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Saiya-jin Princess Chichi

Spend a little Time on me

To the women at the establishment it was just another semi normal day…. as normal, as normal got for them. It was routine, not an enjoyable one, but one that they knew well.

The routine began; Go into work, get ready for the long night and miserable night that was sure to be ahead of them, make sure the place was as close to spotless as possible, and make sure the bar was fully stocked with liquor or beer and whatever would be needed for the customers for the night. Life could be better for them but it didn't matter to them at the moment, it was what paid the bills, a way to support them and their families, they couldn't argue that it was better than nothing no matter how much they despised it. When you had no other means to better yourself, you did what you needed to in order to get by.

The girls were in the back preparing as usual, getting on the skin-tight scraps that shouldn't have rightfully been called clothing, the painful stiletto high heels, applying their makeup daintily with skill and steadiness. One of the young women was ready early that night, helping the others get ready for another long monotonous night of work, a night that they didn't look forward to starting, just one they looked forward to ending. Her slender pale hands weaved through another woman's dark thick flowing hair quickly braiding it tightly into two pigtails leaving small strands to frame her face. She and her group of about six other women left the brightly lit dressing room, entering the bar itself, each female taking up a specific task of cleaning and checking over the entire main room, dusting, sweeping, stocking, all the essential tasks. The room was thoroughly checked over and cleaned thoroughly, the alcohol, liquor and glasses were stocked up neatly for the customers that would pour into the dark, damask, sleazy joint throughout the course of the long night.

The youngest of the women headed back into the dressing room, her hips swaying with each step that she took, her heels clicking against the tile floor with each stride she took. She untied the belt of her robe letting the silk garment slide off her shoulders, gliding down her sumptuous body, finally laying in a pool the floor around her delicate feet and shoes. She stepped out of the fabric daintily, picking it up with care and smoothing it with her hands before hanging on her dressing hook. She looked her figure over in the mirror, her eyes trailing down her body deciding that she looked significantly better with the robe covering her skimpy outfit. She sighed letting her eyes slip shut for only a moment, taking her away from this place; she opened them reluctantly, moving closer to her full size mirror. She began fixing the curls that fell down the side of her face brushing against her pale skin.

This job made her feel dirty, worthless, she hated it, every moment, every time someone touched her it reminded her of how much she despised not only her boss but herself for the way she had to live in order to support her child and herself. She hated the disrespect she was treated with on a nightly basis. She longed for another job yet feared leaving it at this point, knowing that her boss would do anything to her to keep her at her job in his company, where he easily had control of her. She checked the final touches on her makeup, adding a bit more blush to her cheekbones making them look just a little more prominent, she looked her body up and down finally starting to realize how beautiful she was, just how amazing her body was, she was happy with herself for the first time, she just wasn't happy with the predicament she was in. It had taken what seemed like and eternity and beyond to lose the weight from her pregnancy, but she had finally lost it all and was back in optimal shape, her friends all said they never noticed an extra pound on her, but it was noticeable to her.

She snuck out into the corridor leading back into the main room, peering around the corner, the hallway leading to the bar area was clear, the master was no-where to be seen. Taking the risk she bolted to the end of the hallway, peeking her head around that corner as well one of her curls falling into her face over her eyes. She blew the curl out of her vision, continuing to look around the room at the customers and clients entering the joint, just as she did every night before her performance began. The guards checking identifications, searching people for weapons, drugs and any personal alcohol products, anyone found with the items would have them confiscated until they were leaving, depending on severity, occasionally men were turned away for brining in weapons. That gave her a little security at night. She had always found the policies to be somewhat dumb, she figured maybe someone would rob the place and drive it out of business but so far she had had no luck with just wishing, even considering one point to carry it out herself while the place was closed during the day. The place was full tonight, men surrounded each table and crowded around where ever empty spots were to be found, they were lining the walls and leaning against the bar all crowding to get their drinks before the so-called show began, she could see a few men brawling over the seats, giggling a little thinking to herself thinking how ignorant most of the male patrons were.

