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By the time they got around to eating dinner, it was around 2 AM. Chichi didn't eat much at dinner, mostly pushing her food around the plate taking an occasional bite, her fork scraping against the cheap china wear. Her mind distracted by thoughts of Kakarot, she kicked herself mentally for letting a guy sidetrack her, how could she trust him so easily, she had just met him, letting him in just seemed to be another risk. Bulma waved her hand back and forth in front of her spaced out friend who absentmindedly pushed her food around her plate, barely taking a bite every few minutes. "Chichi?" Bulma's beckoning went fully unnoticed, Bulma decided to pull her usual method of snapping her friends out of stupors. She stopped waving her hand and slammed her flat palm forward into Chichi's forehead giving her a rude awakening as well as knocking her and her chair backwards onto the floor. "One of these days…One of these days! ….You whore I'm going to kill you!" Chichi had tried to count to ten in her head, but found it to be useless, her mind telling her to just screw it and get the bitch; she rubbed her forehead for a moment, jumping from the floor. Bulma darted from her chair trying staying on the opposite side of the table from her pissed off best friend, with a quick flick of her wrist, she motioned for Chichi to come and get her, realizing that she had indeed made a poor choice in challenging her.

"You know what Bulma? Your ass is mine!" The grin plastered on Bulma's face disappeared as Chichi transmitioned behind Bulma. Chichi hit the back of Bulma's knees knocking her to the floor, she grabbed her best friend by the legs, dragging her into the living room where she proceeded to hit her friend over the head with the large cushions from the couch, to finish off her payback she reached into Bulma's sport shorts, grabbed her thong and pulled it all the way up as far as she could possibly get it. Bulma whined in pain, grabbing her butt, and attempting to pry the thin material out of her now sore rear end. Chichi fell on the floor laughing, landing on Bulma's lap, her head falling onto her friends shoulder, Bulma smacked her playfully as she leaned back against the couch. The two girls laid on the living room floor laughing hysterically at each other, before clapping from the kitchen doorway interrupted them, they both turned to the kitchen door to see Juuhachi, Launch and Maliko watching them intently with large smiles plastered on their faces. It immediately became obvious that Chichi and Bulma weren't the only two laughing, little Maliko was sitting at the other girls feet rolling around laughing so hard he could barely breath, Chichi stuck her tongue out at her son in a childish manner receiving the same gesture in return from her him. She slid down in her friends lap, resting her head on Bulma's plush thighs.

"See he takes after me!" Bulma reached down and ruffled Chichi's silky midnight hair.

"Yea he's a scutch just like his mother." Chichi turned her head and nipped Bulma's stomach lightly.

"Oh shut up you!"

Chichi and Bulma sat up, straightening themselves out, smoothing out their clothing and pulling their messed hair back into ponytails. "Sorry bout the wedgie I couldn't resist. Forgive me?" The raven-haired girl extended her slender hand, her best friend taking it firmly and shaking it, both girls falling back on the floor afterwards.

"That's ok you owed that to me, from the last time we wrestled, besides we don't always get to have fun like we do at home. You know it removes the stress and tension from work"

A sudden pounding on the front door of the apartment pulled the girls from their moment, Chichi stood from her spot on the floor, motioning for everyone to stay put and remain quiet. "Who is it?" There was no answer, a dead silence ringing back in response, Chichi picked Maliko up, boosting him up on her hip and walked to the door, she stalled for a moment, her hand lingering on the cold metal doorknob before slowly turning it and opening it cautiously. Chichi rolled her eyes quickly regretting her decision to open the door.

"What do you want Jeice? I'm not going anywhere with you so don't even bother asking." She rolled her eyes once at him once again, swinging the door all the way open letting it slam against the wall inside the apartment. She could feel herself getting nauseas at the sight of him, the strong smell of his cologne only making it worse.

"I want to know why you left with Prince Vegeta's friend tonight. And whose kid's that you little whore. You work for me and no one else, you should know that by now." Her mouth hung open slightly as Maliko rested his head on her shoulder, her free hand moved to cover his ears from the foul language she knew was about to fly from her mouth. No matter how calm she remained.

Chichi bit her tongue and holding most of her comments back. "He walked me home, out of that piece of trash you call a fucking club, I've learned that there may still be some kind of decency and chivalry left in this world. Oh by the way this is your son you sorry bastard, the one that you gave me without asking first." She glared at him venom dripping from her words. Maliko's dark eyes darted between the two feuding adults standing in the doorway, not grasping the weight of the situation.

"If someone of royalty walks me home anyway it's none of your concern, I do not belong to you, yes I may work for you but need I remind you that you don't own me. But this child does belong to you, prick, yet I've never seen you once take into consideration helping out or even giving a shit about him or what could have been a family." Chichi looked to Maliko making it known that the child in her arms half belonged to him, her free hand now running through his thick hair. Maliko poked his mother's cheek letting her know that he was still there.

