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Story summary: When the rest of the Harry Potter series can no longer be finished because the characters get sent to an insane asylum, one fan goes on a mission to set things right.


"Great," I said with a sigh. He couldn't speak, and I wasn't sure if he would be willing to write anything. I pondered another method of communication as I strolled down the halls of the asylum to Harry's room. I doubted that Harry knew sign language – the books had certainly not made any mention of it. I suddenly found myself outside the door of Harry's room, and took a deep breath before opening the door. Harry was inside, laying on his small cot.

"Um, Harry…" I began nervously.

The dark-haired boy sat up on his cot and managed to give me a small smile. I guessed he must have known that I had finally realized he had been trying to tell me something.

"I know you were trying to tell me something… Do you know where they keep the wands?" I asked.

Harry nodded slowly.

"This is great!" I cried, a wide grin breaking out over my face. "Where are they? Can you tell me?"

My ecstatic mood was lessened when Harry just stared at me with a blank face.

"Well… could you write it down?" I asked, hopeful, holding out my clipboard and a pen.

Harry shook his head, shying away from the clipboard.

"Well, you don't know sign language, do you?" I asked Harry, trying out an idea I was sure would not work. Besides, I could barely sign the alphabet. Even if Harry did know sign language, it wouldn't be very easy for me to understand him.

But that didn't really matter, because, once again, Harry shook his head.

Then a thought came to me. The people who worked at this asylum could drive anyone crazy… maybe it had been the clipboard he was afraid of! I pulled a pad of sticky notes out of my pocket. Perhaps they would work. I took off my coat, too, even though Harry had obviously realized that I was on his side, and not with the asylum. I handed Harry the sticky notes and my pen and crossed my fingers.

Harry blinked slowly, looking down at the items in his hand for a moment before putting the edge of the pen to the first sticky note. I couldn't tell what he was drawing until he pulled the sticky note off and stuck it to the wall next to his cot.

"What?" I wasn't sure of what the picture was at first. It looked like a square with a circle on the edge, and a line under the circle. Next to it was a thin, long oval with an X over it. I was puzzled by this for a few moments, but then it hit me. The box was a safe! The circle was a combination dial, the line a keyhole! The oval with an X was a wand! The safe must be magic proof!

As soon as I had figured out what that picture was, Harry stuck another not to the wall next to the first. It was a woman wearing a long white lab coat. She was holding a odd-looking lumpy thing in her arms, and the lumpy thing (some sort of animal, a monkey, perhaps?) appeared to be holding… was that – it was! It had a keyring! "Is that the keyring that has the key for the safe?" I asked Harry excitedly.

Harry nodded, sticking the third post-it to the wall. A rectangle, the bottom half divided into squares. "A calendar?" I asked.

Harry nodded again, and gestured toward my clipboard, though he avoided looking directly at it.

I picked up the clipboard, rifling through the papers clipped to it. Had there been a calendar in with everything else? Yes, there had! I pulled out a sheet of paper for the current month, and scanned it, wondering what on the calendar Harry though was so important. How did he know what was on here, anyway? There were a few days on the calendar that were highlighted. "Hmm… Last Monday, Asylum-wide fish day…" certainly that couldn't be the important date.

"Tomorrow… visit from asylum owner…" I kept scanning down before that registered in my brain and my eyes darted back to the date. "Is that it? That's the woman, isn't it?" I asked Harry, grinning.

Harry nodded.

"So, steal the keys from her, get to the safe, and give everyone their wands back," I said. "Sounds like a fairly easy plan…"

Harry gave me a thumbs up, which I interpreted as 'good luck'.

"Thanks," I told him before leaving. Okay. Tomorrow I would put my plan into action.


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