A strong tanned arm slipped around her petite waist, she jumped slightly holding her breath for a moment before tossing her elbow back into the person's stomach, she heard a grunt and the grip tightened around her stomach, she pulled against his grip knowing it was her boss or her master as he preferred she and the other girls to call him.

"Raven what are you doing out here alone my dear? You know not to leave the room until you go out to perform. What have I told you about that, bad girls must be punished" She nodded her head against his chest at his statement, leaning back against his chest, causing his grip on her waist to slack slightly.

Jeice was the one person she couldn't tolerate if her life depended on it, not even if the world…no… the Saiya-jin races survival depended on her she still couldn't tolerate him, yet she worked for him and to her it was all too ironic. He considered himself to be the pimp of all the women that worked there, their master and their lover, most of them accepted it and would do anything to get into bed with him to stay on his good side, to get a raise or just to attempt to soon become Mrs. Jeice, but she and a few others hated him beyond every bit of their worldly being. Had the opportunity arisen to harm him without consequence, it would have been jumped at without a second thought. His available hand slid up her waist making its way to her chest, she flinched as his hand slid upward caressing her cheek, before she knew it, his hand was firmly grasping her hair. He flung her petite body toward the door of the dressing room, she hit the wall with a solid impact, cringing inwardly knowing she couldn't do anything about it, she caught her footing with her feet spread. Looking straight into his eyes with only a hatred she would dare to display to his face, she spit a mouth full of blood out at his boot, licking her lips, a grin full of malice painted across her face.

"Bitch, do not start with me, remember you work for me, I own you, and nothing nor no-one will ever change that for you, stop looking for your prince charming Cinderella, no one could ever love you but me and you know that."

She spat onto his boot once again making sure to get her blood and spit on his white pants, she took a step away from him and straightened out her clothing with the palms of her hands.

"You disgust me, I may work for you but you will NEVER own me, and the day you do is the day I die by my own hands. I'm not looking for a prince charming all I need is my son, I have no need for dirt like you. You could never love me asshole no matter how hard you may try I wouldn't let you. Jeice it's been over for a long time and don't you forget that you little shit head." She bit out through clenched teeth.

She turned on her heel, entering the brightly lit dressing room she slammed the door behind her. She knew he would hit her without remorse had she stayed a moment longer. She shuddered in disgust, if he invaded her thoughts any longer she would throw up at just the memory of his wretched little face, she couldn't afford to not perform tonight. Her rent was due in a weeks time, in order to keep a roof over her head as well as her son's. Her friends rushed to her side when she leaned against the back of the closed-door, her hand slid upward searching for the doorknob, as her fingers slid over the metal knob she clicked the lock on the doorknob, locking him out temporarily.

"Chichi are you ok?" The girl offered a hand to Chichi, pulling her away from the door and off the floor, she helped her upright to stand on her own feet again.

"I'm fine Bulma, I hate myself right now, if I didn't have Maliko I wouldn't be in this position, and I would have kicked the daylights out of that little prick Jeice by now if I knew I didn't have to look at him every day at 4 pm on the dot." Bulma pulled her friend against her and hugged her tightly, they could feel their exposed skin pressing together, the heat from their bodies melding together, Bulma's soothing energy slowly calming Chichi down.

They had both been trying to plan ways to kill Jeice off without anyone noticing that the little bug had been squashed out by them specifically. But working for the owner's son, that immediately made her suspect.

"You didn't let your parents help you at all, it was an honest mistake Chich, but you love your son, hell we all do, you're just taking care of things this way for the time being until you get accepted into the training program for the royal guard." She could feel Chichi nod her head in agreement against her bare shoulder, sighing in exasperation, her breath tickling Bulma's skin. Bulma pulled away, looking over her friends outfit checking her out, she jokingly whistled at Chichi, winking in her direction, causing her to laugh.

"Come on, it's time to go out there and make our living, get groped, by these drunken bastards." Chichi smiled, her grin spreading across her pale angelic face, she swallowed her pride for yet another night, wondering what tonight would have in store for she and her friends.