Warning: Shonen-ai and a lot of swearing

Pairings: Dark X Daisuke, Satoshi X Daisuke, Krad X Satoshi

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Japanese Terms:

Arigatou - Thank you.

Seme – The dominant one in the relationship. The one on "top," usually the older

and manlier person.

Sensei – Teacher.

Tenshi – Angel.

Uke – The passive one in the relationship. In short the one on the "bottom," usually

the younger one.

My Tenshi: Chapter Five

Everyone at school was talking about Satoshi's date with Daisuke. It turns out one of Satoshi's stalkers overheard him ask out Daisuke. She told all her friends, who happened to be huge gossips, and by morning, everyone knew about the date. Everyone, that is, except Dark. The day after Satoshi asked Daisuke out, which also happened to be the day of the date, Dark was home sick.

Some rumors were outrages, while others were just plain silly. Either way, they spread like wildfire. A couple of girls claimed they saw Daisuke and Satoshi make out in the janitor's closet, a group of boys swore Daisuke was actually a girl in disguise, and some of Satoshi's stalkers told everyone that Daisuke and Satoshi had been in a secret relationship for years.

Daisuke was oblivious to the gossip, but not to the stares. Every time he said hello to someone, they'd look away. Most of the girls started giggling when they saw him. The stares weren't hateful glares; they were more like looks of amusement and curiosity. This confused Daisuke. It wasn't until he eavesdropped on the conversation of a couple of girls that he realized what was going on.

"Did you hear about Satoshi and Daisuke?"


"They make such a cute couple!"

"They're going on a date today!"

How do they know?


Daisuke had never been more embarrassed in his entire life.

That's why they keep staring…

Daisuke ran to class and decided to pretend nothing was wrong. He would ignore all the gossip that was going around school.

Satoshi had also heard all the gossip, but unlike Daisuke, he was glad people were talking about them. He wanted them all to know exactly who Daisuke belonged to. The fact that they hadn't even gone on one date yet was nothing but a minor detail. It was unimportant because Daisuke and he were meant to be together.

Dark was just jealous and wished Daisuke belonged to him. There was no way though, that Satoshi would give up Daisuke to a trashy slut. Satoshi thought Dark was nothing but a drug addict who thought he could win over his Daisuke.

Satoshi would show Dark though. Tonight was his first date with Daisuke. He would ask Daisuke to be his boyfriend and the redhead would officially be his. Dark would have to back off and accept that Daisuke was taken; it was the perfect plan.

Dark had spent most of his afternoon trying to convince himself that Daisuke wasn't going on a date with Satoshi, but it hadn't worked very well. Dark tried distracting himself, but all he could think about was Satoshi groping Daisuke. Dark decided it would be best to clear his head. He was so angry right now and needed to cool off. Dark got his coat and walked out the door.

He wandered through the streets, just looking at the people that he passed. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry and didn't spare Dark even a glance. Dark just kept walking and walking. He ended up in front of his favorite club. It was packed with teens even though school was still taking place. Most couldn't be older than fourteen. Dark had spent most of his adolescence here.

The club was known for its…illegal activities, especially drug dealing. The club bribed the police so you didn't have to worry about getting into any sort of trouble. As long as they got their money, the cops didn't care about what happened in the nightclub. It was when people started dying that it really became an issue.

Dark had come to the club less and less. Most of the time, he was either thinking about Daisuke, or hanging out with him. Sometimes, it was both. He would be in the middle of a fantasy only to be dragged back into reality by the object of his desires. His favorite fantasy involved Daisuke in a schoolgirl uniform and he, Dark, as Daisuke's teacher. In the fantasy, Daisuke had been very bad and Dark had to punish him.

Dark decided to stop thinking about Daisuke. He'd just end up with a huge nosebleed and pass out in the middle of the street. But it was hard to focus when you're having sexual fantasies about a cute redhead. Dark entered the club. Huge speakers were blasting loud music. You couldn't hear anything but the music.

Dark walked towards the back of the club; it was usually the place people went to get high off something or have sex. Sometimes they did both these at once while also shoving huge quantities of alcohol down their throats. Dark couldn't remember everything that had happened there, but he did remember a few things. When he tried to remember, all he saw was drugs and him doing random girls.

"Hey Dark!" Called out a teen dressed in all black.

Dark and the teen had spent lots of time together when they were younger. He was Dark's drug dealer. Yup, they had some pleasant memories together.

"Long time no see, Hiro," Dark calmly stated.

More like I haven't bought drugs from you in awhile.

"Where have you been?"


Thinking about screwing my new friend. You know, the usual.