"Mommy you said a bad word, you must not like the funny looking man, he's orange and I don't like what he called you. Want me to beat him up?" Maliko balled up his tiny fist, Chichi kissed his cheek hushing her son momentarily. Jeice smirked at the child, his eyes scanning over the small spunky boy.

"So that's mine? Kid watch who you call funny looking because I'm sure I could kick your sorry ass. You're probably weak just like your mother."

Maliko growled low in his throat he had never met this man before, he didn't like him already. "Maliko could beat you any day of the week, I've trained him well, and Thank Kami he takes after me, especially my looks. I wouldn't want him to have to look like a drowned rat like his father." She sneered at him, moving to shut the door in his face. Jeice put his foot in the doorway, preventing her from shutting the door as she had intended.

"That's mine too, if you want me to take him so bad I will." Chichi swung the door open again, the force of the door placing a dent in the wall, she could feel her anger rising. She placed Maliko down behind her. "Mommy what are you doing?"

Chichi glanced down at her son, speaking through her clenched teeth. "Daddy thinks that he can just walk in here and cause more problems, and there's no way I'm letting that happen. He doesn't even deserve to see you, believe mommy, he's a bad man." Chichi took a step toward him; she glared at him spitefully before reaching behind her and slamming the door leaving her friends and her child inside the safety of the apartment. The dim lights of the hallway flickered, barely illuminating their faces

"Listen ass-wipe, you raped me and that child back there, that precious little boy is what I got out of it. You knew damn well that I had him and not once! NOT ONCE did you try to care or help. Not once did you help with raising him, not once did you give me money to care for him. I have raised him for the past three years of my life, don't think you can just walk in and try to take him from me and get him to be like you. I would never let him turn out like low life scum like you, you bastard." She had her teeth bared, her canines glinting slightly in the light, her ki rising slightly, warning him not to push her.

"I want you out of my sight! And if I ever catch you anywhere near him without Bulma, Juuhachi, Launch or me around. I will not hesitate to kill you. It would make my life easier and make this planet better for the rest of us." Chichi took another step forward. Her finger directly in his face; at one point in her life she had loved him dearly. It had been a long time since then, when she had refused to have sex with him he turned to rape to get what he had wanted from her, she hadn't even been of age yet but that hadn't mattered to him.

"Baby you mean you don't love me anymore? I thought we had something" He pushed her finger down away from his face, leaning in so their lips were almost touching, she could feel his breath on her lips and her eyes rolled back slightly, she had missed him even though her hatred for him ran deep.

"Do you know how much I've missed you, everything about you, work is just a way I was using to get closer to you and see you and occasionally touch you." He leaned closer and caught her lips, moving forward pressing her against the wall, she leaned into the kiss nipping at his bottom lip, all the memories of their good times rushed back to her, as did the times when he beat her, came home drunk and cheated.

Chichi pushed him off of her quickly, watching him trip backwards across the hallway, hitting the wall. "I love you, I always have and I always will. But I could never forgive you. I'm sorry beside there is someone else in my life and they treat me better than you ever did. They don't beat me or anything, they care and want the best for me. And most importantly I'm not just a toy to him." So she had lied a little, what did it matter? She stopped and looked up into his eyes for a moment she thought she caught a glimpse of sadness and regret but quickly pushed it aside, how could she ever feel pity for him after everything he had done to her. "I have a son to take care of and a life to live, if you'll excuse me. Goodnight." She quickly turned opening the door and stepping into the apartment, slamming the door shut behind her angrily, locking the deadbolt with one swift motion of her hand. Jeice stood his ground for a while his eyes locked on the door, his hands balled tightly in fists, the bitch wouldn't take him back, how dare she. He turned and walked away glancing at the door over his shoulder.

Chichi stopped for a moment, trying to level her uneven breathing, she growled low in her throat, she reached for the nearest object picking up a vase by the door, she threw it across the room, watching it shatter against the wall, the flowers scattering on the hard wood floor. The other women gathered around her to find out what had conspired, Maliko pushed ahead of them, immediately clinging to his mother's leg. "Why are you angry, did that man hurt you?" Chichi picked her little boy up, supporting him on her hip, her arm wrapped securely around him.

"No he didn't hurt me, he kissed me and told me he loved me." Maliko looked confused as the other women looked at each other, anger burning in their eyes, they had seen her through everything he had put her through, yet none of them had the power to stop him.

"Wouldn't that make you happy mommy?" Chichi smiled lightly and sighed, she leaned her forehead against Maliko's, looking into his little dark eyes.

"He doesn't mean it sweetie, you'll understand someday." Maliko leaned into his mother's chest listening to her steadying heartbeat, the women made their way to the couch, settling in and getting comfortable, Launch seating herself on the futon. Bulma snatched up the remote turning the TV on. After only a few minutes Chichi steady heartbeat lulled Maliko to sleep, tucked safely in his mothers arms, Launch stood from her spot taking him from his mother, bringing him into his mother's room tucking him into his toddler bed beside Chichi's queen sized mattress. The mattress resided on the carpet of the bedroom, the dark room sparsely furnished with a large dark oak dresser and a small night stand that stood next to her mattress. Maliko rolled over in his sleep, mumbling something, before falling back into a deep sleep. Launch ran her fingers through his thick hair before turning and leaving the room in silence, shutting the door partially; she sat back down next to Chichi, lying back on the couch next to her friends.

