The girls sauntered out onto the stage their stiletto heels already causing their feet to throb under their weight; they all plastered phony smirks on their beautiful faces, their hips swaying with each step they took towards their audience. The main stage branched out into numerous small walkways leading out to the poles, the walkways served as smaller stages for each of the individual females as well. Each walkway was wide enough for them to perform on and led out to circular dancing stages with poles in the middle, the platforms were about four feet off of the ground to prevent people from grabbing the girls, but they found it didn't do them too much good anyway seeing as no-one stayed seated for the performances anyway. Chichi swallowed the bile rising in her throat out of disgust, she walked out onto one of the two dozen walkways that were assigned to each female, her hips swayed rhythmically to the music the now throbbed in her head, she let her body fall into a trance flowing along with the music that surrounded her petite body, she slithered her body lower to the ground coming back up slowly with her back arched seductively. She almost sighed when she heard the Russian techno/pop/rock dance music blasting throughout the club, she had been listening to the band since she visited earth a few years before she started this job. She moved her body with the music developing a certain flow as her hips swayed vigorously gyrating to the constant beat filling her ears, she could feel the calloused hands moving up her legs slowly to stick money in the tiny boy shorts that covered her lower anatomy scantily. As Taty continued pumping throughout the club she separated her mind from her continual reality and let her body just move with the music, she leaned into the pole wrapping her leg around it linking her foot behind her other knee, she spun around to the pole inching closer to the floor, moving back up slowly, grinding her hips closely to the pole her back arched and her head thrown back. She could feel the men's eyes glaring at her, burning through her body, undressing her with their eyes, it made her feel violated and revolting as a wave of nausea hit her, her eyes slipped open in an attempt to make it look like she was being seductive and not sick. All the warriors and the King's men were crowding the club, other men were on the floor grinding and dancing with other Saiyajin women or the women that worked at the club looking for extra money or tips to help raise their pay for the night.

The throbbing music suddenly came to a halt jolting her back to reality, the dancers slowly eased to a stop and some of the male clientèle started to shout and curse about the dilemma, the girls all looked to each other in confusion holding their current positions and waiting to see what the issue was. In a moments time the silence was justified as a short man with hair spiky hair stepped into the Strip club and looked around his settings, another man followed behind him her was taller and had dark hair that jutted out in every direction possible. Behind them were many other men, a short man with black hair in a bowl cut, next to him was a taller man with a wide but muscular build his long black hair fell just below his butt and was spiked and frayed on the edges, one of the last men of the group looked exactly like the man who was in front with the wild black hair but had a much darker complexion, one of the other taller men had short spiked hair that went just above his shoulders, the last guy in the back was tall and bald and looked just all around dumbfounded. Most of the female performers knew exactly who these men were, most of them had served the royal family and guard before, but tonight there was a new royal member standing in front of the crew next to prince Vegeta. Jeice scurried over and bowed to the prince before standing back up in front of him, his eyes never making contact. "Who is your companion sire?" Vegeta looked at his friend standing just to his side then over his shoulder at every one who had decided to tag along with him. Everyone in the club now bowing in respect to the prince and the royal guard that accompanied him. As they stepped into the shady club the door shut behind them with a click. Vegeta motioned for his men to find seats, each one ousting a previous male out of their seat, getting the exact seats they each desired..

"The one who stood next to me is Kakarot, and you know all the others, Krillin, Radditz, Turlis, Corniss, and of course the dumb ass jolly green giant Nappa." A smirk spread across his face, as her heard Nappa mumbling under his breath about the disrespect he received from the prince on a daily basis. Vegeta had grown fond of tearing into his father's top guard, who had been assigned to train with him on a semi regular routine. His father had yet to comprehend and accept that he didn't really need Nappa hanging around only acting as a babysitter, unfortunately Nappa tagged along with him almost everywhere he went and would report back to the King on his sons behavior, whether it was negative or positive. Vegeta and Kakarot were the two of the group dressed in the garb of the Royal house of Vegi-sei, signifying their stature. Their attire consisted of their everyday armor, their spandex suits which were also everyday attire, their capes hooked in the front of their necks and draped around to the back hanging down to their ankles. Kakarot had a gold band hugging his well muscled left bicep, the crest of Vegi-sei engraved deep into the precious metal. Prince Vegeta had a gold crest of Vegi-sei embedded into his chest armor showing that he was indeed the prince, one could not possibly mistake him as a civilian. Kakarot's arm band proved him to be of the royal family of Vegi-sei, but at the same time let everyone know that he was not in line for the throne, and would never be of the ruling lineage.

Kakarot looked around the dim room inhaling the stale air of the club; everyone was standing around frozen in their places waiting for he and the prince to get situated as well. The female performers looked back and forth between each other exchanging glances, each hoping to entertain Prince Vegeta, spending the night would him would not only be considered an honor, but would definitely bring them a decent tip at the end of the evening. Jeice grinned and bowed respectfully once again to the prince, then motioned with a flick of the wrist for the music to start back up. Vegeta tossed an objecting male from a seat at the first pole, his eyes roamed up to the blue haired female smiling down at him as she started dancing again, swaying her hips tantalizingly in front of him. Vegeta licked his lips, watching her body intently, she motioned for him to lean in closer to the stage and herself, he did so. As she squatted down in front of him, she left only an inch between their mouths, her hot breath gracing his lips, both of their tails twitched back and forth in curiosity and interest. He reached up gently sticking a wad of cash into her top and winked at her showing his interest, claiming her as his territory for the night, his arrogant smirk graced his lips, yes should would be his tonight . Chichi's eyes met Kakarot's as he settled down in front of her on a stool, she could feel his gaze locked on her, instead of disgust it only served to excited her, causing her to become less tense and more fluid with her motions. She danced closer to him and slinked closer to the ground coming back up arching her back to him accentuating her backside, her tail swishing across his face giving him a nose full of her potent scent, she smiled down at him licking her lips, she motioned to him knowing that royalty would pay the best, but he was undeniably attractive. Chichi flinched slightly when she felt someone's hand rubbing its way up the back of her thigh, caressing her soft flesh; she spun around quickly looking down at the man. She growled and moved to pull away, the bulky male jumped up onto her stage, grabbing her petite form in his large filthy hands. His hands slid up her stomach grabbing her breast as she fought to push him off her, he forced his lips to her neck, attempting to slip his other hand into her bottoms. Chichi struggled against his body trying to push the drunkard off of her, he reeked of alcohol and sex, she pushed harder against him vocalizing her protect against his sudden assault on her body.

