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Dedications: God, my friends, my cousins, my readers, Aruze for gracing this magnificent RPG with a sequel – despite the ending they chose to go off of – and finally, random bouts of sudden inspiration that gave me the idea to write all these.

Shadow Hearts II: Snapshot

Installment: Change

By Tiger5913

Drabble #3 – Disbelief, Karin x Nicolai

"He will never love you."

The flame of her fiery determination weakened slightly at those words. So, her feelings for the brunette fusionist were that obvious… but it wasn't secured yet, set in stone. He had not yet made his place in her heart, so there was still time for persuasion. Although her desire for him glowed within, its power was weak, and so the man that loved her sought to extinguish the essence.

"I love you, Karin. I will always love you, and take care of you for the rest of your life."

She believed… and the flame died.

Drabble #4 – Control, Kurando x Anastasia

The power of the ogre was now embedded deep in his soul.

With the seal removed, the seventeen-year-old fusionist could call upon its strength whenever he needed it. But on the flip side, he had to deal with strange… primal urges that occasionally rattled his nerves. He was usually very calm and in control of himself, but recently, he had felt those urges surfacing quite frequently, and he always hurriedly diminished them upon discovery.

He glanced at the object of his affections, and his heart began to pound. But he quickly killed his lustful expression before she could see it.

End of Installment