This is technically my 2nd fanfiction. But I'm sorry my last one was a mistake so please read this one.

It was a typical day and the Inuyasha gang was taking a lunch break. Kagome said "Ahh it's so nice not to have to worry about school." Inuyasha said "What you finally came to your senses and quit that place of your's." Kagome said "Inuyasha! You can be sooo for your information it's Friday so no school for two days." "Well sorrry." After a while they heard a noise that sounded like a battle. So they rushed to see what was up. It was Sesshomaru and Naraku they were fighting. Kagome said " We gotta do something." Inuyasha said " What! Well who do we attack I mean we hate them both. So maybe if we are lucky they'll kill each other off." Miroku said "Inuyasha we all hate Naraku more so why don't we kill him first." They all charged into battle Naraku turned and looked. He was about to attack when a strange green light flashed. When it cleared Sesshomaru and Naraku were gone. "Is everyone okay?" Kagome asked. Later. As they were walking Inuyasha was lagging behind. Ever since the battle he had been feeling sick. Far away Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jaken were walking as well. Sesshomaru was walking slower than usual. He too was felling sick. "Sesshomaru are you okay? You don't look so good." Rin asked."I'm fine." Sesshomaru quietly said. Then it was nightime. Inuyasha was exuasted which was strange because he could usually go without sleep. Sesshomaru for the first time felt tired which was weird because he didn't need sleep also he couldn't. He had tried to sleep before but failed. And now he was exausted. Inuyasha was spending the night at Kagome's house. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were in a trance like deep sleep. Something was happening.

So how did you like my first chapter. All the facts in here aren't true but it is a Fanfiction. I got the idea for this from the movie Freaky Friday. Tell me how you liked it.