"Chi you should really get to bed, we are all going to need our energy tomorrow for the re-ranking tournament, you especially, you're finally getting the chance you need to get out of here." Chichi's eyes widened at the mention of the tournament, it had slipped her mind completely between working and being a mother she hadn't even had time to think of that.

"Oh shit I totally forgot about that!" Bulma got up from the couch moving to Chichi, she kneeled down in front of her, hugging her tightly. "Hun we all know you're strong enough to get re-ranked to elite or first class, don't worry." Chichi swallowed hard, nodding her head vigorously, hoping Bulma was right about this. This was all their big chance to make it to elites; if they all got lucky they would be out of their dump of an apartment by weeks end.

"That's not just that that I'm worried about, I'm supposed to work." She slapped herself in the forehead, looking up at the cracked ceiling riddled with water damage, her eyes blinking shut momentarily. "Oh well if I miss one day it won't kill me, beside you guys have off too." They all agreed to get up at 4 the next morning warm up, shower, get ready, and have a decent breakfast for the tournament, out the door by 6 am. The four women hugged goodnight before departing for their separate bedrooms, "Night girls." All of them echoed at the same time. Chichi headed into her room, looking over Maliko's sleeping form, she sighed. Heading back into the living room, she walked to the door making sure the front door was bolted shut, she pressed the power button turning the TV off, tossing the remote down onto the couch. She walked over to the broken vase, crouching down, she started picking up the pieces of shattered glass as well as the flowers; she walked into the kitchen her bare feet padding against the cool smooth tiles of the floor, she tossed the shards and flowers into the garbage. Chichi flipped the kitchen lights off, making her way back into the living room, she turned the lamps off. Entering her bedroom, she looked down at Maliko in his bed the only light shining in from the streetlight above. She kissed his forehead gently, tucking his blanket closer around his body before crawling into her own bed, pulling her blankets over her figure. Her thoughts preoccupied with what tomorrow might finally bring for her and the girls, praying this would change their lives for the better, forever.

Chichi twisted in her bed trying to wipe memories from her head, the memories that haunted her dreams no matter how hard she tried to rid herself of the thoughts. She felt a wave of depression hit her in her sleep as images rolled through her head, her face contorted in pain, Chichi could feel pain run through her body as she relived how Maliko had been conceived. Anger coursed through body as she slept powering her up slightly. In her dreams she was seeing all the events that haunted her over the past three years. She shot up in bed and wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead, she looked over at Maliko sleeping peacefully on the bed parallel to hers, she rested her head on her hands and caught her breath. Chichi sighed and laid back down knowing she needed her energy for the re-ranking. She knew that torturing herself wouldn't do her any good to help her. Chichi let her eyes slip shut again, this time falling into a blank and fitless sleep.


Kakarot stretched his limbs, sitting up in his bed after hearing Vegeta yelling at him to get his 'lazy ass' out of bed. He reluctantly rolled out of bed, just wanting to skip the tournament and go to see her now. Making his way toward his closet, he decided against taking a shower.. He ran his hands through his hair as he reached into his closet for his spandex body suit; he pulled the bottom half on and followed with the top of the suit. Kakarot slipped his armor over his head, clipping it shut; he sat back down on the bed as he pulled his boots on. He took a deep breath, realizing that her scent was still lingering on his armor from the night before.

Chichi stopped suddenly as she slipped her armor on for the tournament. Realization hit her; she was supposed to see Kakarot today, but she was skipping work, it was either go to the tournament and prove herself or go to work just to see him. Chichi made a note to herself to find him the next day after the tournament. She had her white spandex on along with her favorite expensive black armor that the girls had gotten her for her eighteenth birthday; it hugged her figure and showed off her chest at the same time. Her entire body armor was black and tight fitting, yet it protected her well despite the sexy look to it, still allowing her full range of movement as well. Chichi slipped Maliko's training gi on and picked him up and headed to the kitchen for breakfast, she brushed his hair back away from his face and kissed him on the nose, Maliko smiled and hugged her, he remained silent, sleep still lingering in his behavior.

Launch had the whole table laid out with large meals for all of them including herself. Launch, Chichi, Bulma and Juuhachi were all in their best fighting armor, they had all stretched warmed up and spared before they got dressed and ready for the ranking tournament. Maliko sat at the table eating in silence, his blue and orange gi was slightly large on him but it didn't bother him one bit, the sleeve kept slipping down his arm and he continued to push it out of his way. All of the girls were silent as they ate, each one praying that all of them got the rankings they deserved, this would be what made them or what would break them, this was their only chance for the next three years. They had to get out of this life. When everyone had finally finished eating they headed to the door, leaving the dishes and everything out on the table, Chichi picked Maliko up from his high chair and headed to the door following all the other girls she grabbed her pre-packed gym bag as well and headed out locking the door behind her, she ran slightly to stay in step with the girls, her shorter stride putting her at a slight disadvantage.

