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Warning: Shonen-ai and OOC as well as Risa bashing.

Pairings: Daisuke X Dark, Very mild Daisuke X Satoshi



Japanese Terms:

Hentai – Pervert or perverted.

Sensei – Teacher.

Tenshi – Angel.

My Tenshi: Chapter Two

When Dark woke up his head hurt even more than it did last night. He was currently lying on the living room floor.

What the fuck happened? How did I get here? Oh! My tenshi helped me home. She'll be at my school.

The thought of seeing the beautiful red-haired girl motivated Dark into getting ready for school. He though back to when he first decided to search for his tenshi.


A ten-year-old Dark comes running into the room.

"Auntie, Auntie. Tell me story. I won't go to bed unless you tell me a story."

"All right sweetie," a young woman answered.

"Yay," was the little boy's enthusiastic reply.

"Dark, have I told you about tenshies yet?" asked the women.

Dark shook his head.

"Well," the young women continued, "I'm going to tell you about them now."

"A tenshi is a beautiful creature who can take all your pain away."

"Really?" asked a wide-eyed Dark.

"Yes, they can take all your suffering away and will stay with you forever. They're your soul-mates and are pure and good."

"Wow," was Dark's only comment.


"Yes Auntie?"

"I'm not going to be here much longer. I'm very sick. I want you to find your most precious person. I want you to find a friend. Someone who will take all your pain away. Dark, I want you to find your tenshi."

"How will I know when I've found my tenshi Auntie?"

"To you, your tenshi will be the most wonderful person in the world and you won't want to be apart. Trust me; you'll know when you meet your tenshi."

"Don't worry Auntie. I'll find my tenshi and I'll never be alone again." Someday I'll find you my tenshi.

XXXXXXX End of Flashback XXXXXXX

Dark remembered that soon after that, his aunt died. She had cancer. Dark never forgot his aunt's story, though.

It wasn't just a story. When he remembered his aunt's words, he understood the deeper meaning behind them.

A tenshi was someone for Dark to spend the rest of his life with; it was someone to share all the good and bad times with.

Dark would search forever for the person who would love him as much as he loved them.

His aunt had been the only one that had ever cared about him. Now he had no one and he was alone.

No, I'm not alone. I'll see my tenshi again today. I finally found you. Dark grabbed his bag and headed out the door.

When he got to school, he saw no sign of the red-haired girl. He was disappointed. Where could she be?


For a moment, Dark was afraid Risa had come asking for a date but sighed in relief that it was only Riku.

"Shit Riku. I thought it was Risa." I'm actually a little scared of Risa.

"I come back from Tokyo and this is the welcome I get," said an annoyed girl.

Riku had been spending the week in Tokyo spending some time with her grandparents. The whole family had gone except for Risa. Risa had faked being sick and got to stay home.

She had had a date that entire week and besides, she hated being around "old people." Risa could be heartless and shallow sometimes. Wait, that was just how Risa was period.

"Anything good happen while I was gone?" asked Riku.

"I got laid," replied Dark with a smirk. He loved to piss Riku off with his perverted ways.

"YOU PERVERT," screamed Riku.

"Just kidding," said Dark while laughing at Riku's outburst. That was too easy.

"I hear there's a new kid in our math class. Is it true?" asked Riku. It better not be another pervert.

"Yeah," was Dark's only reply. That's right we have new student. It's my tenshi. I know it. She's in my class too. This is awesome.

"Dark? Dark? DARK!"

"WHAT?" asked a startled Dark. Every time she screams my name I think of Risa. It's scary.

"You were spacing out and ignoring me. Are you on something right now? Are you?" asked Riku. I can't believe he would bring drugs to SCHOOL!

"No!" yelled Dark. "I have to get to English before my sensei starts bitching to me about being on time. See ya second period Riku. Bye."

Dark walked to his class. Riku was also his age, sixteen, and was the older Harada twin. The only class he had with her was second period; unfortunately, Risa was also in his math class.

He saw Risa come up to her twin.

"Oh my god! What did Dark say about me?" asked an exited Risa.

"Risa get over Dark. He doesn't like you and besides he's a pervert!" Riku told her twin.

"He is not and he loves me, he just doesn't know it yet."

