Well, this is my first fanfic of the year and my first Shadow Hearts fanfic. I think the series is great. SH and SH:C are two of the best rpgs I have ever played (And I have played many). It is one of the few games that combines humor and a serious storyline very well.

This poem takes place right after Yuri buries Alice and he is still at her grave.

I do not own SH or SH:C.

Beneath the tree
Where she lies
My back facing the bark
Holding my head up
Staring into the clouded abyss

Rearranging the darken clouds with my eyes
As I did when I was young
Only now it seems I can only create
The bizarre figures that once filled my soul

Searching desperately for the things I once knew
For the person I hold so dear
Yet, I can only find clouds distorted by the wind
Through the falling leaves

The sun never emerges from blacken sky
Forcing me to realize the truth
Bring my searching to an end
Lying down on the grass for cushion
Drifting off into unwanted sleep

Wishing to be held in her arms

Well, what do you think? I thought of this within ten minutes. Well, it may not be my best work, but I hope someone liked it.