The group of five took to the air, Maliko clung to his mother, looking down at everyone on the ground below them, the girls smiled at each other and winked, this was it. They landed at the gates to the arena and joined the long line for registration to the tournament. After about an hour of waiting, Maliko was fast asleep on Chichi's hip with his head resting on her shoulder, she kissed his forehead and repositioned him. Her petite hand was stroking his back keeping him soothed and distracting him from all the noise around him that was a threat to waking him up. Her grip on him steady despite the tingling in her wrist positioned under his bottom. Chichi and the girls reached the table after another hour of waiting, the harassment from men had been unbearable, men telling them that weak women shouldn't be competing and that they should be home cooking and having their children. A tall skinny bald man came up behind her grabbing her butt, she snarled at him listening to him whispering to her.

"Come have my children, be my wife and serve me, I'll be the best thing. Come on sexy, you shouldn't be fighting you're only a girl."

Chichi snarled louder and bared her teeth at the man. Chichi handed Maliko to Juuhachi and turned quickly facing the man, she took a step closer to him, she reached up for his face, squeezing his face between her fingers allowing her nails to leave small impressions on his skin.

"Listen babe, I could kick your ass from here to my house and back, leaving a bloody path along the way. Don't fuck with me, I could kill you, I'm sure no one would miss someone like you. I won't be your mate, or have your children or be your bitch, get lost!" Just as she let go and took a step away she swung around and upward punching him in the face, she could hear his jaw cracking on impact and watched him hit the dirt. The blood from his mouth trickled into the dirt as she took Maliko back and held him tightly to her as if nothing had ever happened. A much-needed release, she decided that live targets worked much better than her imagination when it came to relieving tension.

The girls all leaned on the table filling out their registration papers, chatting as they went, they could hear men behind them mumbling, flipped them off with their free hands and continued. They all stepped away from the table snatching their passes from one of the supervising elite guards, as Chichi walked past him he caught her mumbling something about how ignorant and clumsy men were. He swallowed hard and stepped away from the girls allowing them past, deciding it was best to stay on the short black haired woman's good side. She may not be an elite, but an angry female was enough to scare him. The girls all starting cursing when they saw the mass of people waiting to get into the fighters area where they would await their matches, the finally reached the door to the building and one of the guards stepped in front of the door blocking them.

"Excuse me ladies, you're not allowed back here with all the fighters, we wouldn't want anything happening to you lovely ladies." He looked them all up and down, he could hear all four of them snarling and mumbling things under their breath. Bulma stepped up and slammed her foot down on top of his.

"Hey bub, see these passes, if you don't let us through I'll be sure that you'll choke on it, and believe me you'll still be feeling it next week." She picked her foot up from his and jammed her knee upwards into his groin causing him to fall to the side and out of their way.

"Why thank you Bulma!" Bulma extended her arm forward motioning for her friends to go first.

"After you, maladies." All four of the girls giggled, the man behind them groaning in pain, another mentioning how sorry he felt for the guard that got in her way.

Maliko was woken from his nap when another bulky clumsy man ran into Chichi's slight form almost knocking her over, a string of curses and threats flew from her mouth in only a moments time. He yawned catching his mother's attention. "Good Afternoon Sleepyhead!" The man looked at her weird, he started to chuckle and pointed at Maliko. "You shouldn't have your kid brother here you know. Things could get too dangerous for a delicate lady like you to handle" Chichi bared her teeth at him emitting a low growl from her throat, the man smiled at her.

"This is my son, not my brother you asshole. So do me a favor and mind your own business. I'm sick of being told what I should and should not be doing with myself when men like you still can't dress yourselves without mothers help." She was about the turn her back on him, but she felt his large hand grip the side of her waist, she cringed and bit down on her tongue forcing her temper back down.

"Oh come on baby, you know I was looking out for both of you. Don't be a bitch, I could make you a happy woman." Chichi shoved him away with only one hand using just enough force to get him off her, loosing his balance he fell back, landing on his butt. "Don't call me Baby." She turned and walked over to Bulma, Juuhachi and Launch, she placed Maliko down beside her and sat down on the floor to stretch with the girls. Before Chichi could even get started she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder she looked up to see Maliko smiling meekly down at her, rocking back and forth from heel to toe, heel to toe.

"Mommy, I wanna go outside. Will you take me for a walk?" Chichi stood back up and picked him back up placing him on her right hip; she kissed his cheek lightly and nodded. There was no way she was letting him go anywhere without her full protection. Chichi motioned to the girls to wait for her all she needed was a few minutes and he would be more than happy to sit still for a while. Chichi turned on heel and walked back out the door shoving her pass in the guards face just to emphasize the point that Bulma had pushed across earlier. She walked out past the long line of other fighters; she headed towards a small clearing with a nice area of grass for him to play on for a while. She started spacing out as she walked past all the other fighters, she noticed the same pattern as she went, male, male, male, male, oh wait one female. The few females who were there smiled at her and Maliko, either summing her up as a fighter or feeling sympathic because they were dealing with the same chauvinistic crowd that she was dealing with.

