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A lone forgotten figure shrouded in darkness watched the scene unfold before him. It was a normal day as usual in this city. A criminal running a muck, bent on destroying the city and the Titans as usual there to save the day. However Johnny Rancid was no real threat, to them. Rancid was a low-rank amateur compared to this superior intellect.

He stood studying the titans as he always did, he noticed their flaws in their defenses, offences, and their character flaws. He could read them all and predict their next move, and with his connections to other organizations such as the H.I.V.E. he had a vast knowledge of their history and backgrounds. He knew more about them then what they knew about themselves. From Robin, who parents died in an tragic accident, to Cyborg's, and Beast Boy's fathers was determined not to let their son's die. This had serious side effects for both of them, to Starfire who was from another planet literally, to Raven whose mother named Arella was taken to a dimensional world of Azarath, after she was impregnated by a demon by the name of Trigon. He had a hard time believing that such a thing was possible, but he never ruled it out as a possibility, because of the power she held. Then it became clear to him when his ex-apprentice Terra used Raven's weakness against her unleashing her inner demon. 'I became quite impressed with Terra tactic as well as Raven being able to suppress and hide such power from her demon heritage. Daddy must been proud, for a change.' He mused

Up until then he was very much clueless, as to what made Raven tick. In the heat of battle she always wore a vacant expression, and between their meetings she gave nothing away. Doing further research on her he measured all her power was tied to her emotions. "Among the Titans you have the least flaws. Yet your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness." He talked idly to himself about Raven.

He looked down upon the skirmish as the titans defeated Rancid. He watched the others celebrate a victory as Raven looked on. 'She would make a fine apprentice,' he thought 'But I'm not foolish enough to step over into the unknown, which I know nothing of.' Robin and Terra had been easy to manipulate he simply pulled on their heartstrings, Raven didn't wear her heart and feelings on her sleeve, for the world to see. No I would have to get internal with her.

He let a small smirk glide over his features, which was rare for him. He was still unable to come to a conclusion about Raven. "Although, I have the pieces of the puzzle, you're still my enigma Raven." If I can't reach you through simple manipulations of your heart, I'll just have to etch myself a place their. Something you could never turn your back on." Finishing his observation he vanished, before the boy wonder Robin felt his all too familiar presence.

Robin brow furled together when he felt an odd presence as he in the team celebrated another victory over Rancid who did nothing, but try to humiliate Robin. 'Odd' he thought as he scanned the area and rooftops for the anomalous presence he felt. His search was interrupted by Starfire. "Robin are you well?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Robin walked back over to his team. 'I wish I was well Starfire, the hairs on my neck are standing on end. That only happened when "he" was around.' He thought giving one last glance at the buildings for any sign on him. "Are you really out there?" he asked as if the wind would answer him back.

Ok thanks guy for your support. I'll be changing a few things and sometimes I will be referring to the Comic Book, such as: about Raven's mother and father, and the other teams as well. I originally was going to do a

Raven/Jericho(Slade's son) Raven/Grant (Slade's oldest son). But since more of you are familiar with you know who I decided.