The war getting nearing a close, but there were still many Ballas and Vagos to take out before the Triads, Varrios Los Aztecas and the Orange Grove families and their allies could move in for the kill. Piles of dead Ballas, Vagos, and Da Nang Boys were on the street, scattered everywhere, along with dead cops as well. And just to complete it, ironically, the Army had decided to show up with another lot of FBI agents.

The combined alliance of the three superpowers had managed to take out several of the Army trucks, and although a couple of tanks were somehow holding their own, nearly all of the foot soldiers had been quickly obliterated by the heavy fire of three of the biggest gangs in the whole state of San Andreas. The FBI agents were smarter, taking cover behind their trucks and Ranchers, and occasionally ducking out to try and pop somebody with their MP5s.

Carl, as usual, was in the middle of things, blowing hell into every fed and enemy gang member he could see. He was running out of ammunition a bit, but he had packed up so much firepower that he could last for several hours, if he scavenged a lot, he could last for days. Diving out of the way of a burst of M4 fire from one of the remaining marines, he capped him with a square shot to the chest and picked up his ammo. Another five AH-64 Hunter helicopters came flying over, trying to bring down the riot. Carl smirked at the attempt. He had arranged for a Stinger RPG to be brought over, and now Cesar was carrying it when they needed something a little extreme. Watching Cesar shoulder the heat-seeking missile launcher, Carl and a few of his other OG homies blew down the copters before one deadly missile finished it off. Watching satisfied, Carl wondered how to finish this war off with style.

Tommy drove his Admiral past a couple of speeding Cartel Cruisers driving towards the mansion. Cheekily rear-ending one and then spraying it with a hail of MP5 gunfire, Tommy chuckled at the stupidity of the Cartel: fat and no brains in anything but weapons. And they didn't even now how to use them that well either. One of the vehicles was blown up; the other one simply kept on driving on, sliding just outside the mansion, its four men inside managing to get out, before two shots, probably from Phil, blew off their heads and the other two were met by another wave of gunfire. Shaking his head, Tommy drove on. He discovered a close to a palace full of Cartel a few minutes later. Deciding that he would require a hell of a lot of firepower to break through here, he drove over to Phil's Place, and temporarily "borrowed" a minigun with at least 2000 rounds of ammo, and a rocket launcher. Carrying all this heavy weaponry, he prepared himself for a massive slaughter.

Tommy pulled up near the Cartel palace. Withdrawing a sniper rifle he had shoved in the trunk, he could see the remains of the former Cartel base that he and Jamie had blown up. Twisting on a silencer to his sniper, he zoomed in on the Cartel guards, and started picking them off. He was probably the best marksmen in all of Vice City, along with Phil, and he easily picked off each Cartel guard, not even feeling the hard recoil. The six guards fell pretty fast, slumping with their heads decapitated in their own pool of blood. Heaving up his minigun, he got out of the car, ready to kick ass.

Another wave of FBI agents slid in on Grove Street, but were quickly cut down, for the about a millionth time, by bullets rattling the air like the arrows of the Battle of Agincourt. Carl himself remembered how his teacher had taught him about that battle, and it was feeling closer and closer, looking at the events of the last few months. Arriving with the Orange Grove Families clinging on desperately, outnumbered and outgunned, Carl had forced himself off the ground from the lowest point in his life, and had somehow cut down through this hellhole. Although he certainly enjoyed home, San Andreas wasn't much better than Liberty in how life really went.

The battle was drawing closer and closer to the finish. It was transferring from the "go beat the fight out of those punk-asses" to "wipe their sorry butts on the floor and clear them up". The Triads and Aztecas had spread out more now, intent on taking down the last remaining fighters trying to hold their own in places like Glen Park. The Truth had sent a couple of Sea Sparrows and an extra Hydra in, along with a Cargobob with some built-in firepower. It was time to move in for the kill, Carl thought clearing up a one of the remaining Ballas gang members with a spray from his MP5.

