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And So It Begins

Dear Raven,

I am sorry to do this to you, I wanted to be by your side at the time you needed me the most, but he has gotten too close to this world for comfort and now is the time for me to act. Please fear not my dear Raven. I know you have the power to over come all, and even though you may not see me, i will always be there with you at your side. Trust thy self, as I trust thee.

Forever yours,


A Tearful Cry of New Beginnings

"Tears, my tears. I... I don't know what i am feeling right now... I don't know what I should do or feel at a time like this. It hurts. The one person i have grown so close to has gone to fight his other half. I just don't know if i will ever see him again. Just the thought of never seeing him once more pains my heart. I never wanted to love, no... I would not allow my self to love, and yet, one man came into my life one day and slowly made his way into my heart. He trained me and he cared for me when he did not have to. He removed all the symbols from my body when he thought i would not notice, yet i did, and for that i am grateful. He has done so much for me, and now he is gone, perhaps to never return. I wish he could trust me enough for me to be able to fight at his side, but i know, that even with all the training i have done, that i will only be in his way. It pains me till no end, but i must go on. I have my own battle to fight, and i will not lose. DO YOU HEAR THAT FATHER, I WILL BE YOUR GEM NO LONGER! I WILL NOT LOSE , BECAUSE...

Placed Faith- The End is Here