought I had seen her before in an empty warehouse but it didn't click until that day in the alley." Marty replied wondering where in the hell this was going.

"Albus would you please just answer her question." Snape replied knowing Marty was getting slightly annoyed. Dumbledore cleared his throat "Of course, Severus, " He turned to Marty

"Martintha, the reason you were not able to remember who you were, is because Sebastian put a temporary memory charm on you until it was time for you to return,plus that way the Ministry couldn't find you on top of that."

"I see," Marty said "So how did anybody know when it was the right time to bring me back here?"
Dumbledore looked at her thoughtfully "How did you and your friends end up coming to London, my dear?"

"Well, we had been hired by a Ms. Sinclair to help capture some ruthless men who killed her father and sister." She answered.

"That my dear was just a ruse to get you over here," He said.

"What?" Marty practically shouted as she stood up, "What the hell is going on Albus and please don't lie to me." She was getting angry.

Snape calmly tugged on her robes and got her to sit back down "Martintha calm down, Albus you better explain."

"Of course, it was a ruse, when I was informed that the creature was back and once again looking to take revenge, I knew I had to find you. But I didn't know where you were, then one day Sebastian came to see me saying he knew where you were and who you were with; when I asked where he refused to tell me, all he said was he had a way to get you to London and the rest was up to me to get you to Hogwarts."

"Hold on, you were the old man in the park that day," She exclaimed now that she thought about it.
Dumbledore chuckled, "Yes, my dear that was me."

"Who was the cab driver, cause he seemed to know me when I tried to pay the fare?" she asked.

"Oh that was Remus Lupin," He answered as if she would know who that was.

"Remus Lupin?" She was puzzled for the life of her she could not remember the person.

"You will meet Lupin in due time Martintha," Snape replied with a sneer.


Marty's mind was reeling with all this information "So who was this Ms. Sinclair, or is that her real name?"

"Oh its her real name all right, She had gone to Los Angeles to hire the A-Team to get revenge for the death of her father and sister. Sebastian ,I suppose had sent her because he knew one of the members and that they would help, what Ms. Sinclair didn't realize was that you were with them."

"Oh so that is why she looked so stunned when I took off that red wig," Marty replied as it dawned on her.

"Exactly, you see Martintha her father and sister were killed, but not by a bomb." He said.
"If they weren't killed by a bomb then what killed them?" She asked

"Death Eaters." He answered simply.
At those words something in Marty's mind clicked and she froze as a memory emerged in her mind...

"What's going on, Severus?" Marty asked she entered his room to find Lucius standing there.

"Nothing Martintha, leave!" Severus sneered at her. "No, not until you tell me what in hell is going on!" She yelled back standing her ground.

"Severus, we must be going, why don't you bring her along," Lucius said.

"No, I don't want her involved," He answered

"Fine, I think I will take her instead," Lucius replied grabbing Marty by the arm.

"Let go of me Lucius, if you know what's good for you," Marty sneered.

"Let her go Lucius, if anybody is taking her to this place its going to be me," Severus answered simply taking Marty away from him "You will regret it Martintha."...

Marty snapped out of it when she heard Face ask "What are Death Eaters?" "They are servants to Lord Voldemort himself." Marty answered automatically shivering.

"Don't say his name, Martintha!" Snape hissed

"Sorry, the Dark Lord," She repeated "Is that better?" she asked turning to Snape which he noted a sarcastic tone in her voice.

"Who, is that?" Hannibal asked.

Murdock answered "A mad man, who wanted to rid this world of muggle borne and half bloods, to make it nothing but pure bloods. He was taken care of by that Potter kid when he was a baby though right."

Before Hannibal could asked how Murdock knew all of this Dumbledore replied " I'm sorry to say he came back a few years ago." Marty's face was pale but she didn't say anything at first.

"Ummm...could we just drop that part for right now, and get back to the topic at hand, " Marty asked in a nervous voice.

Dumbledore nodded.

"I would like to know how it was that Severus and I managed to conjure up those items to defeat that creature, cause I don't remember doing that before Albus."

"That my dear is a mystery even to me, I suppose the next time you see Sebastian you will have to ask him," He answered. "Yes, I suppose I will," Marty replied.

"What about that blue aurora that surrounded Severus and I?" She asked.

"The blue light is still around you both, but at the time it was very strong due to your love for each other, and your friendship with these gentlemen, course combined with that spell it made it more powerful," Albus explained "You know why that spell didn't work the first time, Martintha."

"Yes, I do now, because of the fact those people where not true friends and were not true of heart," Marty answered. 'Whoa, that was weird.'

Dumbledore smiled "Yes, my dear."

"But Albus, our love for each other was strong then as well, why was it so different now,'' Snape asked.

