Severus and Tonks found themselves in a kitchen that was as large as the one at his manor and that was saying something. Severus aided Tonks in straightening up. "You alright?" Tonks blushed momentarily hooking some hair behind her ear. "Yes I am fine thank you." Severus smiled and wrapping her hand in his they headed out of the kitchen. Together they admired the walls. Living pictures of the different places within the wizarding world. They stopped to look at a picture of Hogwarts showing Hagrid taming a rather large horse. Both smiled but neither voiced their opinions.

Although Severus was known to be a heartless, cold, indifferent, nonchalant person al these things have changed from a certain event that brought forth his disengagement from Voldemort. Heading for the opposite wall they saw a scene displaying at Knockturn Ally and next to that a scene at Hogsmead. Peering at the representation a cold hand encircled his heart and he felt Tonks tense up next to him. Lucuis Malfoy was heading into a shop.

A voice from behind startled both of them. "He frequents that shop weekly. "They whirled around in search of the intruding voice and saw the ranger as he was known approach.

"Sorry for barging in like this. Next time I will only appear behind that door. It won't lead you to anything so please refrain from using it."

"As you have deducted I hope these are live events at the respective places. There is not much further to them. Please follow me." With that he took them through various rooms within their living space indicating the various things and abbreviating as he went on. "You can change the colors as you see fit." He waved his hand in an off hand manner showing how much he felt for the colors they would choose. He headed for a rather large door. He stopped in front of it and turned to face them.

"In here you will find you workspace. A lot of books as you can imagine will litter the place as well. I know you are an accomplished potions master so I will not dwell on your area of expertise. Here you can make what you want as long as you deliver what I require. If you don't I will not hesitate to kick you out. Time is different here. Three hours in here is the same as one week outside. You will age at the outside time though." "Wow" Tonks exclaimed. Harry nodded before continuing.

"You will need all the time you can lay your hands on trust me. Tonks your training in the art of healing will start in a week from today. There are firstly a certain amount of potions that needs your attention. I will however not be training you."

Severus frowned and voiced his concern. "Who will train her then?" "Either Harry or Ginny. She will be more comfortable with them." Severus nodded.

"You will find all my requirements on the table once you enter the door. If they are completed you can continue with what you feel like. Please spend some time to make some health potions as well. We will need them. I have left a copy of my personal potions manual for your perusal. Please do not attempt to remove it as this…" Here he indicated the castle "Is rather persistent on guarding my artifacts. Please do not question the house elves either. They will assist you where necessary and follow your requests but they are free."

A very well dressed house elf appeared with a small plop sitting on the table next to Harry. He draped an arm around her and whispered something in her ear which earned him a giggle. "Her name is Lilly." Severus raised an eyebrow at this but refrained from saying anything. "She is the child of Dobby and Winky." Please treat her like your own child." Lilly smiled at Harry then at them and waved." They both returned the wave and with that she plopped away again. A very small amount of noise could be heard from the kitchen as well as a soft hum.

Harry looked fondly in the direction of the kitchen before he finished his conversation.

"I will visit you in exactly one castle week, unless something urgent arises." Harry smiled waved and vanished.

"He is weird." Tonks commented when their host took his leave. Severus smiled and cupped her chin to force her to look into his eyes. "As are you" He said fondly kissing her nose. "Now let's see the room he set aside for our little brewing exhibition." "What do you mean our." "I know you have a certain love for the intricacies of brewing that very few achieve." Severus said. "Well what are we waiting for?" Together they pushed the double doors in and what met their eyes stopped both of them in their tracks.

Severus blinked and blinked again. Looking at Tonks he saw basically the same look of bewilderment adorning her face as well.

Looking back into the room he took stock… slowly.

"At least twenty five by twenty five yards (Meters)" "Uh huh" was her answer

Two walls lined with books. The other was covered with various cupboards and racks. Three long tables lay vertically to the entrance covered with various utensils and in the middle f the room on a big pedestal was a book. A very, very, very large book at that. The bit of the room that remained was white and although there was no light visible anywhere the room or rather cavern was brightly lit. The floor was white as well and there were no windows either but that did not make part of the stock that Severus was interested in. Another pedestal stood to the front of the room with a single paper on it. A light glow emanated from said pedestal and for some reason Severus was interested with what was on it.

He slowly crossed the room to said pedestal staying clear of anything that he might disrupt. Tonks followed much slower. As Severus reached the otherside of the room he turned to see how Tonks was doing as she usually fell over everything. He raised an eyebrow and appraised her. The look she received she knew and answered before the question could be asked.

"I am not really any clumsier than the next person. It is an act so that the next death eater cannot connect me to… well me." As if it made sense he simply nodded and turned back the pedestal.

He picked the parchment up and read aloud.


I assume that by now you saw the layout of the lab.

Currently there are three tables. The one on the farthest side of the room is my table. There is currently a potion in the brew there so please let it be.

The first order that we need is the Wolfsbane. We need 25000 tablets of these. The procedure to tablet them is in the book on the pedestal on page 2550.

Severus scowled at this but continued to read in anyway.

Then we require healing potions. There are quite a few to choose from. Please do not let the ingredients deter you. You will find everything in the cupboards from phoenix tears to unicorn and dragon blood.

Here his brows shot up. Mumbling a "Wow".

Further to that if you need anything else please ask Lilly. I will make arrangements for said ingredient.

There the note stopped blank. Severus for his part turned around and once again stared at the room. He smiled and took a hold of Tonks and whirled around with her.

"Lets get busy." He said but before he could turn her loose she grabbed onto him.

"O no we won't!" There is something else I want first." This said with a giggle she grabbed his arm and ran from the room with him in tow….