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Sweet and CJ finally pulled up at CJ's house. Both of them got out, grabbed their weapons, and took them inside. Kendl wasn't at home. Probably with Cesar, CJ thought. Life was reasonably good now, ever since the Grove Street Families had managed to expand past their regained turf at pretty deep into Ballas turf. Just as they were heading inside, CJ's cell phone rang. Giving an annoyed sigh, he grudgingly turned it on.

It was Woozie. He was at the newly-built HQ for the Triads in San Fierro, because he wanted to use up some funds that he and CJ had gained from their gang warring against the Da Nang Boys, and he sounded rather pissed with something.

"Hello? CJ?" Woozie asked.

"Yeah? What's up?" CJ replied; he was keen to quickly finish off the conversation so he could relax for a moment.

"I got some pretty bad news. Our new informants inside the Ballas have told us that they have decided to ally with those Da Nang freaks (sorry to all Vietnamese). They also want to direct an uber-offensive against us Triads and your own gang, and its allies."

"Oh right."

"Well, I just wanted to tell you to watch yourself for any freaks that come your way."

"Thanks for the info, Woozie." Carl turned off his mobile phone and gave a groan.

So it seemed to be right. The Ballas were making new allies, or other gangs were allying with them. Either way, they had to cease the alliances, and take the Ballas out once and for all.

Tommy poured himself a glass of wine, and sat down at the bar, and had a drink. It had been a reasonably fulfilling day, and he wondered how they would say it on the news. He turned on the TV, and wasn't surprised to see a breaking news bulletin.

"Welcome to VCN News, and we currently now have breaking news. Down in the Vice Ports only half an hour ago, workers there heard a series of gunshots go off, and then explosions."

"A car believed to be one of the Colombian Cartel, was seen driving into a grassy area, and the people inside, opening fire on what seemed to be a deal between Haitian gangsters and the Cartel themselves. A man then grabbed the two briefcases that the two sides of the deal had offered to trade, and ran back into the car, but not before firing and killing the drivers of two cars nearby, both of whom were firing at him."

"The police still have no evidence in what was caused for the killing to happen and what sort of deal the Haitians and Columbians were engaged in, although there are many rumours that it was the drug known in the criminal world as SPANK. At this moment, police are still trying to unearth clues to what led to the killing and the thieving of the drugs."

"And meanwhile, Vice City Mambas looks set to be on their way to a third successive title, and probably is the last for star tight end BJ Smith. Smith today announced that he may be-"Tommy snapped the TV shut. Giving a grin, he wondered if the Colombians were game enough to interfere with him now.

The answer came next morning. As Tommy grabbed a beer from the fridge and had his breakfast in his office as usual, another one of his informants came.

"Sir, the Colombians who you stole the SPANK from yesterday still don't know it's us, but they want to set up a deal with us," the informant said.

"OK, Anthony, but I don't trust those bloody Colombians. I'll have to gather up the boys and get some counterfeit money at the Printworks," Tommy said.

"Okay, sir," the informant then walked out of his office.

Carl headed back outside, jumping into the Banshee in his garage, and drove off towards the direction of San Fierro. After an hour or so of driving, he pulled up at a newly-built Triad headquarters, where Woozie was waiting there to meet him. And not to Carl's surprise, he had some news for him.

"I didn't tell you this during the call, but the Ballas are trying to completely gain the Da Nang Boys trust before they start working together. Of course, they have the fact that they are allying against two of their most dangerous enemies. The Ballas and the Vietnamese are having a deal on something that will gain the trust of each other's gangs. It's happening in about an hour. I'm not your boss now, CJ, but do you want to take some of the boys and interrupt the party?" asked Woozie.

"Yeah, OK," Carl replied.

"I've left some firepower on the helipad on top of these headquarters. Go check it out."

Carl climbed upstairs to the top, where he found a modified army Hunter helicopter. They could sit two passengers hanging out on the side, which would be useful for maybe shooting a few rockets, or a couple of sniping options.

Carl soon had at his command, ten Triads. There would be three Triads in the Hunter, one with an M60, since there already were rockets and a mini-gun built into the Hunter. The other passenger had a silenced sniper rifle. Meanwhile, CJ and the other Triads would have to do a bit of sniping from on roofs or some ambushing, maybe some remote grenades setting off at the site. CJ was pretty confident of Woozie and his planning on where the deal was supposed to have gone off. It definitely was a lot of firepower, but CJ and the headquarters had just enough fit out the raid.