Kakarot watched as the man harassed the small woman standing on the performance stage just in front of him, her heavenly smell of excitement from a moment before faded and became the scent of both anger and fear as she struggled. Her scent before brought something up within him, causing his eyes rolled back in his head, the moment her tail had touched him, he had decided she would be his tonight. But now that scent became one that was causing a rising anger in him. He caught the glimpse of fear in her eyes when the man grabbed her clothing and moved to rip it off of her petite body, a low loud growl emitted from his throat signifying his rising anger as his tail twitched angrily behind him. Yet the ignorant male did not take heed of the firm warning that had been given to him moments before, Kakarot quickly jumped up from his seat and levitated over the stage without even touching his feet down he swung his fist forward, his strength aiming to break something in this man, he made instant contact with the other males face, he watched the man fly backwards hitting the floor with a heavy thud, hearing bones crunching under the weight of the impact. The man had let go of the girl the second Kakarot's fist made contact, she flew backwards as well in shock, not thinking to levitate before she hit the ground. Kakarot used his transmission, quickly making it to the other side catching her in his well muscled arms.

Chichi awaited her imminent landing on floor, knowing it would then be followed by her being reprimanded by Jeice for "slacking off". The impact never came, she came to her senses, to realize that she was enclosed in two strong warm arms, cradling her form, she could still feel Jeice's eyes on her body as the unknown male grabbed her. Instinctively without knowing who it was, she threw her arms around her savior's thickly muscled neck and held on hoping for all the attention to turn from her and her current predicament, she could feel all the eyes of the crowded club on her and she squeezed her eyes tighter wishing it away. After a few moments she felt footsteps padding across the tiled floor and the rise and fall of each step this man was taking, she felt his heartbeat against her cheek as it throbbed in her ear, she lightly lifted her head to see where they were going, when she saw the far corner of the room where the private rooms branched off her heart beat sped up. Her entire being tensed; including her chocolate silky tail at the thought of what might go on when this stranger shut the door behind him.

She cursed herself when the heavy wood door slammed shut behind them, she took a breath dreading what she thought was to come; she looked up at who it was and didn't know whether to be at ease or just give in to his needs now. She felt herself being placed down on the velvet chaise, she sunk into it slightly and waited for what she expected to come next. Kakarot took a few steps back away from her looking her body over and giving her a chance to get a good look into his face for the first time. Chichi's eyes locked on his her milk chocolate eyes filled with uncertainty, he could smell her fear and see it in her dark eyes, her whole body shivered as she looked over the customer and the room that they were currently in. This room held too many memories that didn't please her too much, too many clients and too many times. He quickly removed his cape from his neck, Chichi twitched assuming that he was disrobing for sexual pleasures; she cringed and closed her eyes for a moment trying to ready herself mentally. Kakarot approached her and placed the cape gently over her shoulders covering her almost nude pale body; he tucked it around her and closed it in front of her slowly kneeling to crouch in front of her. "You were shivering. I'm assuming you were cold." A smirk graced his features but the smirk wasn't cold or uncaring, she wasn't used to the look written into his face, she wasn't sure if he was just acting warm and caring or if this was how he was actually going to treat her. Men always needed to be treated with precaution.

"Wh-What do you want?" Chichi attempted to mask her voice, to seem sexy and unafraid, her normally strong and loud voice quivered, she stuttered and sounded nervous as she tried to regain control of her speech. She had defeated her initial intention. He backed up catching a smell of the uneasiness that drifted around her being at the moment, he remained kneeling and sat back on his heels farther away from her now.. "Nothing special, a massage would be nice. That's if that's what you wish to do, I didn't mean to frighten you, I apologize if I did." Her mind was in a tangle she wanted to fear him and what she knew he could do to her, but she felt safe for the first time in a long time, why did she feel that she could trust him? Her intuition was screaming at her reminders of her past saying that males could only bring trouble and pain.

"You mean you do not want my sexual services? That is what I am here for. Look where you are, that's what this whole place is for." Her voice wavered slightly in happiness and fear at the answer, this seemed to be only a cruel joke that would soon turn into the nightmare that this job was. "Of course not." This time he smiled a full smile at her bringing her at a bit more ease with him, she looked at his smile and into his eyes wanting to believe that someone of royalty could be perfect, kind and caring. No one was perfect, this was just a dream she told herself, he inched closer to her again still sitting on the floor trying not to make her uncomfortable with him, as she seemed to be with the whole setting of her job.

"Well if you want a massage you might want to take off your armor and the top half of your body suit." Her hips swayed as she rose from her chair, dropping his cape, she brushed her dark hair away from her face tying it back with a ribbon, as she inched closer to the bed that he was now sitting on. She watched as he unclipped the chest armor and pulled it over his head, the muscles on his chest rippled beneath the spandex pulling it taut over his skin, after that he hooked his fingers under the top half of the spandex body suit slipping it over his head and dropping it to the floor with his armor. Chichi could feel a blush rapidly gracing her cheeks as she stared intently at his sculpted body; she bit her bottom lip wanting to yell at herself for finding herself attracted to a customer.

Kakarot laid face down on the bed with his head to the side so he could talk to her and be able to breathe, his back falling and rising with each breath he took. Chichi climbed onto the couch and straddled his waist, her breath catching in her throat as her hands came into contact with his soft skin. "By the way I'm Kakarot. What's your name I never got it?" Her small hands kneaded into his firm back and stopped at his question.

