Hi hi sorry it took so long to update but first of all I lost my notebook and second of all I was chatting on Inuyasha and other Anime chatrooms on Parachat it was fun but I found it so her is the story. Oh by the way I no own any original Inu characters but I have some of my own and my favorite out of them has to be Sessy: Sesshomaru's parallel self from a parallel dimension. She is a girl, from Kagome's time, wears a black tank top, black pants, has a black cat tail, has blue hair black converse basketball shoes, is a rock singer, has a older brother named Sesshy,looks like Sesshomaru cept more girl figure and is younger, is 15 yrs old, and is friends with Sesshomaru. Now enjoy.

6 jewel shards had fallen from the youkai. Kagome said "So that's why it was so

strong." The people of the village were grateful so they invited them to stay at the

village. Sesshomaru of course wasn't too happy about this but said nothing. The

villagers had prepared a huge feast for them as a thank you and since they were all

starving they all started eating that is all but Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru just wasn't

used to food since his body didn't need food so he just ate nothing. After a while

Kagome noticed this so she said "Inuyasha aren't you hungry? You haven't even

touched your food." Sesshomaru wasn't exactly a social butterfly so he wasn't

used to talking so he just said "Hmph, Do you mind telling me what this stange

sensation is that I've been feeling in my stomach women?" Kagome looked really

shocked for 2 reasons 1 Inuyasha didn't exactly talk like that and 2 he was asking

what hunger was. So she said "Uhh, Inuyasha that's hunger you're hungry. So to

get rid of that feeling you gotta eat." Sesshomaru said nothing but realized that he

just asked a very stupid question, well not very stupid if he asks it but for Inuyasha

it's pretty stupid. Now knowing that he must eat he grabbed the chopsticks and

placed a piece of sushie in his mouth. As he chewed he had a face of discust for he

may have Inuyasha's body but somehow he still had his own taste and boy did he

loathe the taste of food. He finally swallowed hard and afterward he practicaly

dumped half a gallon of water in his mouth. Then bracing himself he quickly but

careful not to lose his composure ate as much as he needed until his body wasn't

hungry anymore. When he finished he was so discusted and horrified that he felt

like throwing up but didn't. Then he sucked down a whole gallon of water and still

couldn't get that horrible taste out of his mouth. Sesshomaru then thought "Ugh, no

good I need a stronger taste that I can tolerate." Kagome had been watching

him for a while and was wondering what was up with him. She thought "What in

the world is wrong with Inuyasha I mean he is really quiet, he's more distant,

is really not together in battle, and not to mention it seems he can't stand one

of his most favorite things food. I just can't figure out what is up with him."

Just then a dark figure flew in from the window and grabbed Kagome and as it

took off Kagome shouted "Inuyasha! Help meee!" Then it flew back through the

window and disapeared in the sky. Miroku really worried said "Inuyasha quick we

have to save her!" Sesshomaru looking skeptical almost said some mean and

rebellious remark like usual, but caught himself and said "Hmph, well let's just get

this over with as quickly as possible." Sango stared at him with a confused look on

her face. Over with the Sesshomaru group a dark figure that was identical to the

other one came and snatched Rin. She screamed as it disapeared in the sky and

Inuyasha said "Jaken we have to save Rin quickly." Jaken looked at him and said

"But Sesshomaru-sama she's just a human child what signifigance does she have?"

Inuyasha couldn't take it anymore forgeting all about trying to be Sesshomaru he

said "WHAT! HOW DARE YOU! She may be a human but she is still a living

thing with a heart and soul." Inuyasha glared at him then flew off following the

scent. Jaken terrified thought "I think I just shortened my life by a hundred

years but I think he just went off the deep end for acting strange, but I better

not say a thing and just follow him for health reasons." Then he ran after

Inuyasha. Naraku's Castle. The two shadows that kidnapped Rin and Kagome

were arriving. Naraku said ominously "Good my plan is proceeding nicly. Heh heh

heh first I shall capture Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's most beloved companions and

if everything goes as planned Inuyasha will hold back and not attack for this girl's

sake while Sesshomaru as he is will not listen and try to kill me heh.(You can

already see how this is gonna go terribly wrong.) They should be arriving any

moment now." He then put Rin and Kagome in two black orbs with a barrier

around them. Meanwhile. Sesshomaru was speeding towards Naraku's castle

following the scent of Kagome with the rest of the group after him. sango was

watching him as she thought "Huh what is up with Inuyasha? I mean he's not

sniffing the ground as usual nor is is he acting like his usual dog self."

