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Chapter one- We Are Sorry

It all started off as a normal day to me, beast boy being annoying, Cyborg working on his car, Raven off in her room again doing who knows what, Star sleeping in late again, and last but not least me, working on finding more info about Slade. Yet, nothing could have have prepared me for what happen later on that day. It all just happen... so fast. We ... just never saw it coming... how could we? I mean we have lost before, but... just... never this way. I guess, we all wish we could have done more to help her.

The alarms sounded and we all rushed to see what the problem was. When we finally got to the control room, what we saw... was breath taking. The city... our city... was engulfed in flames. We did not know how it had happened, but what we did know was that we had to put out the flames or risk losing the entire city. We could find out who was the culprit later, and then make him pay.

I remember telling the team to split up so we could put out this inferno a lot more quickly, and so we did. Putting out the flames was not a easy task. It almost seemed as if the flames were alive and they did not want to be put out. It took me a long time and a lot of work to simply extinguish the flames in an area, and by the time i was done, i was covered in smoke from head to toe. Yet, that was the least of my worries that day. I still had to help out the rest of the team, who just like me were also having problems putting out the flames. The first person i went to help was Star. I really don't know why i went to help her out first, i guess it could be because I have been starting to feel something for her as of lately. When i finally got to her she was almost done, but she, like me, was very tired and a little burnt. But with our combined strength we were able to finished off her section and slowly make our way to help out Beast Boy and Cyborg.

Faith have it, I ended up helping Cyborg for some odd and strange reason and Star flew to help beast boy, since he was further way. It all seemed so strange to me, it seemed as if the more time i spent putting out the flames, the longer it seemed for me to be able to put it out. It was as if the flames were being fulled by something or someone. It could have just been me, i was very tired at that point and I did not have much more energy left, but i knew i had to go on or the city would not make it. In the end Cyborg and I were somehow able to pull off a miracle, but I knew that our luck would not hold out forever.

Our first sign of this had already come, as I ended up using the last of my items and weapons. Still, we needed to move on, and if i had known what was going to happen next, I would have tried to have been faster or stronger or something ...it just does not matter! Dam it! I wish we could have been faster!

Cyborg and I noticed that there was only one part of the city that was still in flames, and so we rushed over there as quickly as we could. It was along the way that Beast boy and Star joined us, and so i knew that the only one left was Raven. When we finally got to Raven, I could see she was having a hell of a time trying to put out all the flames. The flames would just not let themselves be put out, even though there was water flying all over the place. Some how through all our struggle we ended up putting out all the flames, and making the inferno no more. Yet, even till this moment i don't know how we did it. The memories are some how distant, and i can't really remember how we did it. We kinda just did, but that does not even matter any more. We saved the day... right? Some how, we don't feel as heroes. We lost half the city and the worse was yet to come.

It was when we were all taking a break from the work we had just done, when one of the buildings behind us decided that the heat from the flames that was just there and the water we used to put it out, was more then enough to weaken it (Hot and then Cold), and so to our great tragedy, it started to fall. We were so tired. We knew that we could not get away in time. We knew that our time as Titans and our luck, had just completely run out. Just as fear was about to sink in to our hearts, Raven decided that she would save us.

She summoned all the power, all the will, and all the might she could and stopped the building as best as she could from crushing us. Yet, it was not enough. She was using all the power she had left just to keep the building from falling on us, and being the size that the building was, it was no east task. Star, Beast boy, cyborg and i were able to make it away from the path of the building, but Raven was not so lucky. She had used too much energy trying to save us that she did not have enough to save herself. And so... to our greatest fear. The building fell on her. But just before the building was completely on her, a Flash of Gold flew past us and landed next to raven right before the building hit the ground.

Unfortunately, the person or thing that had a golden aura did not have enough time to escape himself, and so Raven and this thing or person... died in front of my very eyes. We were all in shock from seeing this happen. Half the team was in tears. i was in tears. It was not very often that this happen to me, and it was even less when I lost a person of my team to a fu*king building.

Time Skip... the next day

We were told that it was going to a few weeks to clean everything up in the area were the building fell, just to be able to start to look for Raven. Yet, it took them longer then they had thought to clean up all of the mess, even with us helping them everyday. It seemed that the building that fell on Raven was not the only one to fall that day. Many other buildings fell after we were forced to retreat from the area, and to throw one more rock on top of the pile of already bad news, it seems that some of those buildings that fell that day, fell on top of the one that fell on Raven.

We searched and searched, and cleaned and cleaned the city for many months, until we finally had it all clean. It was on that day that we found out that there was another problem, and that problem was that there was no raven. There was no body, no blood, no anything but a part of her cape. Well if you can even call it a cape/hood anymore, it was just so hard to tell because of how torn and dirty it was. We don't even know how we found it, but it did give us some hope. Especially to a heart torn Star.

Even though finding out that there was no body did give us some hope, there was still a part of me that was being realistic, and said that there was no way for her to have survived. Things at the tower were not the same for the next few days. No one would say anything. We did not even know where to start looking for Raven if she were still to be alive. So we just sat around doing nothing. The oddest thing was, that there was even no need to go and save the city in that time, which i was glad for at the moment.

Then one day at our front door there was a letter. We were surprised because we did not know where it came from, not even the cameras were able to pick up who left it. It took us a while to decided but curiosity finally won us out, and we finally decided to open it. What the letter said left us in confusion and wonder, as all it said was, " Don't Worry, You will see her soon." It was signed "Shadow".

End Part 1

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