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Secrets Bestowed

Chapter 2: The Note

Knock, knock, knock!

"Paige can you please get that." a groggy Phoebe yells from the kitchen.

All the sisters were tired from the rude awakening the had that morning with Phoebe and

that nightmare like dream.

"Piper, get the door." Paige yells up the stairs.

Knock, knock, knock!

"Paige!" Both Piper and phoebe yell.

"Fine."A stubborn, tired paige mumbles under her breath.

Knock, knock...!

"Coming!" Paige yells at the door.

A chilly winters breeze sends a chill down the spine of the youngest of the sisters.

"Hello?" A confused Paige says

Just then, Paige sees an envelope taped to the door with Halliwell neatly stamped on the

front. Paige quickly grabs the note and closes the door. For San Francisco, it was quite cold.

"Who was it?" Piper asked as a confused Paige walked into the kitchen.

"I dunno, there was just this note on the door, let..." Paige begins to say.

"Oh let me read!" Phoebe yells as she grabs it out of her younger sister's grasp.

"Dear Paige Matthews,

We are short of service and would like to ask if you again would do Social Services a favor and work for us again. You would have another job though. This one you would actually have to interact with the teenagers here. If you would like this generous paying and job that is new to social services please call us. Hopefully you still have our number.

-Social Services

P.S. If you would just like to volunteer instead so you can come and go as you please that is also an option, or if any of your sisters would like to help out sometime, they are welcome. The job also has reasonable hours for you and your "busy' lifestyle."

"Wow, I don't know what to say." Paige quietly says.

"Take it! Come on Paige, you have been jobless for how long?" Piper intelligently asks.

"Actually I was just going to start looking for a job, and if they say that there are reasonable job hours...Phoebe, go get my cell."

"Fine." Phoebe says under her breath"...Hey wait why am I listening to you?"

"Because I asked to you, you are older, and I am taller, and you are ticklish."

To be continued