"I'm not supposed to give my name out, but…. My name is Chichi but at the club everyone calls me Raven." Her delicate yet soft hands kneaded into his well-muscled back causing him to relax and let his guard down. She noticed this and slipped her hands lower, towards the small of his back, she scooted down lower to sit on his butt giving her hands more leeway. She rubbed near the edge of his pants brushing gently against the edge of his tail, she could feel him forcing the moan that had formed back down. Just the feeling of her slender hands against his flesh was enough to drive him into madness. He had never been this enticed by any female before in his life, yet now just her scent, was holding his attention captive. She continued to rub at his back for another hour only idol chit chat being exchanged between them as she continued to massage his legs, arms and his back. A few hours later she was all but lying on his back slowly rubbing his neck "Don't tell anyone I gave you my real name…" There was a long pause; the uneasy silence sent a chill up his spine. "If it becomes known by master Jeice I'll have severe punishments to face." The last part of her sentence was audible but barely even to his keen saiyajin hearing, as her top lip quivered in anger. He carefully turned himself under her light weight to look up into her dark eyes. "Like what? That is if you don't mind me asking you." He rested his hands on her full thighs and looked down at the woman now repositioning herself against his chest; their eyes were locked in a trance for what seemed like an eternity. Chichi finally caught her breath and decided to talk.

"Like serving master Jeice sexually… and I might loose my …our apartment, and…." She stopped speaking and turned her head to the side, looking away from her newest client, no longer comfortable with the eye contact. A single tear fled from her left eye and ran down her cheek; it dropped down onto Kakarot's bare shoulder where her head was resting. "And what?" He placed his hand under her chin and turned her head so she was facing him once again. " I'll be beaten, by that bastard." she had said it so matter of factly as if it was a normal occurrence and didn't bother her, but he noticed by the look on her face that it angered her. He looked deep into her dark eyes, feeling her heart pulsing against his bare chest, her body eased up and her head rested on his shoulder as she lay flush against his toned body, his warmth emanating through her. Chichi lifted her head for only a moment, his eyes locked on hers holding her captive, his hand slipped under her chin drawing her face closer to his, her breath caught in her throat as his lips gently met hers in an indulgent kiss, she eased into the kiss her whole body moving into the kiss, melting against his chest, his arms closing tighter around her petite body holding her tightly to him. They both felt the world around them disappear, leaving them alone in time a voice accompanied by a knock on the door disturbed the unblemished moment, pulling them both back to reality and the bed they were laying in. She fell to his chest in exasperation, her head resting on his shoulder, one hand carefully resting on his chest just in front of her nose. Of course he had to ruin something wonderful for her. It was the one voice she hated unconditionally, the last person she wanted to see at this moment was him. He was the only person that had the capability of ruining her day in the blink of an eye; Jeice. "Is Raven with you? None of the other wenches will tell me where the stupid little whore went to." There was genuine tone of agitation to his voice, Chichi could feel her anger rising just at the sound of his voice. She knew this tone, it was the one he took with her when he punished her, feeling that his smug arrogant attitude would break her. Chichi moved to get up finally determining that she was going to punch his lights out and risk being fired, it was about time that she taught him this lesson, no matter what the consequences were. Kakarot grabbed her waist and pulled her back down onto the bed next to him, his finger resting on her lips to hush her oncoming verbal assault..

"She is with me, get lost. NOW!" Jeice immediately fell silent, not willing to question the authority of the elite male. As soon as Kakarot heard Jeice take his leave of them as well as their hearing range, he moved to place Chichi beneath him on the bed. Supporting himself over her body with his arms, he smiled down at her, leaning down to kiss her defined collarbone lightly slowly placing small kisses up her neck making his way to her supple lips, her hands slid up his chest, her hands entangling into his wild hair holding him firmly in the kiss. Kakarot pulled away from her, forcing her to look into his eyes; his fingertips brushed a few strands of stray ebony hair away from her face, gently rolling to her side, still facing her. He wrapped his arm around her waist repositioning her against his chest with her back to him, her body filling the empty contours of his curled up body. He purred quietly, deep in his throat the vibrations reverberating in his chest lulling her lightly to sleep surrounded by his warm arms. The haze in her mind slowly began to clear, her eyes fluttering open to see Kakarot leaning over her looking down at her watching her sleep soundly, she smiled and yawned looking out the small window above the bed, guessing from the position of the moon in the sky she realized that her shift was almost over. "Only an hour left, thank Kami." Kakarot sat up further, he used the leverage of his arms around her waist keeping her in their same position he pulled her into his lap, kissing her neck and her ear, his warm breath running over the bare skin, exposed by her top. "What's an amazing girl like you doing in a garbage heap like this?" He looked over her shoulder at her, resting his chin on her shoulder, his lips close enough to her ear for him to whisper. Chichi just shrugged her shoulder gently not feeling it was necessary to tell him the truth about her predicament, her assumption being that he would only be a one timer. "I want to see you again, I have to, don't deny me that Raven…. I mean Chichi, I could do so much more for you than tonight, that's if that's what you wish for. I promise that, and I don't make promises I don't keep" He kissed her lightly on the forehead, his tail brushing up and down her side tickling her skin. He slid her out of his lap and in front of him, sliding himself away from her and off the bed leaving her sitting up with her dark eyes following his movements. He walked over to the chair that she had left his cape draped over, picking it up smoothing it out with one hand. Chichi half expected him to put his armor, suit and cape back on and leave with out another thought, never to return to grace her presence again. Kakarot walked back to the bed and sat down, he slung the cape over her shoulders pulling it shut in front of her; he stood in front of her extending a hand to help her up, she reached to him finding herself on her feet against him in an instant. Kakarot picked his suit top off the floor and stretched it out pulling it over his head and down to cover his entire sculpted abdomen, he bent down picking up his armor, his eyes locked on her as he slid it over his head, clipping it shut on his sides.

