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Shadow Hearts II: Snapshot

Installment: Crossover

By Tiger5913

First Meeting, Yuri and Johnny friendship

"This is the friend that I mentioned to you before," Keith drawled smoothly as he introduced his old traveling companions to the bride and groom.

The men sized each other up, while their respective wives smiled pleasantly, politely.

It took only one comment about their past adventures to get a conversation started. Or more accurately, the bragging rights.

"Yuri Hyuga: 2," he emphasized that by holding up two fingers. "Baddies trying to destroy the world: 0." The formation of his hand changed into a circle.

"Looks like I've got some catching up to do," Johnny remarked with a good-natured grin.

Damage Control, Shania and Alice friendship

After some time into the discussion on childrearing, Shania looked up at the clock and realized how long their husbands had been away.

"If they claim they got lost, I'm not gonna buy it," she quipped as she and Alice started their search. Fortunately, it didn't take too long to locate them, especially considering the commotion they were making.

…She should have known that 'stepping out for a minute' really translated to 'we're going to show off our strength.'

Johnny was lucky she had only glares instead of tomahawks.

"Yikes," Yuri nudged the younger man, "Don't screw up your honeymoon!"

End of Installment

Author's Note: Hello, SH:C fandom! Is anyone still around…? Anyway, I've always wanted to write something like this. A meeting between the SH:C and FTNW cast! XD I can't help thinking that if Yuri and Johnny ever met, they'd quickly get into trouble. Put two hotheaded heroes in the same room, and… yeah. Alice and Shania would probably get along pretty well. Then again, who wouldn't like someone as sweet as Alice? :) Dear readers, thank you for checking this out, and I look forward to getting your feedback!

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