Chichi looked down at the ground stepping past everyone, the small clearing was only a few feet away. Someone grabbed her from behind pulling her backwards, she tossed her elbow back hitting the soft spot under the armor, she could hear the person grunt, and spun around defensively turning to face the person. He had a slightly pained look on his face with his eyes shut. "ow."

"Kakarot? Oh Kami, I'm so sorry, you came up behind me and I don't respond well to that. Oh I'm so so sorry!" Her eyes widened slightly in shock as she bit her bottom lip and hugged him with her one free arm. He caught his breath and swallowed standing back up straight.

"What are you doing here Chichi?" She looked away from him for a moment trying to avoid eye contact; she fought for an answer to feed to him, afraid he would tell her she didn't belong here if she told him the full truth.

"Of course I'm here for the re-ranking." He nodded at her then looked to Maliko.

"Who's the little kid? Your baby brother?" Chichi swallowed then looked down at the ground wishing he hadn't asked, she took a deep breath and turned away from him slightly.

"My son." Kakarot's eyes widened in disbelief, he choked on his thoughts for a moment feeling his pride being crushed beneath her seemingly cold hand, his mind slapping him slightly, reminding him that she was not his. And obviously the child was no recent development.

"Who's the father? I didn't know you were with anyone." He stood up straight pushing down the hurt he was feeling. Chichi fought back the sting of the tears that threatened to surface and fall. She had succeeded for the most part, but missed the single stray tear that made its way down her cheek.

"He doesn't really have a father, and no I'm not with anyone. It's a long story I'll tell you another time." Kakarot looked at her and wiped a stray tear away with his thumb.

"How about I come stay with you for a while tonight? That way we can spend time and talk. What's your son's name?" He patted the top of Maliko's head and looked both mother and son over, deciding that all in all he wouldn't mind having the boy as his own, not now but someday.

"His name is Maliko, he's three years old, very disciplined and he's my strong little boy." Kakarot smiled. "Must be just like his mother."

"Hi I'm your mother's friend Kakarot." Maliko looked to him, a confused look playing on the child's face, as he begun trying to sound out Kakarot's name.

"I can't say that, it's long!" Kakarot smiled at him and placed his arm around Chichi's waist. "Then you can call him…" Chichi bit her bottom lip, thinking for a moment about the name dilemma. "…..Karat or Goku." She smiled at Kakarot then rubbed Maliko's cheek, leaning her head against her sons. Chichi put Maliko down on the grass and straightened out his gi.

"Now you can play for a little while but just stay where mommy can see you." Chichi turned her attention away from her son, keeping him in her peripheral vision, her eyes traveled up to the man holding her against him.

"So you actually want to spend time with me? I mean Maliko is always around and the girls are sort of nosey." She looked up at him smirking slightly as her hand rested against the hard exterior of his armor.

Kakarot leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips, smiling into the kiss, he pulled back looking into her eyes.

"And am I supposed to let that bother me? How about I take you out for a while then we can go to your place if that's ok with you?" Chichi nodded and kissed him on the cheek, she sighed and looked over at Maliko throwing punches in the air.

"I should probably be getting back to the fighters area I left Bulma, Juuhachi and Launch in there alone, I need to get back to them before the tournament starts, meet me tonight after the tournament at my apartment." He nodded to her, and watched her bend over and catch Maliko as he pounced on her, she smiled up at Kakarot and winked. "See you tonight then." Chichi turned, walking away leaving him staring at her well sculpted curvy form, he sucked in a deep breath of air and went his way to meet up with Vegeta.

"Does mommy like the funny man?" Chichi turned and walked back toward the fighter's area holding Maliko tightly to her as she pushed her way back through the crowds awaiting the start of the tournament. Chichi just smiled and pushed her sons head down on her shoulder, he closed his eyes and stuck his thumb in his mouth, his other arm clinging to her neck.

The start to the tournament was heard all over the arena through the loud speaker, Chichi took a deep breath, grabbing Bulma's hand tightly squeezing for last moment comfort. It was arranged by sex and number and weight, forcing the females to go first, Launch being the smallest of all the women present was first. She walked up the steps leading to the fighting ring, glancing over her shoulder for some type of support from the girls. Bulma, Chichi and Juuhachi each blew her multiple kisses and gave the thumbs up sign. Launch readied herself seeing a scrawny male approach her standing opposite her, she cringed slightly he looked dirty and like a street rat which didn't surprise her any. He smiled at her with a creepy yellowed grin; he quickly dove at her, as she ducked to the side. She turned to see him coming back at her and she braced herself waiting for him to hit, when he did she flipped back to her feet keeping his wrists clasped in her hands, she flung him straight out of the ring, easily becoming the winner.