"May I have the honor of walking you home my Lady?" Kakarot wrapped his arm about her slim waist pulling her body against his in a swift motion causing her to giggle lightly at his antics. As they exited the room Kakarot tucked Chichi under his arm, his hand resting on her covered upper arm, for the first time she felt important as she walked past the prince. She caught sight of Bulma sitting on the prince's lap flirtatiously, her slender and petite body wrapped around him, Vegeta looked toward his previously missing companion, a smirk spreading across his lips, Chichi blushed at the attention from Vegeta, quickly noticing every hormonally driven male in the room staring, jealous of the prize her new 'friend' was leaving with. Jeice's eyes roamed Chichi's covered body, protected by the well built young royal male, as her and her "client" neared the exit of the large shady strip joint. "Where are you taking my wench?" Vegeta's head shot over to where his taller long time friend and companion stood with the petite female tucked under his arm, protecting her from the prying invasive glares. Vegeta snarled in his throat, his face falling into a grimace, deciding he did not like the tone that Jeice was taking with Kakarot, only he was allowed to speak to his men that way, he quickly stood from the wooden bar stool, placing Bulma delicately down for only a moment. He strode up next to Kakarot, his tail whipping in agitation at the behavior of the inferior male, he shoved Jeice backward violently, watching the lower class male stumble backwards fighting to catch his footing, coming extremely close to hitting the hard tile floor.

"I suggest you check who you are talking to, and recommend you change your tone immediately as well you low life third class scum!" Jeice took a step farther back from the prince, visibly shaken by the prince's rising anger, he quickly and courteously bowed to him showing respect, realizing that disrespect could lead to a long and painful death.

"I am walking her home, her shift is about over, and I feel it completely unacceptable to let her make the trip alone without a gentleman's company." He turned on heel pulling Chichi with him, his back to Jeice. He glanced at Vegeta, a look of pride written on his face. "Sir I will meet you back at the palace, if I may request that you meet me at my quarters in an hour I must speak to you about an issue that has bothered me all night, and yes it is indeed important." Vegeta nodded and turned back to the blue haired vixen that held his attention for the evening, he scooped her up in his arms nipping at her neck, his tail wrapping protectively around her waist and down her thigh before sitting back down with her cradled in his lap again, his claim laid out for all to observe. Kakarot glanced back at Vegeta, shutting the door behind them. He led her away from the dark underbelly of the capitol city, filled with drunken soldiers, stumbling toward their homes. He kept her tucked safely under his arm, eventually allowing it to drop to cling to her waist.

"Where do you live?" Kakarot stopped in his tracks, causing her to cease in her movement, he looked down at the petite Saiyajin woman in his arms, rubbing his cheek against the top of her head feeling her silky hair caress his skin. Chichi was silent for a moment, she looked up at the stars suspended in the sky, enjoying the light that shone down upon them, the slight chill of the late summer air surrounding them completely.

"In the third class living complex." His dark eyes widened, "such a beautiful creature should not live in such poor condition, not in this life, not ever". It took him a moment connecting his thoughts, then realizing that she would not have the job she had if she had a higher ranking in their society, surely this would not be her lifestyle by choice. Kakarot scooped her up bridal style, spinning her around, clinging to his neck she buried her face against his strong broad shoulder as the air rushed through her hair, he carried her down the dimly lit stone street treating her as if she was breakable, as fragile as glass. After about one mile down the road, zigzagging through the city blocks past all the tenements, Kakarot placed her down gently on her feet allowing her to get her balance. His hands traveled down her curves as he set her down, her slender body still pressed against him, he cleavage busted out of the top as her chest clashed with his. He had followed her directions leading him to her apartment complex, observing their damask setting. His eyes followed the length of the dark alley leading to the apartment doors that housed within them the third class population. He could feel his instinct tingling through his body, his instincts wanted to kick in bucking against his common sense, he wanted to take her here and now, but he knew he couldn't. She took his hand stepping away from his warmth, leading him into the alley to the first door on the right "well number 50 home sweet home I guess." She shrugged her slim shoulders lightly. Kakarot placed his large hands on her curvy hips and took a few steps back leading her with him until he felt his back against the wall; he pulled her body to his in a fluid motion his arms slipping around her waist, his hands resting on her lower back. He leaned down nipping at her neck gently, nuzzling at her neck he pushed her head to the side allowing him access, laying kisses all along her neck and jaw. Kakarot stopped his ministrations for a moment kissing her full on the lips, his lips pressed tightly to hers, his hand tangled in her hair pulling her into the kiss. His tongue darting to lick her lips, tasting her succulent mouth. She kissed back fervently her hands and nails gripping at the skin tight spandex the clung to his arms, she pulled back, resting her forehead on his chest trying to catch her breath for a moment, her chest rising and falling in short breaths. Chichi backed up her hands reluctantly leaving their close contact with his body, she pulled his crimson cape from her slim shoulders, moving to hand the soft flowing fabric to him but was cut off before she could say anything, he pushed it back against her chest. His arm extended to do so, his hand resting on top of hers.

"Keep it. I don't want you to forget about me by tomorrow, I'm nothing special, I'll make sure to come by your job to see you tomorrow, if you need me before then come to the palace, and someone will find me for you, I promise." She smiled and draped his cape back over her shoulders, the soft silky fabric brushing lightly against her skin causing her to shiver, her eyes blinking shut for a moment, finally remembering what it was like to have some one to talk to. "I'll come see you tomorrow at work Raven, I promise I'll be by to see you. Good night." She smiled and blew him a kiss her lips puckering, she faked a curtsy and opened the heavy door looking back at him over her shoulder only to see him walking backwards his eyes still locked on her face. "Thank you." She turned and shut the door behind her. The hallway long needed a good painting and cleaning, a stale smell haunting her keen senses, paint chipped off all the doors and walls. Opening the third door down the hallway, she shut it behind her and locked it listening to the lock click shut in place, she leaned against the door with a real smile on her face, enjoying the moment of silence and the remaining tingling in her lips and her body.