Sesshomaru was concentrating more than usual because he was finding it quite

difficult to keep track of the scent and he never in a million years would stop to

sniff. Far away Inuyasha too was following the scent. He was on all fours and was

smelling the ground to try to pick up on the scent again. Jaken was watching very

creeped out and confused as he was thinking "What? Why is Sesshomaru sama

degrating himself by getting on the ground and acting like a common mortal

dog? I just don't know him anymore." He was losing all respect for Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha finally got the scent and went back on his way to Naraku's castle. At

Naraku's castle the two groups were arriving. Miroku said "Inuyasha! we have to

find and kill Naraku and save Kagome." Inuyasha heard this and like a major idiot

said "Right Miroku!" Hearing this everyone stared at him with the most awkward

look. Correcting himself he said "Uh, I mean I will kill everyone and everything

because I'm a snobby and self-centered bastard that no one likes and even though

I try to kill my half-breed brother he almost always defeats me cause I'm really a


started giving Inuyasha the most evil glare he ever gave anyone in his entire life as

his eyes turned dark. Inuyasha then thought for a sec then relized that that wasn't a

very good corection so he gave himself a mental slap and said no more. Then all of

a sudden the front door opened and they saw the two orbs containing Rin and

Kagome and Inuyasha shouted "KAGOME!" Then a figure that was wearing a

baboon robe came out for it was obviosly Naraku. Naraku said "Heh heh heh,

welcome soglad you could join us. As you can see your beloved ones are

unharmed, for now. You see at my word I can have them crushed by those

barriers they are in and all you have to do to prevent this is never attempt to harm

me and become my personal servants." All but Sesshomaru looked at each other

wondering what action they should take. Naraku continued "Oh and before I

forget meet my latest (I don't know how much he's had) incarnation that has made

this all possible for he has the undeniable power to make living shadows and

objects made of shadows, meet Nalotsuda." Nalotsuda slowly came through the

doorway with an expressionless face. He looked like a zombie form of

Sesshomaru, he had black dead hair that was creeply perfectly straight but was

wet with blood, a black cresent moon that faced oppisite than Sesshomaru's,

claws that were black and jagged, golden stripes, white blank eyes with no pupils,

a pure white kimono top with equaly as white pants that were same as

Sesshomaru's, white boots, fangs that were so long they went over his bottem lip

all the way, and had a cut on his right cheek. Naraku knew that this was pretty

much a guaenteed victory because Nalotsuda had a hidden ability; Nalotsuda

could easily kill any demon while they could not effect him, but anything with at

least a little bit of human in them could easily kill Nalotsuda. Inuyasha was ready to

submit to Naraku when when sesshomaru said "Hmph, Naraku you foolish half-

breed did you really think I would submit to anyone. First I'll tear that abomination

apart then I'm coming after you." Naraku and pretty much everyone except

Inuyasha and Nalotsuda looked shocked. He then dashed towards Nalotsuda and

hacked him, or more like it, apart with his claws. He then turned to Naraku and

said "You're next." He then quickly and very swiftly drew tetsusaiga and used the

Wind Scar attack on Naraku. It hit him but before it killed him he flew up in the

sky with Kagura and dissapeared. His final words were "Hm it seems I was

proved wrong and I really don't know you guys as well as I thought, but don't get

too cocky for next time you won't be so lucky." As he disapeared the orbs that

Kagome and Rin were in disentigrated. Kagome was so happy so she ran up to

Sesshomaru, thinking it was Inuyasha, and hugged him out of relief and joy.

Sesshomaru wasn't used to this kind of affection and didn't like it so he shoved her

causing her to fall on the ground. as she stood up she looked really upset and

offended so she said "Inuyasha... SIT BOY!" Sesshomaru wondered what this

meant as the beads around his neck lit up. Then he heard a slam and turned to see

Inuyasha face down on the ground. Inuyasha slowly got up and yelled "WHAT

THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!" All of their eyes widened, except for

Sesshomaru, as they all stared in wonder and shock.

Sorry but yes I'm leaving that as a cliffhanger. Oh and yes in all the other fanfics about this switch thing Sesshomaru gets the faceplant well this one's different. Since it was originally Inuyasha the beads were put on so it kinda got bound to his soul so it still effects him. About Nalotsuda he is my little sister's creation. How he got created is very embarrasing well we paused the video of an Inuyasha episode, It's the one where Sesshomaru wields the Tetsusaiga, and we tryed to draw him and well... thats how Sara's drawing looked and it was soo bad she shaded in the hair and said that this shall be Nalotsuda. Well oh by the way I'm 15 and a girl now pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee review.