"Yes, you are correct your love was strong then as well, but due to her friendship with these men and the protection that Sebastian placed upon her at the time, he knew when the time came she would be able to defeat the creature," He said when a tea service set appeared on top of his desk, with chocolate biscuits. "Ahh the house elves know just the right moment to bring tea," He replied pouring himself a cup. "Tea, anyone?" He asked smiling at the hesitation of the team "Don't worry gentlemen, it doesn't have a sleeping potion in it." Marty had the decency to blush furiously at that comment 'I'm never going to live that one down,' she thought.

All nodded they would like to have some except B.A. who got milk, while Dumbledore poured the tea; Marty was thinking about what Dumbledore has said so far, it all started to make sense.

"I have a question for Murdock," Hannibal said turning to his friend "How do you know Sebastian, and how did he hook you up with Baby here?"

Murdock fidgeted a bit in his seat, he looked absently over at Marty who said "You might as well come clean."

"Well Hannibal,the reason I know Sebastian is I met him back in Vietnam and plus the fact that I'm a wizard," He cleared his throat and continued "And He hooked me up with Baby here when she got into all that trouble years ago, to hide her and protect her."

The others were a bit stunned to say the least, Hannibal looked at him for a moment "That would explain most of the crazy stunts you managed to pull over the years."

"Yeah," He replied sheepishly.

"Wait a minute," Marty said jumping out of her seat, she was furious, "Your not angry with him for what he just told you but yet when I told you I was a witch you just about flew off the handle, Hannibal!"

"Well...No, I don't think its a big deal, with you it was different cause of all the lies and the deceit you pulled on us," He replied.

Marty was seeing red now "No big DEAL, you fucking hypocrite!" Before Hannibal could retort her eyes started to roll in the back of her head as if she was in a trance.

Everyone was staring at her as she levitated up in the air, her robes seemed to melt away leaving her nude. A bright blue light surrounded her, at first nothing happened, then Marty started to cry out in pain.

Nobody could see what was happening cause the light was so bright, Snape wanted to help Marty but was held back by Albus, "No Severus, don't."

Snape looked on helplessly, "I have to Albus, something is hurting her!" He tried to move towards her again, but Albus stopped again "Let it take its course, Severus." Snape nodded reluctantly and watched hearing her screaming out in pain made Snape's heart ache.

But just as quickly as it started, the light faded away and Marty floated back down collapsing onto the floor unconscious.

Snape instantly rushed over to her and gently picked her up, placing her on the couch. He took off his outer teaching robes and proceed to cover her when Dumbledore stopped him, "Wait a minute Severus, what are those markings on her body?"

They looked and there were several, one was of course the dark mark on her left forearm, an ss symbol on her inner thigh, they turned her over and discovered a large celtic knot design on the small of her back.

"Unbelievable,that they would show up now," Snape exclaimed.

Murdock and the others came over to get a closer look, "What are those tattoo markings on her body, and why does she have the Dark mark on her arm?" Murdock asked.

Before his question was answered another tattoo appeared on her right leg, it was of a serpent whose tail started at her ankle and its head was facing towards her more intimate part. Snape immediately covered her up to protect her dignity.

Marty then began to stir, she slowly opened her eyes "What the hell happen," She asked rather grogily. She tried to sit up but then realized she was naked underneath the robe, clutching it tightly she managed to sit up letting Snape sit back down beside her wrapping his arm around her.

Nobody answered her at first, "Well?" she asked.

Snape quickly explained what had occurred and Marty was shocked "I want to see them." Dumbledore agreed "Of course my dear, I will conjure a mirror for you." Before he could Marty held up her hand, "I want to see them in private, I know all of you have already seen them." She then turned to Snape "Severus, you will come with me?"

Snape nodded that he would not really needing to know why but had a really good idea.
"Albus, may we use your private chambers?" Snape asked.

"Of course, Severus and I will make sure none of the paintings are in there to interfere," Dumbledore said directing them to his private rooms.

Snape and Marty get up off the couch and made their way to the Headmaster's private rooms. Once inside Marty really didn't take the time to take a look around the room, instead she searched for the full length mirror. "It's over there, Martintha," Snape replied pointing towards the corner of the room where the mirror stood.

Marty approached the old mirror, it was made of oak and seemed to have been stained in a deep rich brown colour bring out the lustre of the wood. Slowly she removed Snape's robe letting the black inky fabric pool around her feet and stared at her nude body now covered with various tattoos. "What's the symbol "SS" mean, Severus?" She asked as she opened up her legs a bit to examine the mark, tracing her finger over it.

