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Shadow Hearts II: Snapshot

Installment: Yearning

By Tiger5913

Drabble #15 – Christmas, Yuri x Alice

December 25th, 1914.

Throughout the village, children ran around, screaming their delight for the joyful day. Families gathered in their warm homes and enjoyed just being together. Couples, beloved partners, they had the best time, celebrating with romantic dinners and intimate events at the darkest peak of night.

Watching all of them with hooded eyes, the fusionist sighed and tightened his hold on the fragile glass bottle. As much as he wanted to enjoy the holiday, his heart just wasn't in it. A stolen glance at nearby dangling mistletoe made him wince and look away.

Wish you were here, Alice

Drabble #16 – Loneliness, Kurando x Anastasia

His wife quickly made friends.

He could see why. After all, she was warm and friendly, always smiling and bounding around, a real bundle of delightful energy. The adult villagers adored her, the kids liked playing with her, and most of the teenagers were her friends. Because of his occupation, the young Inugami leader was frequently away, but he never had to worry about his spouse being lonely… even though he himself felt so without her presence.

But when Kurando returned home from his trips and Anastasia greeted him with tight hugs, it was as if they were never apart.

End of Installment

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