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This fic is Raven centered. I don't know what the coupling will be but I have a good idea. Not your everyday couple if you know what I mean.

"Azirath, Metreon, Zi-" The last word died on her lipsas she let out an exhausted sigh. It was another sleepless nightlike the ones before it. She wanted to sleep, but the same thoughts that raided her mind as it always have. She levitated to her window that over looking the ocean, as the rain made its way down to the ocean that formed little ringlets as it hit the ocean. Some the rain found its way down her window steaming down the window surface to the dirt of the earth.

Resting her head against the cool surface of the glass, just watching the rain. Everytime the heavens cried as the did now, she knew they were crying for her. She dare not cry for herself, because of the chaos that would follow. So she did what she uasually did, bury her feelings in the deepest part of her very soul.

It was hard to watch the others express themselves. Robin and Starfire had yet to admit their feelings, but it was obvious to everyone and even themselves how they truly felt about each other. There were no words needed between them. Beast Boy found Teeara who was pretty much an outcast like him, with their wierd power and all. Even Cyborg who had cybernetic parts, who she thought could be the only one to understand her, was even able to express his feeling. He and the Queen Bee of Titans east had a long distance relationship.

Even though she had to stay in control of her emotions she loathe the fact that she wan't able to act on them as her friends were. Except that one time. Three moths ago she and Starfire switched bodies. For those few moments she was able to feel unbridled passion. Love, hate, anger, and all the small things she never was allowed to feel because of her power. Her concentration was mainly on stopping the Puppet King, yet she took the time to feel things throught Statfire's body. For her it was one perfect moment. That's why it was hard to sleep. She wanted that moment again. Her magic and even the dark magic Malchoir thaught her couldn't break her free. Her name was Raven, but she'd never be free like a real raven. She wondered Was this her destiny, or was it all part of a bigger plan. Or was she just fated to walk the road alone. No friends, no lover, just alone.

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