Snape cleared his throat, "Do you remember that day you went with me to that Dark Revel?" Marty nodded that she did "Well, I had to mark you as my property so Malfoy couldn't get his hands on you, don't be angry with me my angel."

"I'm not angry with you Severus, I remember all to well how eager Lucius was to possess me even though I wanted nothing to do with him," she said taking a deep breath before she continued "I will be for ever greatful for what you did that day or he would have claimed me as his own and raped me like he tried that day he cornered me in the hallway during school."

"Yes, will you please enlighten me as to why he is always wearing black leather gloves, I asked him once but he refused to answer me," He said sitting on the bed nearby that Marty didn't see upon coming in the room.

"Well," Marty began "One day during our 7th year Lucius accosted me in the hallway as I was coming back from class; He asked what I was doing with you instead of him, I answered that I wanted to be with you and that you satisfied my needs very well." Snape smiled at that comment. Marty then continued "Anyways, I warned him to leave me alone if he knew what was good for him but then he began to try and take liberties with me, I grew angry and burned his hands," Marty finished sitting down the bed beside him.

Snape sat there stunned for a moment as he let what she told him sink in;and then he let loose a rich baritone laugh that echoed through out the room.

His laughter slowed to a deep chuckle as he wrapped his arms around Marty kissing the top of her head "Maritintha, that was the funniest thing I've heard in a long time; I wished I had seen his face when he felt his hands burning," He said as he started to chuckle again.

Marty smiled as he calmed down once again. "But what of the other markings, I know about the Dark Mark but I don't understand the celtic knot on my back and the serpent on my leg?" She enquired.

"I don't know Martintha, but I'm sure with more research into your family history will answer the question about the celtic knot, as for the serpent well I don't know what it means but i sure do like where it's headed," He said this with a smirk for which Marty laughed.

They stay in each other's arms for a moment when Marty asked "Um..., Severus?" "Yes?" "Would it be possible to conjure up some clothes for me, I don't want to walk back to the dungeons nude, I mean I don't want to give those Slytherins of yours the wrong idea."

Snape laughed again as they broke from the embrace and took out his wand pointing it at her and conjuring up a bottle green robe. "Thank you," She replied giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Your welcome, Martintha."

"I have a question for you that has been bothering since you arrived here, but you never answered," He said.

"Oh, and what would that be?" She asked

"Why do they call you Baby?" He asked

Marty tried not to laugh;she had forgotten that she had told him she would explain that later. "Well, they call me Baby cause I'm the youngest member on the team," She answered. "Murdock, sometimes called me "jelly-bean" cause I have a fondness for them, she added.

This caused Snape to smile,"Ahh, yes, you always were fond of muggle jelly-beans, what were they called "Jellybellies"."

"Yes, they tasted a lot better then those "Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans, " Marty replied with disgust in her voice.


"Shall we go back into the other room my dear," He said getting up off the bed and offering his hand which she gladly took as he helped her up off the bed. "Yes," She replied.

Together they walked out of the private room and back into Dumbledore's office. Dumbledore beamed at them as they entered and took their places back on the couch. Marty noticed there was a twinkle in his eyes and she couldn't help but wonder if the old man had something up his sleeve.

"My dear, I have some news for you, I just got this official document from the Ministry," He replied handing her the parchment to read.

She took it in her trembling hands, the document was still sealed and she slowly broke the seal on the paper and unrolled it.

As she read the document, a smile grew on her face "I don't believe it!" she exclaimed. "What is it," Snape inquired. Marty handed him the document to read out loud to the others...

Dear Miss Parapetis,

Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot has vouch-ed for your character and provided evidence in your defence concerning the matter that happen twenty years ago.

Therefore it is the decision of this court that all charges against you be dropped and your record wiped clean of this crime.

We do apologise for any inconvience this might
have caused
(Severus snorted at this).


Madame Bones Head of Wizengamot Council

Marty sat there stunned for a moment 'I've been cleared, what am I going to do now,' She thought.
Dumbledore broke her thoughts "My dear, congratulations!" Marty gave him a weak smile. "Thank you Albus," She replied.

The team also offered up their congratulations as well as Snape although he did so with a heavy heart when he asked "What do you plan on doing now Martintha?"

"Yes, Baby what are you going to do now?" Hannibal asked; "We do have to go back soon." hoping she would come with them even though he didn't think so.

Marty thought for a moment "Well, I decided that my place is here in the magical world, at Hogwarts," She continued not noticing Snape's eyes light up with joy "I love you guys, really but..."

Hannibal cut her off, "We understand Baby, I do hope you keep in touch with us."

Marty smiled, "As if I wouldn't.

Marty knew she was going to miss them dearly but deep inside she knew this is where she belonged and there was plently of adventures ahead.

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