Chichi was next to go, she stepped into the ring leaving Maliko within Bulma's care, Chichi cracked her neck and her wrists staring at the ignorant looking male she was about to face. She stepped forward and motioned with her hand for him to step forward, she slipped into her fighting stance, and the man walked toward her and bowed before slamming his fist forward into her nose. Chichi snarled and let the blood drip down her lips and chin, she motioned for him to come at her again and this time he flew at her full speed. She stood her ground punch for punch being exchanged and blocked by both fighters, she continued to block him and brought her leg up underneath him ducking his attacks, she watched him hit the floor as she jumped on top of him and pounded her fists into his face. As soon as he was unconscious the announcer called her winner and she stepped off of the man, Chichi made her way down the steps to the girls taking her damp towel and wiping the blood from her knuckles and her face.

Bulma was the next to be announced as she stepped up, she tossed her towel to Chichi and walked to the center of the ring. A smile cracked on her face as she heard her friends whistling and egging her on, the man stepped forward to her and looked down at her licking his lips, she scrunched her face up in disgust and slammed her knee forward into his groin then took a step back observing the look of pain on his face. Bulma laughed under her breath and didn't stop when he grabbed her by her arm, squeezing down in a poor attempt to break her bones. She mimicked pain and put her head down before bringing her elbow around and slamming it into his cheek, she watched him fly back and hit the ground, Bulma flew to him and kicked him in the side a few times yelling at him to get up off the ground. He jumped up from the ground throwing a kick at her and knocking her in the side, she stumbled and threw a kick right back at him following with a barrage of non stop kicks and punches most of them making contact. Bulma laughed as she backed him toward the edge of the ring and kicked him in the stomach knocking him onto the ground outside the ring, she turned and walked from him with a triumphant smile on her face as she heard her name announced as the winner of the match. As soon as Bulma stepped down, Juuhachi's name and number were called up to the ring, she smirked and closed her eyes as she stepped up the stairs feeling the adrenaline pumping through her body. Juuhachi walked to her opponent's side smiled in his face and whispered a few words to him before flipping backwards toward the center of the ring.

"Come and get me big boy." The semi obese Saiyajin flew toward her swearing at her as she swung her leg out making contact with his face, he stopped and regained himself before swinging his arm out for her throat, Juuhachi jumped to the floor, using her arms for support she kicked him in the gut full force. She cursed under her breath when he only fell back a few steps, he came at her again throwing punches and missing her, she finally ducked beneath him and grabbed his tail wrapping it in her fist she squeezed as hard as she could and watched him go down. The obscenities streamed from his mouth as her grip became tighter, she grabbed the base of his tail with her other hand and snapped it, she could hear the bones crunching in her fist as the man wailed in pain before falling limp from shock beneath her. Juuhachi climbed off him and dropped his tail against his back; she walked to the side of the ring looking to one of the elite males observing from the side.

"You men underestimate us so quickly; my girls and I just decimated them. Watch out, you could be next." The short elite guard ran his hand through his hair stuttering for a moment not knowing how to retort to her. Juuhachi just winked at him, smiling sweetly before stepping out of the ring and pulling her armor off to sit down with the girls. They turned to each other to converse about their opponents and the men they probably would have to face at one point or another.

As the day went on each of the girls fought and won three other matches, qualifying them for elites. In the last round Launch was taken out by a first class warrior who fought dirty, including pulling her hair and tail, Launch took her defeat lightly knowing she had done her best. Both Bulma and Juuhachi were defeated in the final round, both worn out from the previous four rounds. They had at least made it into elites, only one other female outside of their small family had made it to the final round, and most of the men had been disqualified. It was the final round of the day and Chichi was to face the top male winner and she would become an elite, this was all she needed, this final win would make her dreams. Chichi climbed the steps and sat down in one corner of the ring, she needed to prepare herself mentally, this was the final battle for her and it would be the most important thing in her life. Bulma, Launch and Juuhachi sat right in front of the fighters ring with Maliko sitting between Bulma and Juuhachi, with the drive and determination that their "sister" had they could tell this was going to be a long fight, that hopefully wouldn't go to the death.

Chichi slipped on her armor over her head clipping it in place, she straightened herself out , twisting her hair up in back of her head and securing it in a bun so there was no way to get a grip on her hair in this final fight. Sweat was already running down her body not from previous matches but from nervousness. So far Chichi only had a few minor scratches and not one bruise on her face, her muscles were sore and she wanted to stop knowing her energy was starting to run low, but she reminded herself that she had to do this and win for Maliko's sake.

Chichi's opponent was over confidant, throwing sexual remarks her way obviously amusing himself and a few other men in the crowd, Chichi just raised one middle finger and kept it up making sure he saw it clearly. She stretched once again and evaluated her opponent in her head, from what she had seen he wouldn't be easy but it wouldn't be impossible, he had the confidence he needed to beat her but she didn't know if he was intelligent enough to figure her out. The tall man had a cocky grin to his face thinking he had the whole thing bagged, he only took in her appearance of being a small female forgetting just how far she had already come. He was tall and big boned but definitely over-weight, his long wild red hair was almost black and matched his eyes she wondered how he even fit his tail around his waist. His weight would be to her advantage and would slow him down some. The bell wrung and she stepped to the middle guessing his first move would to be to charge at her, and it was, he flew at her with full strength already. She sidestepped him and let him wait to be able to stop his momentum, the look on his face was amusing her to no end, he was using the brute force method and that wasn't going to work on her. He charged at her, this time she didn't move and ducked into a full roundhouse kick supported by only her hands on the mat, and flipped back to her feet. The large man went flying and almost went out of the ring; he slowly got to his feet mumbling under his breath about the bitch he was against.

