Meet and Greet

Miss Ed

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Introduction to Chapter Two:This is going to be interesting

This is going to be interesting. Dominique thought to herself as she exited the limo Stephanie sent and set foot in a 5 star hotel. Millions of thoughts ran through her mind as she reluctantly wandered around, hoping she'd somehow bump into Stephanie, but there was no sign of her.

Dominique walked towards the reception when she bumped into someone. Literally.

"Watch it!" she half-whined as she stumbled back quite a bit and dropped her back pack

"I'm sorry, miss. D-Did I hurt you?" he asked her as she bent down and picked up her bag

"No, but if I were in a bad mood right now, I would probably tell you that I am. And don't call me miss." Dominique said as she stood up and came face-to-face with him

"Hang on, are youyou're Dominique." He smiled as he crossed his arms over his chest

"How did you" he cut her off

"Stephanie showed me your pictures. You know, you look so much better in person." He grinned

"Thanks. You're Chris right?" Dominique asked as she fixed the bag that was on her shoulder

"Yup. The one and only Y2J." he grinned even more as he shifted his weight on his feet

"Do you mind telling me where Stephanie is?" Dominique asked as she checked her nails

"Oh yeah, she's in the café. In fact, she's waiting for you." He said as he smiled politely and sweetly

"Thanks." She smiled at him as she turned to leave

I'm going to say this again, and this time, I'm being absolutely frank with you…This is going to be interesting. Dominique thought as she saw Stephanie in a table in the café with a rather dashing and toned man next to her.

I am missing out on so much. Dominique thought as she shook her head and got entertained by a waiter asking about reservations.

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