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Secrets Bestowed

Chapter 1: The Dream

A few people, all shadowed against a dark but white wall are whispering into the darkness.

"Patty you of all people know that this can not be. this is the only way"

"I know, I know, but maybe this is it maybe this can be her destiny, her own personal

destiny, she has more than one destiny, a non magical one to."

"She is too young. This could...no, it will ruin their destiny...The Charmed Destiny. I

know she is only an infant now but she possesses great power that will someday be

unleashed, and if it is evil..."

"I know, I know..."

"NO!...You do not know. Something must be done before her sisters find out...but

first things first .Patty where is that spell"

Another shadow that seems unconscious grumbles.


"That piece of paper I gave you earlier."

"Oh that, here you go"

Patty hands her mother a crumpled up piece of paper and holds a candle so it could

be read.

"Powers and emotions tied,
a witch's heart is where it hides,
help her through her agony,
and take away her memory"

"Now we must bind it's powers, so it can live on...normally"

"Pamela" Patty whispers


"Her name...Pamela"

"I take your hands in mine
And with this string I will entwine
Your powers I'll forever bind
From now until the end of time. "


A bunch of white lights engulf them and take them to a door with writing that stated

Social Services.

"Phoebe!" Paige yells hurriedly into Phoebe's ear

"mmm " a half asleep Phoebe grumbles

"Wake up!" Piper says while shaking her semiconscious sister

"What time is it?" Phoebe manages to grumble

"5:00" Paige states while Piper nudges her

"Why the wake up call?" Phoebe mumbles

"Believe it or not you were talking in your sleep" piper sarcastically said

"More like yelling in your sleep" Paige whispers under her breath

"What was it?" Paige asks

"What was what?" a dozing off Phoebe mumbles

"What was the dream about?""Or was it a nightmare?" Paige impatiently asks

"I really don't know what it is, or means but I think I saw grams, mom, a baby, and I

think I heard Prue.

To Be Continued