Heaving the heavy minigun with him, Tommy set himself just outside the Cartel base, peeking for a way to get in. He was going to lure out the Cartel, and then run back and mow them down with his minigun. He drove his Admiral even closer, now that the guards had been eliminated, and pulled out his rocket launcher, firing two rockets at the entrance of the palace. The door was blown down, and several Cartel came to investigate, but were basically cut in half by Tommy's stream of lead coming from the minigun. More Cartel came rushing, looking for the assassin, but wave after wave of them was cut down. Tommy smirked again. After about fifty dead corpses were lying on the ground, their bodies riddled with bullets, Tommy packed his heavy weaponry back into the Admiral, and pulled out his M4 and Colt Python. He bet that there would be some SPANK in this base, and he was going to get it and land some heavy gold.

Tommy ran into the Cartel palace. There were at least five floors of Cartel to clear out, although Tommy bet that quite a lot of Cartel had been downed by his minigun. He headed on, shooting the two Cartel with their backs turned on him. He readied himself for another fight as he headed into the new room.

The Ballas and Vagos were getting brought down at a fast rate. Now CJ and his friends just had to stem the flow of the large charges of police reinforcements. It seemed as if the LSPD had sent their whole police force, along with a few branches of the SFPD and the LVPD. Despite about a hundred losses, the police force was starting to wear down the alliance, but they were suffering heavy casualties at every moment. It was an absolute bloodbath.

The battle was almost over though, and Carl was glad for that. He fired a burst of rounds at a police car, the bullets thumping through the windscreen and killing the driver inside. Bullets rattled all over the place, but they were slowly becoming less common. Finally, all the firing came to a stop. Carl gave a thumbs-up to Sweet. This was the moment of all moments since CJ had come back from Liberty. They had won.

Tommy cleared out the hall of Columbian Cartel, and at the end of the hallway, were two briefcases. Kicking them open, Tommy discovered a massive amount of SPANK lying in them. Grinning, Tommy stashed them in a corner to collect later, and see if there was anything else to take as punishment to the Cartel for trying to expand into Vice. Three more man came charging into the room, but were cut down quickly by Tommy's MP5. He moved on to the next room, where about thirty men were guarding at least twenty briefcases. Tommy ducked behind cover, and sprayed each of them down, before he ran up to the cases. Opening each one of them, he either found a large amount of SPANK or at least $30,000 in each one of them. Boy, was this a golden find. Heaving up as many briefcases as he could, Tommy unloaded everything into the Admiral. By the time everything had been fitted in, the Admiral could barely turn properly. But it was going to be worth it. Tommy drove his Admiral back to the mansion.

By the time he had got back, he discovered another pile of Cartel bodies, with all of his business partners, standing around the estate. This was the moment of moments for Tommy, even better than when he had taken down Sonny, and realised his new-found freedom. Slowly, he got out of his car, and shook hands with everyone who had fought this battle still alive around the mansion.

Two weeks later

"Four hundred." Sweet grinned, putting his money on the table.

"Damn, I fold." Cesar muttered. A few others also grumbled their folds.

"You're on." Carl challenged.

"Okay. Check it out." Sweet unveiled his hand of a full house king.

"Huh. Well, look at this." Carl smirked as he showed Sweet his royal flush.

"Damn you." Sweet muttered, handing over his money.

"Didn't think I'd do that, eh?" Carl asked cheekily.

The house roared with laughter. Life at the top sure was great.

"Whoa! How much money is this?" asked Jamie excitedly.

"30K. Go spend it." Tommy replied.

"All on watching a woman dance stripped all day?"

"Idiot," muttered Tommy as he counted the money he had stolen from the Cartel again.

$500,000 and a lot of SPANK. Not bad for some hard work and gore, Tommy thought as he joined Mike and Ken at the bar for a drink.

End note: Well, that's the end of the story, unless you want more. Thanks to ALL my reviewers, especially E-Z B who gave me advice and good comments all the way through this story. Keep an eye out for my Vice City novelization!