He charged at her, this time he caught her before she had the chance to throw her defense up against him. Chichi felt her body pressed into the mat and cringed trying to struggle her way out from underneath him, she felt his hand grab her tail and twist it into an un-natural position causing her face to contort in pain. Chichi quickly reached for his fat thigh sinking her sharp canines into his fat, he screamed at her and bit down the pain until she tightened her bite, and quickly let go as she managed to get her feet high enough on her back to pry him off, sending him flying across the ring. He regained his position and flew at her full force, starting with a barrage of kicks and punches, she managed to evade most of them but a few still got in on her, she was blocking, not hitting back knowing he could only continue so long before wearing himself out. She continued to step back, blocking all his moves as she egged him on. Chichi felt herself being backed into the corner; her breathing became uneven memories flooded through her head, forcing her to the ground in pain. She felt the pain ripple through her body in the same spots as in the flashback.


Jeice kicked her in the side pushing her back between the two walls she was pressed into. She could feel the broken ribs already, all it took was a simple word as 'no' and he flipped at her beating her until his anger faded. That took a while. His foot once again slammed into her side reminding her of the life that she lived, she crumpled over in a ball trying to protect her stomach at all costs, even though she hated him the last thing she wanted was too loose her unborn child to him, that was his full intention when he began the attack. Chichi heard his footsteps fading away from her slightly, but when they headed back toward her she balled tighter in fear. The next moment she knew why she had, she felt the wood of the chair smashing over her head and breaking into many small pieces, she could feel the large splinters of wood digging into the muscles in her neck. Minutes passed by after she knew he had walked away leaving her to suffer, she ran her hand over the back of her head feeling the blood trickling down her scalp and her back. Her tears were now very evident to anyone who would have seen her face, her eyes were red and puffed up from her hours of crying and pain from being punched and beaten, not being able to fight back. Life was too unfair, she feared fighting back, he would get his way by hitting her in the stomach and killing the child, she wanted him to suffer.

Chichi tried to stand but a wave of nausea and strong cramps hit her, she screamed in pain and managed to get a passerby's attention. The strange woman rushed to her side and scooped her up; she took to the air flying to the nearest hospital.

She had survived this; the doctor cleaned her up and sent her home, deciding she needed to be with her family during a time like this.

::end flashback::

Chichi's body was still curled in a ball in the corner, everything had come to a stand still, and she could feel him still pounding down on her body. Everything, even her friends didn't move toward her knowing exactly what was crossing through her head, telling by the way her body twitched and moved for about five minutes. Kakarot felt the need to jump in and help her, but found Vegeta's hand firmly placed on his shoulder.

Her entire body tightened up and spasmed, a blood-curdling scream ripped from her vocal cords causing people to back away from the ring more, their eyes widening. For a moment her power shot up, her hair flickered Blonde.

The opponent's attacks began to slow, he stopped standing at full height to look down at her.


He took step away from her.


He was tempted to just run and tried not to stumble over his own feet.


Maliko screamed with tears running down his face "MOMMY GET UP! I LOVE YOU!"


His words reached her, her eyes shot open revealing a deep shade of aqua. She stood slowly flexing her body, she rolled her head back working the pain out of her neck from her "beating" Her top lip shook showing her sharp canine teeth as a maniacal laugh rolled out of her open mouth.

"I WON"T LET YOU TAKE MY PRIDE FROM ME!" A flash of light was seen as she flew at him knocking him in the gut, she got him down to the floor and continued to hit him repetitively. Her anger flowed from her body in the form of raw energy, uncontrolled and un-harnessed she let it go.

"HEY FATASS COME AND GET IT!" He took his chances, standing up again, he ran at her full force.

"PURPLE! THUNDER!" The man panicked hearing her words; just as she disappeared he looked around frantically and turned to the announcer as she appeared behind him, the ball of energy glowing in her hands.

"BLAST!" She slammed her hands forward throwing the energy attack away from her, It flew at him hitting him in the chest, she watched his armor slowly burning away, suddenly the attack faded. The look on his face was of pure terror as he screamed and cried about the burning, she had spared him but defeated him. Chichi smiled and laughed walking toward the edge of the ring, her hair still a glowing white blonde color. Maliko ran to her and clung to her leg crying into her spandex suit, she could feel his tears rolling off the material; she kneeled down to him and kissed the top of his head holding him to her.

"Everything is going to be ok, I promise." Everything was perfectly silent as everyone stared at her, the legendary had emerged, and it wasn't a royal family member, let alone an elite. Her hair slowly faded back to black as her calmed her son's tears. The speaker clicked on and the announcer cleared his throat.