Kakarot ran down the street with an energy he had never felt before, his Ki fluctuating erratically, he had to get home to tell Vegeta, this was the one, or at least he wanted her to be the one, she was to be his mate. He took a few running steps before jumping into the air quickly flying toward the palace, his heart still pounding in his chest.

Chichi slid down the door her back flush against the steel panel, her hands spread across the cool surface as she landed on the floor, her heart was still racing from that final kiss, she wanted to scream in pure excitement but contained herself only smiling instead. It had been a hard day and a wonderful night she hated her job with a passion, but it seemed that things would change soon. For once in her life she was bound to be rewarded for her good nature. She heard high pitch laughter and small footsteps running toward her as a small boy ran into the living room and jumped onto her lap, he wrapped his little arms as far around her waist as he could, hugging her tightly. "MOMMY!" She giggled lightly knowing her child knew nothing of the world around them, she ran her fingers through his long hair and kissed his tanned forehead. "Hi Maliko, Mommy missed you today were you good for Launch?" The small boy sat up and nodded vigorously his midnight hair moving with his head, he threw his arms tightly around his mother's neck. The petite purple haired girl entered the room rubbing her eyes with her fists, removing the sleep from a well-deserved nap, her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. "I finally got him to take a nap with me and then you came home." She laughed and offered a hand pulling Chichi up from the floor and pulling her and Maliko into a hug, the small child still dangling from his mother's neck. "Why isn't Bulma with you?" Launch's tone was riddled with worry, giving away emotions to the woman in front of her, unfortunately when the girls didn't come home together something was usually terribly wrong, Jeice was what was terribly wrong most of the time, but they still gave him a run for his money, biting and fighting back, it hurt his pride and dignity none the less. Knowing that the bruises he earned from his girls he could never explain to anyone else around him.

"Umm… one of prince Vegeta's comrades decided that he wanted to walk me home, his name is Kakarot. He told me to keep his cape, so I could remember him, as if I could forget someone like him, he was so warm and caring. Launch he's too good to be true." She stopped talking and took a deep breath still trying to calm her racing heart, Chichi looked at Launch, noticing the large smile that the small woman sported. Chichi realized why, she felt her cheeks burning warm. "….You're blushing Chichi…." Launch giggled covering her mouth with her hand. "But Bulma and Juuhachi should be home soon, our shift wasn't over yet when I had left, don't worry the girls can handle themselves." Launch was still holding her hand and pulled her back into an embrace without warning. Chichi blinked in curiosity, not fully understanding this sudden waive of emotions from her friend. "Well you never know Chi, we all know that you can't trust men, there's always a catch to the nice ones, just be careful hun, I don't want him to be another Jeice." Launch pulled back and took Maliko from around Chichi's neck, she swung Maliko around watching his face light up as his legs flailed in the air. Chichi headed to her bedroom, looking back at the two, this was her family and Launch was right, you can never trust a man, they were just like contracts they always came with fine print, something you didn't notice til later….. much later.

Chichi removed the silken cape from her body and hung it up nicely on the back of her door, the crimson contrasting against the off white of her walls; she pulled the money out of her clothing before stripping the skin tight clothing off of her body, throwing it into a pile against her wall. She sat down on the down spring mattress to count her nightly tips, it was much more than usual and in only a seconds time she realized that Kakarot had slipped a large wad of one hundred dollar bills in her shorts, she giggled and put it in her top drawer for safe keeping. Considering how much of the months rent that would cover for them. Chichi dug through her overcrowded drawer, pulling out a change of clothing, slipping it quickly onto her body. She exited the bedroom with her favorite baggy tee shirt on and sweat pants. Launch was in the kitchen already starting dinner along with Maliko's help, the little boy ran around the kitchen gathering ingredients that were needed to make dinner, she could hear her son trip and hit the floor and jump back up making sure to yell that he was ok. Chichi stretched her arms over her head and cracked her neck quickly, she rubbed her hands together going to the thermostat and turning the heat up just slightly to take the chill out of the air. Chichi ran to open the door when she heard the doorknob jiggling violently, she could hear Juuhachi cursing at her vehemently to open it, she unlocked it quickly and swung the door open sticking her tongue out at the girls., "Chich, Jeice would not let it go after you left he was cursing like a sailor, I guess someone was a little jealous, fucking prick." Bulma laughed and punched Chichi jokingly in the arm pushing her back lightly; she nodded and stifled a giggle.

"I'm going down to the courtyard to train for a bit, I need to wear off some frustration, if any one wants to get their butts beaten meet me down there, if not then just call me up when dinner is ready, Kami only knows just how starved I am from today." She placed a kiss on the top of Maliko's head, reaching down and ruffling his hair, she turned and walked to the door shutting it behind her, she walked down the long concrete corridor, a chill surrounding her body, the darkness making it colder, she finally come to the steps leading out into the courtyard. Chichi stepped into the courtyard looking up at the tall concrete and stone walls, this place was like a prison cold and unforgiving, it was getting close to time to break free of this life, make the escape. Bulma and Juuhachi looked out the window at her and shook their heads partially in concern, she was going to get them in trouble someday if someone sensed her ki, royalty would be furious knowing she reach Super- Saiyajin before the prince, but both girls knew they needed to train, they also knew that this was the only way for Chichi to get her pent up pain and anger out. Her strong energy was what kept her going and ahead of her opponents, giving her a foot up and holding her emotions stable.

"Well I don't know about you but I'm going to go down with her after I get changed." Juuhachi nodded in response to Bulma's statement, they both walked to their separate rooms to count their tips and get changed into something comfortable for the remainder of the night, no one would see them besides each other. Their bodies exhausted from the long night behind them.