Riku decided to head to class and leave her delusional twin behind. Risa should get over her obsession with Dark. Dark needs someone, but Risa just isn't the one Dark needs.

"I'll see you second period. Bye Risa."

"He DOES love me."


Risa reached her class and sat down in her seat.

Dark was nervous. Second period was about to start in five minutes. He was sure his tenshi was going to be here.

"Class, settle down," said Dark's sensei as calmly as possible.


Dark's sensei opened the door to reveal the principle's secretary. She and Dark's sensei talked for a minute before she left.

"Class, I'd like you to meet your new classmate Niwa Daisuke," said Dark's sensei.

Dark's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as we saw a red haired BOY come into the room. This was definitely the person Dark met last night, but it was definitely NOT a girl.

"Hello," said a blushing red head. "My name is Niwa Daisuke. I am fifteen years old and I am a sophomore."

"Daisuke you may sit where you like."

Comments could be heard from the females as Daisuke made his way to the back of the room.

"You're hot."

"Wanna sit in with me."

"Will you go out with me?"

"Don't go out with that bitch, go out with me."

Dark was still trying to get over the shock of finding out that the beautiful person he saw last night was a BOY.

He was sure Daisuke was a flat-chested girl. Daisuke looks much cuter as a boy though. No! Don't think about that! Hentai thoughts!

Dark was snapped back into reality when he noticed Daisuke had sat down next to him. He then noticed the looks Daisuke was getting from the girls.

This really pissed Dark off. How dare they look at MY tenshi that way. Wait. Daisuke is a boy. Daisuke can't be my tenshi. Right?

Why does it feel so nice to sit next to him? Why can't I stop thinking about how beautiful he is? Why do I feel like I'd die if he weren't by my side? Is this love?

I've only known him for a day! It's probably the drugs. Yeah…that's it. I finally have brain damage.


Dark turned to face the speaker. "Huh?"

"Aren't you the pervert-I mean guy I met last night?" I shouldn't have said that pervert comment out loud.

"Uh…yeah." Oh my god! He spoke to me! He remembers me! Wait. HE THINKS I'M A PERVERT! NOOOOOOOO!

"Uh…are you all right?"

"I'm fine tenshi." I think he really is my tenshi. Am I into guys? Does that make me gay?

"Um…my name is Daisuke." Maybe he thinks I'm someone else.


"Oh well class is over. I'll se you later Dai-chan!"

"Bye." What is with this guy, and why does he keep giving me nicknames? But…he was really hot and I kind of like the nicknames.

WAIT. WHAT! Bad thoughts. You can't like a GUY! But…he was really nice, even if he is a little weird.

Daisuke walked put the classroom very confused.

It turned out Dark had all his classes with Daisuke. Dark had checked his schedule when Daisuke asked him to help him find his next class.

Daisuke hadn't been in first period because he was getting some paperwork finalized. Dark was sure he would have noticed if Daisuke had been in first period.

Daisuke had taken some extra classes during the summer and was know ahead from the rest of the sophomores. This meant Daisuke had classes with juniors and a couple of seniors.

Dark was currently in his last class of the day. He had been staring at Daisuke all day. Since they sat in alphabetical order, Daisuke and Dark sat next to each other in every class.

Dark liked Daisuke even more now than he did before. He, after hours of talking to himself, realized that Daisuke was indeed his tenshi.

Of course, he had just redefined his sexuality, but who cares? As long as he could be with Daisuke, nothing else mattered.

Daisuke was kind, innocent, naïve, cute, and could make his loneliness lessen with only his presence. Daisuke had a way of making people smile and it was very difficult to be sad with him around.

Daisuke was pure, untainted by the evils in the world. Dark had never met anyone like him. He knew he would have to make Daisuke his.

Satoshi was in the only class he shared with Dark; consequently, it was also his last class of the day.

Satoshi had noticed that Dark kept staring at the new boy. Daisuke, the sensei had said his name was.

Satoshi also noticed how cute Daisuke was. Satoshi had admitted to himself that he liked guys a long time ago, not that he had ever told anyone.

Satoshi wasn't ashamed that he liked boys or anything; no one had ever bothered to ask. If they asked him, though, he would tell them the truth.