Once Tommy was done with his food, he headed off to the Printworks Company. Although Printworks had now turned itself into a more newspaper and magazine publishing company, there was still a money-making process when it was ever needed, like now. Jumping into a Cheetah from his garage, he sped off to Printworks, and when he got there, he headed inside, where he found Ernest Kelly, reading a copy of the newspaper that had just been printed by a machine.

"Hi, Tommy," the old man greeted as Tommy walked inside.

"Hello, Ernest. Can I have 50K in fake money?" Tommy asked.

"Okay, why though?" asked Ernest.

"I got a drug deal with the Colombian Cartel. They want to challenge my status and I'm thinking that they're going to double-cross us because of the fact that we own this city and they're trying to kill us and take over our business."

"Oh right. I knew there was something funny going on. All these dudes in Hawaiian shirts have been walking around the back. All the same."

"They're wearing WHAT?" yelled Tommy, aghast.

"Hawaiian shirts. Why?"

Tommy didn't answer. Taking his M4 assault rifle and his Colt Python, plus an MP5 and four grenades in his pocket, he headed off towards the back, where he found members of the Colombian Cartel strewn all over. Cursing, he steadied his rifle. One Cartel member walked near his hidden position. Quickly, Tommy jumped out and pumped lead into his face. He ran to a large box of paper that was shipped in weekly from the Vice Ports, and dived behind it before anybody could see him.

He peeked over the box at two Cartel members, laughing and talking, backs turned away from him.

"Die, bastards," Tommy muttered.

Quickly, he fired as fast as possible at the two unaware Cartel men. One dropped fast, but the other one took a few bullets before Tommy dropped him with a bullet to the chest.

Quickly, Tommy swung into action, diving behind another box, and dragging the two corpses away, and picking up the clips from their MP5s. Reloading his rifle, he crept towards the remaining Cartel, unaware of what had happened. There were about 15 of them, certainly more than a clip of M4 ammo could handle. But with a bit of luck, hopefully, he could take most of them out. Quickly, he ducked up and opened fire, aiming for the men and their heads. He managed to take four out before all the others realised what had happened, and opened fire at the box.

"Shit!" Tommy cursed himself for not shooting anymore of the Cartel.

Priming a grenade, he quickly tossed one as he ran for some new cover, and pulled out his Python. Aiming with one hand, he fired at one of the pursuing Cartel. As the man fell, the grenade exploded, killing four more. Seven remained. Crossing his fingers for a moment, Tommy aimed at one and fired with his Python, then switched to an MP5 and fired at the remaining ones. The clip clicked as it went empty, and the Cartel members seized their opportunity. Firing all at once at Tommy, Tommy only just managed to roll out of the way of their fire, behind another box. Pocketing the MP5, he tossed another grenade at the Cartel, hoping that it would distract them enough to let him take down a couple more with his Python. The grenade exploded, and Tommy ran from his cover, firing as many shots as he could from his Python. His accuracy was a bit off, but as his clip went empty, two Cartels remained. Taking a chance, Tommy reloaded his MP5 while diving behind another box, but he got struck by a bullet in the shoulder. It hurt like hell. Giving a shout of "Damn it!" he inserted a new clip into the MP5, sweeping from behind cover and quickly taking down the last two men.

The Hunter flew off in direction of the deal. There was still one hour till the deal began, so CJ and the remaining Triads buried some remote grenades underneath the soil. Finally, the moment came. The Ballas pulled up in three vans of four, and the Da Nang followed five minutes later in some SUVs. As all of them converged on the site, the Hunter roared overhead, and CJ and the Triads on the ground set off the detonators. The bombs went off, sending a few gang members flying, obviously dead. The M60 Triad in the Hunter opened up, as did the Hunter's minigun, its auto-aim sweeping through the shocked enemy gang members. The assault was over in two minutes. CJ and the other Triads hiding didn't even need to fire a bullet.

"Wonder what the faces will be like on the Ballas' when they go to see what's gone on, and finds everybody dead." CJ grinned at the Triad nearby.

Oh, yes it would be bloody. And CJ knew that there would definitely be more as this gang war drags on.