Chichi sat on the ground in a straddle position stretching her toned slim legs and stomach to their full potential, she had already finished with all her other stretches and warm ups, it was time to do some serious training to make up for what she couldn't let out at work. She had promised herself when she had gotten pregnant with Maliko that she would never allow anyone to hurt her or her child ever again and this was the only way she knew she could defend them from harm. Her physical prowess being what saved her on numerous occasions. On one occasion, that was not the case.


The small figure of a teenage girl could be seen walking down the street, her long black hair flowing behind her as she hummed to herself. Chichi looked down the dark street making sure no one was around to bother her as she began singing out loud, also glancing behind her to make sure no one had been following her either, she seemed to be somewhat paranoid since she had run away from home, she didn't fear her father but she didn't want to ever have to go home to her parents. She had no intention of it either. She kept walking down the street toward where her best friend was supposed to meet her, her own footsteps echoing in her ears, she leaned against the street name pole looking around for Bulma knowing it was hard for Bulma to sneak out past her parents, her keen eyesight giving her clear sight down the main street. Her thoughts drifted to the one event that she had been looking forward to, the one day she knew would change her life for good, the day that would change everything for her and the girls. In eight months was the re ranking tournament was going to be held and she was hoping to at least get promoted to second class, then the royal guard would train her and give her a place to live, it would give her a boost up, getting her closer to the elite standing she knew that she deserved. Chichi didn't even notice the young man no more than three years older than she, coming up behind her. Before she knew what hit her, his strong hand clamped over her open mouth as he dragged her into the alleyway behind them. It was dark and damp, his hand preventing her from screaming for help, she could tell by the feel and scent of his skin just who it was, tears gathered in her chocolate eyes as she tried to plead with him through his hand. He had her hands pinned behind her back, one hand rendering her helpless, even as she struggled against him trying to pull away. He could feel her hot tears dripping onto his calloused hand, he chuckled pushing her deeper into the alley. He pushed her petite body into the dirt beneath them and she struggled against his body still pinned with one of his hands, his other hand ripped her pants off along with her underwear.

"Jeice please, don't do this, I thought you loved me!" Sobs wracked her tiny body as she struggled helplessly to get away from his invading touches. "Bitch you should have known that you don't say no to me, I get what I want no matter what, you'll learn from this." She felt his hand invade her womanhood touching her in ways that brought a feeling of shame into her throat, her virginity was something she wanted to save for someone special, and she hoped it would be him, just not in this manner. Oh Kami this couldn't be happening. She was 14 for Kami's sake! Help me someone help me, she screamed and cried kicking against him, but he only pushed her wrists to the pavement harder. She had heard of this happening to other girls but never in her wildest dreams did she think it would ever happen to her. Her voice became raspier from her attempted screams, bile rising in her throat as she choked down the sobs, her flesh burning away under his touch.

"Jeice please, I love you, please, please." Next thing she knew he had slammed into her virgin opening, she could feel her flesh tearing a searing pain scorching between her legs, he rammed into her tight opening over and over each time tearing the skin to her womanhood even more, she could hear him laughing, chuckling at her pain, calling her names as her tears burned their way down her face. Jeice leaned over and licked her tears up, causing her to flinch and attempt to pull herself away from his grasp again, "Shut up bitch you know you like it, I know you do." Chichi could feel the blood trickling lightly down her pale inner thighs and the searing pain in between her thighs burning her very being. Chichi struggled against him getting a leg up and trying to kick him, yet finding his body out of her range, she squirmed, screaming and crying. She cursed at him through her tears and sobbing, spitting in his smug face. He snarled at her through bared teeth, she could feel the snarl vibrate through him and into her body, he let go for only a second to slap her hard across her already tear streaked face. He was the son of her boss, owning many businesses throughout the capitol city. She had just started a new job working at one of his father's clubs, she was a bar girl and nothing more, just helping with cleaning, and they had only just started dating, at this moment she hated him with a passion so deep it could not be explained. He pulled out of her leaving her body beaten broken and her virginity taken, he pulled his pants up buckling them around his waist, he smirked down at her broken body.

"See you at work on Monday my love, now don't tell daddy or you'll have to be punished again for being a bad bitch" He turned to walk away, he stopped and grinned spitting on her curled up bleeding body. She stayed in a curled into a tight ball crying, feeling like her life was ending, the pain was tearing through her body . She didn't even hear Bulma yelling for her. Bulma could hear the now quiet sobbing, running into the alley she kneeled by her best friend, anger rising in her as she removed her coat to wrap her best friends naked form in. Bulma scooped her into her arms, holding her close to her chest as she ran home, Chichi clung to Bulma for dear life. Hoping her mother and father would know what to do Bulma made a straight path to her home, her prayers to Kami racing through her head, "protect chichi please, Kami please." She just wanted Chichi to survive this. She didn't have to ask what happened, the change in her friends scent spelled the story out.

Two months later

Her friends had helped her cope through the overall trauma of the rape, knowing who it was hurt the most. But knowing because of her class no one would do anything to bring justice to such a tainted situation hurt her even more. As she sat in the doctor's office, her hands tightly ringing around each other, her leg twitching, her breath uneven as she pulled back tears. She had been finding herself ill a lot recently in the mornings and afternoons, she just wasn't feeling too well all-together, yet she had managed to convince herself that it was only a stomach bug, a virus and nothing more. Chichi only hoped it wasn't what the doctor said it had a possibility of being, it couldn't be right, this couldn't happen to her. The doctor entered the room once again, carrying the results of her blood and urine tests in his hand, a solemn look written on his features, he placed a hand on her knee after he carefully shut the door behind himself, his eyes locked on hers a fatherly worry lurking within them, he didn't even need to speak a work to her the look on his face was enough of an answer, her eyes welled up with tears as quickly tossed her clothing on. She disregarded the doctor's presence as she dressed and ran out of the exam room stumbling uneasily on her feet. Supporting herself against the walls of the narrow office hallway, she ran straight into her best friends awaiting arms and collapsed in tears against her chest. Her constant sobbing preventing her ability to speak.