By the way Dark was looking at Daisuke, it seemed he liked boys too. This came as a surprise. Dark was such a ladies man. He'd heard all the rumors that went around school.

When he had inquired about the rumors, Dark had told them that most of them were true. He really didn't like Dark. Dark used people for sex, he broke girls' hearts, he was always drunk or high, and he was a pain in the ass.

Today, though, Satoshi hated Dark more than he had hated anything ever before. Why? One word, "Daisuke."

Satoshi had been smitten with the boy as soon as he saw him walk threw the door. He had never fallen in love before, but all that changed as soon as he saw Daisuke.

He knew Daisuke was special. He wasn't like the rest of the people he knew. Daisuke was sweet, beautiful, and pure. Satoshi found himself very attracted to the red head.

When he saw the way Dark couldn't keep his eyes off Daisuke, he wanted to gauge Dark's eyes out, beat the shit out of him, feed him to a pack of rabid wolves, and kiss Daisuke passionately in front of him.

Yes. That sounds like a good plan. Unfortunately, I'd probably go to jail so I'd better not.

Dark would ruin Daisuke. He wouldn't let Dark have Daisuke. DARK DIDN'T DESERVERE DAISUKE. He wouldn't let Dark taint Daisuke's purity.

Dark was a pervert and a drug addict. What if he made Daisuke like him? NO. He wouldn't let that happen. Daisuke would be his no matter what.

I noticed Dark staring at him all day. I didn't say anything at first because I thought I was imagining things, but now I'm SURE he's been looking at me all day.

Strangely, though, I didn't mind. It felt somewhat nice that Dark noticed me out of all the people in the school. I really want Dark to like me, but I don't know why.

I really like him. He's the most beautiful and interesting person I've ever met. H e seems sad, though, I want to make him happy. I think I may be falling for him.

Is it okay to like a boy? How can I be in love with him after one day?

Daisuke turned to look at Dark. Time seemed to stop. He couldn't stop looking into those deep, pain-filled eyes. He wished he could look into Dark's eyes forever. He wanted to make Dark's pain go away.


I'm going to beat the shit out of that fucking bell thought Dark. I was just having a moment with Dai-chan and that stupid bell kills it. It's against me.

Wait. Dai-chan is LEAVING!

Dark ran to catch up with Daisuke.


"I was...Uh…you know….well...Uh...the thing is….I was wondering…." Why can't I talk straight? I've asked out a million girls. Why am I so afraid he'll say no?

"Huh?" said Daisuke with a confused look on his face. What is he trying to say?

"Do you want to hang?" Say yes. Say yes. Say yes.

"Sure." Would this be considered a date? Oh my god! I've never been on a date before! I've never kissed anyone before either! WHY DID I SAY YES?

"Well let's go then. Do you need to call anyone?" HE SAID YES!

"Yeah, I'll just call my aunt."

"Do you have a phone?"

"Yeah. Huh? There's no signal. I'm going to find a place with a signal; I'll be right back."

Daisuke left to find a signal on his cell phone.


Dark turned around and saw Satoshi standing behind him. If Dark hadn't been too busy staring at Daisuke all day, he would have noticed the looks Daisuke was getting from Satoshi.

"What do you want Satoshi?"

"Can I come with?"


"I want to hang out with you and Daisuke." There is no way I'm letting you be alone with Daisuke.

"Why?" He hates me. Why does he want to hang out with me? Daisuke! He wants my Daisuke. That bastard!

"I'm back." Daisuke chose that moment to come back. "You're…Satoshi…right? You're in my class."

"Yes, I'll be joining you and Dark." Daisuke is mine! Take that Dark! "Isn't that right Dark?"

"Um, yes...that's right." Damn. If I had blown Satoshi off, Daisuke would have thought I was a jerk. Fuck you Satoshi Hiwatari.

"Well then let's go!" exclaimed a cheerful Daisuke. It was stupid to think Dark was asking me out on a date. Not that I wanted him to anyway.

Daisuke hid his disappointment and gave both boys a brilliant smile. The three boys headed out of the school.

Daisuke walked in front of the two boys who had started a rivalry for his affection. He, of course, was oblivious to their intentions and walked happily out the front doors of the school.