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The place was perfect everything was in place for the final showdown between the light and the dark...

Voldemort on one side while Harry on the other side of a floating platform.

Death Eaters and Order members fighting for survival below the floating stage.

Voldemort: I'll not give you an easy time. This time Pauper!

Harry: Its Potter not Pauper! You dumb ass!

Voldemort: I certainly am not a dumb ass.

Harry: Yes you are!

Voldemort: No I'm not!

Harry: Yes!

Voldemort: No!

Harry: Yes!

Voldemort: No!

Harry: Shut up!

Voldemort: Why not!

Harry: ...

Voldemort: ...

Down below...

Death Eater: I wonder what's happening up there?

Order member: Hmm, I wonder...

Everyone stops to listen and stare.

Back up...

Voldemort noticing the staring people: And what in the name of candy canes are you

staring at?

Harry: You like candy canes?

Voldemort: Yes!

Harry unbelieving: No.

Voldemort pulls out one : Yes! See watch as I eat this one right here!

Harry: Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Voldemort swallows candy : Yummy! Yummy!

Harry continues: Noooooooooooooo!

Voldemort irritated at Harry's long 'NO': What's wrong with you now?

Harry: You said you'd bring chocolate.

Voldemort: When?

Harry: In our meeting of minds.

Voldemort: Oh yeah. Sorry bout that must have slipped my mind.


Voldemort: Uh oh.

Down below...

Dumbledore hearing Harry's cry of anguish/ shout: Quickly Harry needs our help!

Death Eaters: Oh shit.

Order member 1: Give me an H!

Order members: H!

Order member 2: Give me an A!

Order members: A!

Order member 3: Give me an R!

Order members: R!

Order member 4: Give me another R!

Death Eaters: R!

Order members: What the...

Death Eaters: Whupz...

Order member 5: Give me a Y!

Order members: Y!

Death Eaters: WE DONT KNOW!

Dumbledore: SHUT UP YOU

Order member 6: What's that spell?

Order members: HARRY! GO HARRY! GO HARRY!

Death Eaters: Groan...

Malfoy Sr. : We weren't going to use this but you asked for it Dumbledore. Death Eaters


Death Eater 1: Give me a Y!

Death Eaters: Y!

Death Eater 2: Give me an M!

Death Eaters: M!

Death Eater 3: Give me a C!

Death Eaters: C!

Death Eater 4: Give me an A!

Death Eaters: A!

Death Eater 5: What's that spell!

Death Eaters begin to sing and dance: Y.M.C.A. ! Y.M.C.A. ! (continue singing)

Since the song and dance is so catchy the Order joins in, Dumbledore included.

Back up...

Harry stopped crying: Hey Tom check this out.

Voldemort: What?

Harry: Just take a look.

Voldemort stands beside Harry and watches: Interesting...

Harry: Don't you mean entertaining?

Voldemort: Same thing.

Harry: Quite.

Voldemort: I think we should postpone our final battle. What do you think?

Harry: Only if you buy me some M&M's.

Voldemort: Ok. So how does next year same time same place sound?

Harry: Sounds good to me.

Voldemort: maybe next year the Order will have taken dancing lessons.

Harry: Yeah Dumbledore sure looks like a dork on the dance floor.

Voldemort: Oh My GOD. The Great Harry Potter just called Dumbledore a dork.

Harry: Are you sure you're not gay?

Voldemort: Where's you sense of humor?

Harry: At the chocolate shop.

Voldemort: Oh, right then. Come on. Let's go get some chocolate.

Harry: Yeah!

Voldemort: Afterwards you can treat me to some Starbucks.

Harry: Fine by me.

Both champions of the light and dark leave the scene, their absence being noticed only by one.

Peter Pettigrew: Umm, you know that they've already left?

Malfoy Sr. having fun: Who?

Peter: The Dark Lord and Potter.

Malfoy Sr. : So?

Peter: Don't you care?

Malfoy Sr. : Not really.

Someone bought some alcoholic beverages. People start drinking and singing and dancing to all sorts of song.

Somewhere in the crowd...

Severus Snape: Hey there beautiful. Wanna dance?

Narcissa Malfoy: No.

Severus pulls on her arm: Come on baby. Just one dance.



Severus lets go and turns to Malfoy Sr.

Severus: And what pray tell are you gonna do to me now you blond haired airhead?

Draco Malfoy point wand at Snape: Locomotor Mortis!

Snape gets hit. All Hell breaks loose.

Starbucks, somewhere in London...

Voldemort: Yummy! Hot Chocolate!

Harry: We should do this again sometime.

Voldemort: I agree.

Both continue to enjoy they chocolate delights. Oblivious to the ensuing chaos at the scene of the supposed final battle/party grounds.

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