"And Miss Chichi is the winner..." His voice seemed to become quieter.

"I love you mommy." He leaned up and kissed her on the cheek gently. She leaned back on her heels an fell to a sitting position with Maliko in her lap cradled against her chest, Bulma and the girls made their way up to her, hugging her too, each congratulating her for what she had just accomplished. Bulma had tears streaming down her face knowing exactly what had been going through her mind; all the past pain and terror built up inside with the feeling of being cornered and helpless with a male standing over her, everything Chichi had been through in the past was what drove her forward, it made her stronger and they all knew that. Chichi stood up from her place on the ground still holding Maliko to her, they all picked up their bags and headed to the fighters area to get changed into sweatpants. The arena still in a general state of shock, whispers of the news traveling throughout the crowd. Prince Vegeta sat in silence his hand still residing on his companion's shoulder. A female had reached legendary before he, a fucking third class female. His mind was lost within itself. He didn't even notice Kakarot slip away.

Chichi came out of the dressing room, and tossed her gym bag over her shoulder, she placed her hand on Maliko's head, putting her other arm around Bulma.

"Let's go home." As the girls turned to leave Kakarot approached Chichi and pulled her discreetly away from her 'friends and family'

"I'll be right back, just wait here!" She dropped the bag with the girls, as she was pulled around the corner of the building abruptly. He kissed her on the lips passionately not caring that the entire Saiyajin population was watching, his arms wrapping around her body and pulling her closer. Kakarot pulled back looking into her eyes and searching her soul, he smiled lightly and ran one hand through her hair, he nuzzled his cheek against hers and smiled. He of all Saiyajin's had found the Legendary; he had chosen her to be his. It all seemed surreal to him.

"You are amazing Chi, completely amazing. How about I give you time to go get ready and cleaned up and I'll be there soon, dress in something nice, but comfortable." He kissed her on the lips lightly and let her go, she turned to walk back to her family, and looking over her shoulder at him she winked before continuing on. As soon as she was around the corner he fell back against the building and dug his hands into his hair, he took a few deep breaths and stood back up. He needed to find Vegeta before he left for tonight, not to mention he had to get changed as well.

A thought crossing his mind as he headed back into the arena… Vegeta was going to be furious.

The second the door swung open Chichi ran into her room flinging clothing out of her dresser, he said dress nice and comfortable. She reached the bottom drawer, yanking it open, her favorite black mini skirt with built in shorts and her favorite tank top, she reached into the drawer above it and pulled out a clean bra and a thong. Chichi ran out of her room past all the girls and Maliko, skidding into the bathroom locking the door behind her. She placed her clothing on the counter, grabbing two towels out of the cabinet, placing them on top of the toilet top, she slowly turned the water up finally getting it to almost scalding temperatures before stripping off her armor and her spandex suit. Chichi sighed and climbed in sliding the shower door shut behind her, she just stood there letting the water roll down her bare body, and put her head under the water flow letting the warmth penetrate her. She reached into the basket in the shower grabbing her shampoo and lathered her hair up, she leaned her head back under the water feeling the suds from her shampoo running down her back and then her legs. Chichi picked up the bath puff and squeezed the lavender scented soap onto it before rubbing it all along her body inhaling the wonderful clean smell. She turned the water off, sliding the shower door open; she reached for one of her towels. Wrapping one around her hair and the other around her body as she stepped out onto the bathmat on the floor. She wiped the steam from the mirror and fluffed her hair in the towel, bending over pulling the hairdryer off the floor. Chichi flipped the hair dryer on, drying her hair partially not bothering with it all it would dry straight anyway. She pulled out a small bottle from the drawer, looking into the mirror she carefully applied a thin line of liquid eyeliner to her eyelids. Simple, that's exactly what she was going for. She opened the door to the bathroom, making her way across the hallway into her room, shutting the door gently.

Chichi allowed the towel to drop to the floor; she looked at the outfit on her bed, now second-guessing the practicality of it. She sighed and opened her bottom drawer pulling out a pair of dark denim jeans, a smile gracing her features. She slipped her underwear on, and wiggled her way into the tight, dark bell-bottom jeans. Looking her half dressed figure over in her full body mirror, she nodded in approval before turning to her bed. She snatched her bra up, reaching behind her to clasp it, then sliding her arms through the straps. Picking up the black tank top she slipped it over her head and adjusted herself in the mirror. She threw the closet open pulling out a black zip up sweater with a hood attached, picking it out just for modesty's sake. Grabbing a studded belt off the inside of the closet door, she slipped it through the belt loops and shut the door behind her sighing happily. Chichi stuck her feet into a pair of open toed high heels, looking herself over in the mirror she smiled. Perfect. Just like tonight would be. Her smile fell from her face, why did she trust him so easily; it felt right… but what if it wasn't? She shook the negative thoughts from her head, just as a clear knock was heard from the door of the apartment.

Yes. Tonight would be perfect.