Tzigane's Tale Trailer

By : Fortune Zyne

We see a young girl no older than nineteen enter a old, rickety church. Her head is wrapped in a scarf and she wears a pale brown dress with a dark brown pinafore over it. She kneels down before the alter and says softly

Girl : Heavenly Father, though I am but a child, please hear my prayer and protect my love,

We see Velkan Valerious fighting off against Marishka

Girl : Velkan Valerious.

We see the same girl, only her fade in uncovered this time, with a rag holding her long hair back. She is wearing a black dress with a blue checkered apron over it, and she has blond hair, and grey eyes. She is running towards Anna as the werewolf leaps towards her.

We see a scene with words

Van Helsing must go to the Land of Nightmares

Velkan : Tzigane!

We see Tzigane again, only she is wearing the same outfit she wore in the church and she is talking to Van Helsing

To face an enemy

Tzigane : Since as far back as I remember, Dracula has always been trying to destroy the Valerious family.

That never dies

We see Boris Valerious defending a little boy with messy brown hair, wearing a tattered white shirt, and brown pants, from Verona and Aleera. The boy is crouching in front of a little girl with her blond hair in a braid wearing a brown gingham. Her eyes are soft grey.

Tzigane : But never this desperately.

But he is not alone...

We see Tzigane pull herself out of a pile of falling firewood.

Velkan : Are you alright?

Tzigane : Physically yes. Mentally I'll never be the same.

We see Tzigane wearing a white dress, sneaking around Dracula's ballroom with Velkan who is wearing an embroidered black coat over a black vest, pants, and riding boots.

We see Anna and Van Helsing kiss passionately.

We see Velkan and Tzigane kiss softly.

Tzigane : Be careful.

Velkan : That's supposed to be my line.

Tzigane's Tale

February 16th

Screen fades to black.

Author's Note : Sorry, but I am at a total stand still at my other story, so therefore, I will write on my alternate Van Helsing universe until my inspiration comes back. So without further ado, goodbye and happy reading!


Fortune Zyne.