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Ok, I hope this explains stuff to those of yuo who are confused. Before we start, I'm going to explain the sleeping arrangements. Katherine(Prue) sleeps on the couch, Pam and katie sleep inpaiges room with her and they are thinking of furnishing the basement for them. The houlse is lets just say a mess now, lol.

Secrets Bestowed

Chapter 14: Sisters of the Charmed ones

Piper and grams, no POV, in attic

"Grams, I'm so confused, you barley explained to us about Pam and Katie, like witch wise they are sisters to the charmed ones but what are they called, are they related to us, they can't be our sisters on moms side because of her death, and if they are part of our family, why does one name start with a P like us and the other a K?"

"Ok well that was a lot of questions..first of all they are called the sisters of the charmed ones, I know that it is a long name but just call them the sisterhood for short. They are called that because in power they are less in power than power of 4, which would of been the three of you and...Prue. That means that they are almost but not quite equally as powerful as the power of three in. The power of three was the only ones prophesied by Melinda Warren. The sisterhood and power of four was prophesied by a later relative. It was said that the sisterhood was the stage before the power of three, which means that you guys were the origional charmed ones but were supposed to grow into the power or four, and the power of three was supposed to be passed on with similar but stronger powers to the next generation, until there is only two, that is when either another line is added, or there is just the sisterhood, or just the blessed child. If there is none, the charmed one line is over until another line is found worthy or powerful enough to unlock the powers. I know this is a lot but let me finish, that is all about that for now but...well Prue's memory of this was taken away, but Katie and Pan are Prue's daughters that she had in highschool. Katie was the first born and had her powers bound and we never named her. Your mother got mad and felt that she had to name Katie's twin. Katie was later named by her foster family, that is why it starts with a K. Your mother gave them a name, but the family changed it. Her name was originally Persia..katie knows that and had that name until she was 11, then she changed it because she wanted a "normal" name and everyone called her Katie, it was even put in the computer data base at social services. Only her birth certificate has Persia on it with Katie in parenthesis on the side. Now I'm not going to say much, but the sister hood is ready to be completed , because the third is out there, just in this case its 2 sisters and a cousin. After the first charmed ones, the charmed ones can be three cousins or 2 sisters and a cousin. They can also go up to be the power of four eventually. Wyat t and Chris on the other hand were prophesied too but I never thought that it would happen. They are to be called the brother ship Duo, which has to be two brothers. There will only be one, and if they have sons, there are a few prophesies with men that I will tell them if they do end up with a son or two or so on. That is all that can be said for now. All I can say is that this line better last forever because if it ends, when it starts again, it starts from scratch, so no matter what it takes, get over prue's death or it will make the survival issue a bit difficult" grams faded away"Blessed be"

Piper was shocked about the very long explanation her grandmother told her and let it sink in before she started writing some of the important stuff she said in the Book of Shadows.

To be continued

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