"It's true! I'm pregnant!" Sobs wracked her petite broken body before she passed out from shock. The weight of her world crashing down upon her.

A short six months later she found herself padded and covered in sheets. Chichi had refused to give her child up in any way, that's what her parents had ordered her to do when she had finally broken the news that they would become grandparents soon. Grief and anger had flooded her when she had come to the realization that since she was pregnant, the ranking tournament was out of the question. This was her only chance and she was missing it all because of Jeice, it just wasn't fair, hell she didn't even know what was fair anymore. Chichi felt another contraction pull at her uterus causing her entire abdomen to tense up, the pain shot through her entire body causing her to scream, she huffed quickly making an attempt at the relaxation breathing Bulma had tried to teach her throughout the course of the pregnancy. Launch gripped her hand,as Juuhachi sat against the wall just trying to coax her with words, they had stopped trying to hold her hand when she tossed the bedpans past their heads "I FUCKING HATE MEN! FUCKING HELL!" She pushed one more time trying with all her strength, her face turning a bright red, Bulma still coaxing her softly. Bulma helped ease the baby out of Chichi. The screaming of the baby could be heard throughout the small dim apartment, Chichi tried to laugh lightly, falling back onto the makeshift cot underneath her, a smile spread across Chichi's reddened face as she took the little bundle in her arms. She wiped the baby's face clean with the damp washcloth by the side of the cot, removing the blood and birth fluids from its face. She could feel Bulma pulling the bloodied ruined sheets from beneath her, and cleaning up around her, it couldn't disturb her not now. She smiled and wrapped the baby in the blanket now glowing warmly down at her new child. It was a boy.

"Hi, Maliko, Mommy's here, and no one will ever change that. I promise that sweetie."


Chichi punched the air hard as her memories and thoughts rushed back through her mind her world spinning around her, Maliko was her pride and joy, the one thing that kept her going from day to day. His long wild midnight hair flowed down his little back like Jeice's, but that was easily just a natural attribute of his Saiyajin heritage. Thank Kami he had Chichi's midnight black hair, and his dark eyes were mirrored images of his mothers. The only thing that held any resemblance to Jeice was the dark tan that graced his skin, Chichi was thankful he was tan, but wasn't the same orangish over tanned color as Jeice had. All in all she considered her son as hers and only hers, as far as she was concerned he didn't have a father, it wasn't a lie, Maliko didn't know his father and his father never took any part in his life or childhood. Occasionally he would ask where his daddy was, but she would only tell him that he went away to fight in a war and died leaving them behind, Maliko accepted this as an answer as legitimate figuring his daddy was a warrior like other Saiyajins' and she let him have his notion.

She punched violently at the air taking her aggression out on the invisible opponent before her, memories of that one fateful night that had changed her life beyond the point of return, she threw a strong roundhouse kick and landed punching at the air with a non stop fury. Three years had passed since the brilliant night of her sons birth, she was eighteen now, Maliko had just celebrated his third birthday with their small family. She powered up her ki allowing it to fly up close to her full power potential as she continued to punch at the air before her, her hair flashed blond for only a moment as she changed. The past plaguing her mind, she could see Jeice in front of her, his face mocking her existence, she kicked out in rage a barrage of kicks flying in the general direction of this figment. She could hear her long string of profanities flowing through her as she punched and kicked at the air. She stopped mid air doing a back spring a few feet back, powering up again and flying at her 'opponent'


Kakarot had just made his way back to the palace, his head snapped to the side, he could sense a unusually strong ki rising from the dark location where he had just left Chichi. He quickly brushed it off as he bolted up the stone stairs toward to his room to meet up with Vegeta, knowing that Vegeta had probably already eaten everything in the fridge by now. Kakarot placed his hand on the ID pad allowing it to scan the calloused palm of his hand, the electronic voice spoke up welcoming him home. The door clicked open, pushing the door open he stepped into his room to be greeted by Vegeta sprawled out on the plush crimson couch half asleep awaiting his comrade, the large plasma TV was blaring scenes of a gory horror film playing out on the screen. An empty bag of potato chips sat on his finger printed glass coffee table. Vegeta came to attention when Kakarot stepped into the room. "What took you so long Baka?" Vegeta sat up at one end of the couch, partially glaring at Kakarot, and partially curious about this evening, "Well what did you need to talk to me about? You're giving me a headache with all this silence moron."

" I know you saw that beautiful female I was with, I saw you looking her over too. I walked her home, I felt bad for the woman, she's a third class, that neighborhood is disgusting. Vegeta, I don't know I felt a connection to her, this attraction, and I know your father told us we must find mates before the year is up. I think she may be the one I take as my mate." Kakarot just smirked and pulled his armor off getting himself comfortable on the couch, kicking his feet up and grabbing the TV remote. Vegeta raised an eyebrow a smug smirk playing on his lips, he leaned back into the plush cushions "Baka, you think she's the one? So soon? There are plenty of elite women who want you, take one of them, at least they present a challenge. Besides a third class will never survive in the elite society."

Kakarot just smiled, leaning in toward Vegeta, knowing he damn well had ammunition against him as well. "Don't think I didn't notice you with the blue haired wench. I saw the way you looked at her, the look in your eyes that says anyone touches her and they die. Don't lie, I know you too well. You had your tail around her, last time any female touched your tail, you blasted her to kingdom come." Vegeta averted his eyes from his friend, growling slightly low in his throat. "So what if I'm attracted to the wench? Is it any of your concern?"

"I saw you put that large tip in her top. You were trying to help her out. You want more with her, baka, you're not the only Saiyajin in the room, remember that. You were placing your claims on her, letting her know that she's yours. I'm supposed to go back for my woman tomorrow, I was going to go before the place even opens."