"Doing what?"


Watching Daisuke.

"What kind of stuff?"

"You know stuff…"

More Daisuke watching.

"Okaay, whatever."

Dark and Hiro went through this every time they saw each other. It was like a ritual. Hiro and Dark weren't friends, even though they had known each other for years. They weren't enemies either, but they didn't really care about each other. They just needed each other. Hiro wanted Dark's cash and Dark wanted drugs. It was just the way it was.

Hiro knew what Dark had come for, so he didn't waste any more time chatting. Dark wasn't a picky customer. He'd take anything as long as he felt good. Half the time, Dark didn't even know what he was on. The fact that he liked to mix an assortment of drugs together with alcohol was very dangerous. Hiro, though, wasn't paid to care about his customers.

Hiro was paid to provide people with whatever drug they needed. If Dark dropped dead, that would be his problem. Hiro handed Dark a plastic bag and moved on with another customer. The little bag he had given Dark contained an assortment of drugs. There was a little of everything. Hiro watched Dark leave the club. Whatever that idiot did was none of his concern.

Daisuke was very nervous. He had never gone to such a fancy restaurant before. The only food he'd eaten that came from a restaurant was takeout. His aunt told him that he used to be taken to restaurants all the time as a child, but he couldn't remember. His aunt would order takeout and they'd watch movies all night long.

Everyone around him was so much older and everyone looked so mature and sophisticated. Daisuke felt seriously out of place. He wished Satoshi had picked somewhere else to dine.

"You're food," the waiter stated.

Daisuke looked down at his place. He didn't know what he was eating, in fact, he couldn't even pronounce the name. It was some weird French word. Satoshi had ordered it for him.

Daisuke noticed that Satoshi kept glancing at him while he ate. The blue-haired boy was trying to be discreet about his glances, but Daisuke noticed. He wished Satoshi would stop; it was making him even more nervous than he already was. Daisuke and Satoshi ate their meal in silence.

Daisuke was having second thoughts about coming on the date. It had seemed like a good idea before, but now he wished he was at home…with Dark.



I did not just think that!

When the meal was finished, Satoshi suggested they take a walk. Daisuke, being the polite boy he was, couldn't refuse. So Satoshi led Daisuke down the street.

Dark had gotten upset and depressed over Daisuke's date so he went to get himself the only thing that made him feel good, drugs. Dark had tried to quit, but he needed them so badly. It wasn't as though he couldn't quit, though. No, it wasn't like that. Dark could stop at any time he wanted…he just chose not to. He was NOT addicted!

Dark decided to walk some more before he went home.

I wonder what Daisuke's thinking about right now…

I wonder what he's wearing…

Maybe he's in a schoolgirl uniform…AH! Nosebleed.

Dark continued to walk down the street. He stopped in front of a house that looked oddly familiar.

Who's house is this…?

Wait, this is Daisuke's house.

Is that Daisuke?

Dark was thrilled that his obsession was home. That is, he was happy until he saw who was next to Daisuke.

What's Satoshi doing at Daisuke's house?


Why is Satoshi putting his arm around Daisuke's waist?

Satoshi not only had his arm around Daisuke's waist, he was also whispering something into his ear.

So it was a date…


When Dark saw Satoshi leaning in to kiss Daisuke, he ran away.

Daisuke had stuttered every time Satoshi tried to start a conversation. Something about the other boy made him uneasy. In the end, Satoshi walked Daisuke home. Satoshi hadn't noticed the other boy's discomfort, he was still hung over the fact that Daisuke had agreed to go out with him.

When they reached Daisuke's house, Satoshi had put his arm around his waist. This immediately caused Daisuke to panic. No one had held him like that before and he didn't like it. It felt awkward and uncomfortable.

"Daisuke, will you be my boyfriend?" Satoshi whispered into Daisuke's ear.

Daisuke didn't know what to answer. He didn't feel that way about Satoshi. Daisuke's eyes widened when he saw Satoshi leaning in to kiss him.

What do I do!

He's going to kiss me!

He's going to take my first kiss!

Daisuke placed his hand on Satoshi's mouth to prevent that other boy from kissing him. Satoshi looked confused by Daisuke's actions.

"I'm sorry, Satoshi, but I don't feel the same way about you as you do about me…I like someone else…" Daisuke softly whispered.

Satoshi looked hurt for a moment, before he replaced his expression with his usual stoic gaze.

"I see…is it Dark?" Satoshi asked, his voice void of emotion.

"Yes…" Daisuke answered.

Satoshi began to walk away. Daisuke watched him leave before he entered his house.


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