Vegeta cleared his throat and rolled his eyes, a frown becoming evident on his face. "Have you already forgotten that the re-ranking tournament is tomorrow? Father demanded that we go, we have to oversee everything and make sure no brawls break out, the entire royal guard is going. You are a complete Baka." Kakarot cursed under his breath, his fists tightening considerably at Vegeta's reminder. His possessiveness took over his body as he snarled, fighting off the urge to go retrieve her right now. "Fine I'll have to see her after the tournament. I hope Jeice is there, I think it would be fun to beat the short little bastard into a bloody pulp. It would prove to be quite fun. And I know you want to go back for the blue haired wench. So if you wish to accompany me, then come, and we'll grab our wenches." Vegeta nodded and smirked in complete agreement with his comrade. "We'll show up at the club tomorrow night for the girls and take them out of there, trash the place a bit. Maybe we'll get lucky, and the wenches will put out. I do need to get laid." Kakarot stood from his spot on the couch and walked toward his room "Vegeta you are such a prick, you know that? So what the women say about you is true, you are an asshole. I'll talk to you in the morning we both need to get some well deserved sleep."


Back at the third class housing, Bulma and Juuhachi watched from a dark corner of the courtyard as their friend powered up, they saw her hair flickering between black and blond, she had reached beyond her anger point, and both girls knew damn well what had pushed her over her boiling point over the thin line that stood between her and her temper, they stood back letting her wear herself out just a bit before they stepped in to spar with her. "PURPLE.." Chichi could feel tingling in her palms and fingers as the large ki ball formed within her semi opened hands, she knew damn well she couldn't just shoot it straight forward into the building, she bit back her anger snarling in her throat. "THUNDER.." She turned her hands upward above her head her wrists pressed together with her palms facing the sky, with one last tiny boost of energy, the large black and purple swirling ki ball shot up into the air. "BLAST!" Chichi lowered her hands to her chest level her eyes softening as she watched her ki blast rapidly speeding upward at an alarming rate, a few hundred feet away from the ground it exploded with a large violent noise, the sound and light quickly dissipating from the air, only clouds remaining lurking above her. A smirk spread across her rosy sweat covered face, allowing herself to fall onto the ground landing on her butt, she reached for her large water bottle and terrycloth face towel. Chichi patted the sweat from her now pale face the flush draining from her cheeks, she gulped down a few sips of water, she tossed the bottle on the ground in front of her taking in a deep breath. Bulma walked up behind her, her feet quietly padding along in the grass, she grabbed her friends shoulders causing Chichi to jump up defensively from her spot on the ground, she snarled darkly at Bulma her fists balled by her sides, reminding her that she still didn't like people approaching her from behind without warning. Bulma signaled with one finger taunting her to come join them for the last half hour before dinner, this was a usual match for the girls, a full blown free for all. Chichi smirked and nodded tossing her towel to the side, tightening her fists slightly causing her knuckles to crack, she stepped into her defensive stance for a second before launching herself toward Bulma. The women bolted at each other in an all out survival match, no teams purely survival and skill, it was a challenge as Bulma and Juuhachi tried to double team Chichi to wear her down quicker. Both throwing full force punches and kicks, finding themselves hitting only air, Chichi transported behind Bulma slammed her clasped fists into Bulma's back sending her flying face first into Juuhachi.

Dinner was finally finished and the table was set with the help of Maliko. Launch smiled and quickly sent Maliko to retrieve the other women for dinner, he ran down the dark hallways, his little feet echoing against the cement corridor, he finally reached the courtyard, pushing the heavy metal door open to find his mother and his aunts. Even he found it to be a hard task, knew why Launch had sent him to retrieve them, he was the only one who could pull his mother out of an intense sparring match without getting yelled at or swung at. He stood out of the way at his place by the door, waving his arms around he screamed his little voice attempting to reach them, he jumped up and down yelling as loud as he could, none of the three girls even noticed him through all the punches and kicks flying. "MOMMY!" His small high pitched voice was a whine and scream mixed together in frustration, it was a voice only Chichi would be able catch at a time like this. She stopped dead in the middle of throwing a punch at Juuhachi, she turned to her son only to feel a kick landing square, Bulmas boot now connecting with her cheek, she hit the ground hard skidding a few feet from her landing spot, she pulled her arm from beneath her rubbing her now sore cheek. "Ya whore I stopped for a reason!" Chichi pushed herself up from her spot on the grass, walking over to her small three-year-old son, picking him up and spinning him in the air, his giggles filling the near empty courtyard as she tossed him to Bulma, she blew a raspberry on his cheek then tossing him to Juuhachi, who tossed him back to his mothers awaiting arms, his little body flying easily through the air due to the girl's strength.

Chichi placed him gently down on the ground, letting him catch his balance. "Do you remember what mommy taught you a few days ago?" She gave the little boy a stern look mixed with love, patting the top of his head, his hair flattening for only a moment before bouncing back from her touch. He nodded his head vigorously in excitement a glowing smile on his face as he levitated off the ground and flew around her before setting himself back down on the ground proudly. A goofy grin was plastered to his face, in pride of what he had accomplished, she smiled and gave him thumbs up. At his mothers approval he took a bow to his mother. "And do you remember last week's lesson my warrior?" Maliko didn't respond to her question as he showed that he remembered his lessons well, absorbing everything she told him and taught him.

"Ka-Me-Ha-Me…" Chichi raised her palm to him signaling to stop, he re-absorbed the energy ball, standing up straight before his mother smiling up at her. "See I'm a good boy, I remember everything you teach me!" She rubbed his head affectionately, picking him up, she tossed him over her shoulder his legs dangling in front of her chest, she headed for the door going toward their apartment, Bulma and Juuhachi stood by the door that led out of the dark courtyard and up the stairs, Chichi held the door and followed after the girls with her son still dangling over her shoulder.